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  1. F

    First Post - First time admitting self harm

    I am struggling with self harm. In retrospect, I think I have always self harmed, just in a milder, non traditional format. And I have done this because I don't like myself or I want to hurt myself in someway. Now I am 34, almost 35. I have progressed to a more traditional form of self harm...
  2. RookieatBest

    For Real Thought Broadcasting Folks

    Go on YouTube and search up Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking.
  3. S

    Hello people. Looking for people with similar experiences.

    My name is steven and im 23. I just had a thought that i should go to the internet for a problem that i am having. The reason i joined this website is because I realised that I am depressed and extremely anxious around people. I realised that as an escape i love to scream and cuss at imaginary...
  4. A

    My health anxiety its making me not eat

    I have just had another episode i have not been feeling well with a chest infection, i have lost my appetite im thinking its worse than it is my wife just had to calm me down she put my dinner out i just couldnt eat it i ate a bit but got real panicky please what is wrong with me im really...
  5. S

    fed up of being a pothead

    To start, ive been smoking for 4 years, smoking weed is all i really have to do with my life ive tried college, girlfriends, interests like music and exercise but i just dont care anymore the state of my,mind and family situation right now. i smoke everyday and always alone cos i have no real...
  6. sunset547544


    I wanted to say a thank you to people on this forum because it has been such a great support tool for me. It's very difficult for me to vent or seek advice with people in the real world if I am struggling, so this is a really important place for me. Most of the time people here try to help and...
  7. albie

    Do Your Voices Seem Like a Real Person?

    Been to my doctor to tell her my voices are getting more vindictive. She said I need to get back into the mental health system. I tried to tell her what the voices were doing. My voices seem to be a real person. I feel like there is someone living in my body. They are playing a nasty game with...
  8. M

    DMT trip in my sleep.

    This experience us not translate able in this form. Let me say, I hate all you telepaths. If I could know if the aliens weren't real people and just borrowing them in other ways they can create scenes I would love their guts right out of them. I just had the single most amazing experience of my...
  9. B

    Don’t know if voices are real or not

    So I’m 29, and when I was a kid I would hear a voice or see something but our house was also really haunted so I wrote it off (other family members had similar experiences) But in the past three years, I hear strange (mulitple) voices when there is white noise. It sounds like people talking and...
  10. DiamondAnimals_x


    I've been a member since end of '16 but have not been on here that much and not quite sure what to put here, just looking to make some real friends and not too sure how to go about it on here, are there many people in or around Stevenage? Any replies much appreciated !
  11. D

    What does it mean when you dream of a person you want to meet

    that you hung out with them and met them in you dream but have not in person yet In real life you asked a person you know to help you meet him but hasn't happen yet. but the person been busying could this mean you will meet the person in real life ?
  12. P

    someone real please that knows alot about mental health

    i need someone that knows alot mental health or has had mental health or knows of anyone that has had mental health issues.
  13. C

    Overwhelmed with Life, diagnosis and myself!

    Hi, I'm coming to terms with a recent diagnosis. It is both a relief and disappointment; explains a lifetime of suffering and seems to validate my fear that 'it's never going to get better', or 'this is as good as it gets'. I'm ... tired mostly ... trying to convince myself that, this time, this...
  14. C

    So sorry to be a nuisance here...

    Something has been bothering me for a while now. I go to YouTube to get rid of the urges I have and I find a video of some teenager making a "flamethrower"--and I won't explain how this is done because I am sure we all have done it or know about that. Anyhow, that isn't the important part. I...
  15. A

    Fading out slowly.

    So some of you might remember I was posting here quite a lot a few months back. I've been hearing voices for about a year and half, not schizophrenic, more an extreme stress reaction....I'm quite ill physically, fibromyalgia, so spent too much time too isolated, taking strong pain medication or...
  16. C

    Feels like I am the only one here...

    Posting yet again. Still wondering if this is all real or if I will eventually get bored of it and move on to obsessing about something else. It sure FEELS real. Had an urge just about 10 minutes ago but was able to squash it. The ONLY reason I don't burn something all day long (that sounds...
  17. JohnDoe-mk42

    just airing some thoughts

    right, so yeah, not sure why I'm doing this. I guess I want to get used to sharing some of my thoughts 'cause I'm supposed to be getting a therapist soon (fyi bricking myself about that, dunno why though). anyway I self harmed from age 13 to 16, not long but long enough that it got real bad...
  18. Soul_Deeps

    Do real friendships exist?

    I don't know, I never had real friends, even if there were people who didn't hate me, they didn't want to have something to do with me. Even if there were people who were fine with talking to me sometimes or meeting me sometimes (very rare), I always felt like there were giant emotional...
  19. jasmink


    I have BPD, Im paranoid about ppl cheating and lying to me, I don’t no what’s real but the thought never ever goes away and really really hurts. Triggers cause chaos in my home life. Every time I confront the people In my eyes I’m gaslighted, and see pure evil. But I don’t no if it’s real. It...
  20. B

    Help i think I need to go into hospital

    Hey I overdosed about five weeks ago, I was so confused and scared. I'd been hearing voices and hallucinating, I perceived these voices as real people and as they had abused me rigourously, I lost my mind. To me, they are spirit guides,punishing me in the most brutal,sadistic fashion, I honestly...