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  1. Z


    Hi everyone. I decided to put this thread into anxietu suv forum because I have GAD as well as depression. I am also prescribed 50 mg oxycodone every 4 hours which made me reach the tolerance and I am stuck on it. Cannot go down or quit. While I am trying to think of something I realized it...
  2. I

    PTSD and Flying Into the Sun

    It's 3:30 in the morning. Couldn't sleep. Got myself my chamomile tea with sweetener and milk, and some ramen, because I'm too tired to fix myself anything else. I'm going to tell you the brief version of my story. I was a victim of emotional abuse as a child. My mother put me under an intense...
  3. P

    Is my boyfriend mentally ill? Please, need your opinions

    I know it's difficult to answer my question and I'm not a entitled to say so, but I think and feel that my boyfriend has some kind of mental illness. I wouldn't describe the beginning and whole history of our 2 years lasting long distance relationship, but I can write a few things about him and...
  4. valleygirl

    A Really Hard Day

    I woke up feeling like shit today. Didn't want to wake up. Just wanted to sleep all day. Didn't want it to be the anniversary of my cousin's murder. I got up too late to have a shower, and I just could not move my body fast enough. I didn't have time to finish my smoothie, or cut up veggies...
  5. H

    Just realized there was a US forum

    Found the US forum so hi. I'm in NY and feeling pretty down at the moment
  6. W

    Seeing people's faces as caricature-like

    Hi, I signed up because I have something I recently realized is a problem and I can't find anything on it anywhere. I don't want to go to a doctor but just want to know if someone here is familiar with it and knows what it is. For my whole life, the way I see faces has been weird. I see them...
  7. I

    Rage and Frustration

    This is not me looking for an advice, I just want to share what I'm going through knowing that people here will understand what I'm going through. They say old habits die hard, the question is - do they die at all? I have posted a few times here in the past couple of week about my experience so...
  8. B

    september 11th

    when i read old history books of mass murder, those historic events felt so distant and unreal. but 9/11 was a time in my life where i realized that mass murder was very much a modern reality. i've not been in an airplane, after realizing the threat of terrorism. the fact that I could be very...
  9. G

    Nothing to live for

    First of all, I don't want to kill myself. But I feel like my life has reached some kind of critical point where I am at my absolute worst. I don't have any interest in doing anything whatsoever so I sleep all day. Even though I love my boyfriend to death I don't even want to hang out with him...
  10. cpuusage

    Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

    Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha - Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha - YouTube Published on 30 Oct 2012 "All 4 parts of the film can be found at Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Movie. Part one of the film Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds. Akasha is the unmanifested, the...
  11. Tired Daisy

    Losing my memory

    Something happened today which got me into a situation and I'm worried for my future. Well today I went to my housing office and nearly went to the wrong place then realized I was at the wrong door then I went to the right door and got my house keys out to unlock the door off the housing office...
  12. N

    Loneliness and regret

    eliness and regret I don't know what I'm doing here. I just felt like I needed to talk with someone. When I realized I couldn't talk to my friends about anything serious, I realized they aren't real friends which is even more depressing. I pushed away the only person that I could tell...
  13. F

    Do paranoia co-exist with bipolar?

    Whenever I am manic I am extremely paranoid. I think the world is a bad place. Everyone is out to hurt me. Im my head nobody likes me so they must be out to hurt me. When I manic I also think if someone stares at me or listens to my convos they are spying on me. For a long time I thought the...
  14. Kamon

    Very Confusing Situation!

    I'm sorry if this is turning out to be along post. I hope it doesn't end up becoming a novel for you guys to read! ----- I am very obsessed with the fantasy world and have been since I was a child. I can't get my nose out of things like Pokemon Adventures, Adventure Time, or Harry Potter...
  15. G

    I wish i know what's wrong with me

    Hi everyone, I've been wondering if i really have a mild case of social anxiety or not. For some reason, i can't talk to anyone without my voice dying on me. I thought it was because i was sick at first, but i realized i could talk to myself just fine. Is this normal for social anxiety?
  16. B

    My social anxiety

    I just want to share my experience of social anxiety. When I was a kid people always said I was shy. Them saying I was shy made me more shy. I struggled to make friends and I was always kind of an outcast because I couldn't socialize. It was terrifying for me. So when I got to high school I...
  17. E

    Can Your Voices Pronounce H and S sounds?

    This is just an oddity that I just realized I hadn't asked anyone about. The voices seem to have difficulty with these two letters "H" and "S". When they do pronounce them they sound more like radio static or tv snow as an approximation.
  18. M

    Internet debate gone horribly wrong - trauma, ruined conscience

    Hello, and thanks for taking interest in my topic. You're about to read perhaps the most absurd case of pointless mental trauma, entirely self inflicted. There is a certain internet forum that I have been a member of for years. Said forum has a topic for debating things of taboo nature. Last...
  19. C

    Destroyed my relationship BPD

    I've only just started to recognize that I have bpd. I've been diagnosed with reactional depression in the past but all bouts of depression have been linked to me losing friendships or relationships. I've never been able to pinpoint why I've lost so many people I care about and gone round in...
  20. Gajolene

    Drinking a blessing or a curse....

    Maybe this is something I should journal but want a broader view on it. I was raised with alcoholics. My mum turned to religion when I was 7 and quit and afterwards used alcohol as the evil excuse for everything and actually I was terrified to go into a beer store or liquor store well into my...