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  1. prairiechick

    Totally Freaked Out At Work This Morning!!!

    I've held it together pretty well at work for the last year or so at work. And I was starting to feel so much better, but apparently I'm still pretty fragile. I've mostly been getting the playroom ready by myself this week, since one of my co-workers is still on holidays in Cuba. This morning...
  2. J

    support needed I have bi polar 2 disorder

    hi I have bi polar 2 disorder. I find it very hard to cope with day to day life. No1 knows I have bi polar 2 disorder as I feel they may not understand. I dont tell people how I feel or what is going on. I tend to shut myself away from the world when not working but I do work as much as...
  3. T

    want to get wasted

    been drinking all nite, but dont feel drunk. i feel like i want to take stuff. i know i could get out of the house, and head down town, my hubby would prob come with me. i havnt taken any e's or coke (apart from a line here and there) for 7 years. it has been hard sticking to it but i feel...
  4. bulbie

    This sounds real odd but...

    Can someone ask me questions to help me have a rough idea of whether I have PD or something else? I'm seeing my new shrink on Thursday and I want to tell her what I suspect, but I'm nowhere near ready to explain why I suspect that... The results of this thread I can print off and just hand to...
  5. D

    couldn't face appointment

    I was due to see my counsellor today for the first time but I couldnt face going. Im not sure I am ready to talk about my feelings and what is going on in my head. any advice would be appreciated
  6. blacktulip

    Does my Psych really know whats better for me than i do?

    My Psych appointments are coming to an end soon and i am terrified. I feel that because she has allowed me to open things up and look at the things that make me self destruct that my head is in a worse place than ever now. This past week i have become much worse and having to take meds for the...
  7. J

    Life is too hard for me

    I honestly can't see how people can bear it for so long. I'm only 17 and I feel I am already ready to go. It's just all too much.
  8. mr_c

    Help neede ASAP please

    Does anyone know how i would voluntarally admit myself into hospital, ive gotten to a stage where ive spoken to every one i care about tonight, im ready to go, ive just been on the phone for an hour to the samaritans im seeing a bit more sense but i think its important i go to hospital tonight.
  9. S

    How to cope with this.......

    I don't know what to do tonight, I feel so low and awfull, so much gone on lately, today's been crap and can't see the future getting any better at the mo, just ready to give up with it all, life in general seems so pointless at the moment!! X
  10. N


    Hi all, I have been told that i need to stick to a routine but am finding it so hard. I do get up early each day but tend to go back to bed as I still feel very tired. I don't have much to do in the day. I do go out if my boyfriend or friends are not working. I will also go to the shop...
  11. W

    Borderline personality Disorder

    Those of you who have been diagnosed with BPD would you please share your symptoms and behaviour with me. I'm seeing a therapist soon and would like to be familiar with the BPD before I meet her. I have been called 'crazy' and 'retarded' most of my life I also find it difficult to be connected...