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  1. mrlaurel

    the tears roll....................

    not sure whats going on but my head is fucked I keep crying again this afternoon... :stomp: I don't want to feel this way. my mind is all over the place, my dead family I am feeling guilty about. I don't want to be alive when this mood come sover me. I just wish I had some sort of answer...
  2. sunflower

    doing xtreemly bad

    Ready to go now ready to join my daddy
  3. ABsea

    happy pills

    I want some. Where can I obtain them? I need something that I can just pop like a piece of gum and feel really happy all day. No bullshit side effects. Just happiness. Something to get rid of this cloud over my head forever without a possibility of thunderstorms returning in its place. I'm ready...
  4. mrlaurel

    being angry ?

    I get the impression from many of us suffering with MH issues that anger is major deal for us..... are you angry? why are you angry? I am Mr Angry, I can lose it for no reason, the traffic, the rain, other people not thinking the way I want them too is the worst one..... Its like my head is...
  5. MagicJay

    No Reason

    So I'm sitting here ready to SH once again going be 7th time in 3 days now. I don't want to but I think I need to, I have no reason not to.
  6. loulabelle

    i want to self harm

    im having urges for the first time in months..... i have my thing ready my wrist numbed all i need now is tooo slice and dice HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME ...........
  7. tigerfish

    i'm ready!

    ive had as much as i can take with these urges, im beaten! Sorry to let you all down, but im not strong enough! i know what im doing!
  8. A

    Can anyone give me some advice please on ESA?

    Hi everyone, i thought i'd let you know i have been put in the work related activity group of ESA. Could anyone tell me their experiences of being in this group or what the interviews are like please? I am dreading these interviews as i do not feel ready to go to such a large setting and feel...
  9. diamondshine

    alone with urges

    Really wanna SH so bad. But I know it doesn't solve anything. No-one is around to talk to, the one person I would usually talk to online seems to be ignoring me. I've got everything laid out and ready. I feel so stupid but I just can't cope any more. Arrrrgh.
  10. K

    dentist help

    Hi everyone. I'm living in the uk and currently suffering from an eating disorder which I have been to my doctor about before although didn't pursue treatment. Now I'm feeling the effects on my teeth- plenty of fillings and front root canal. I'm now ready to start overcoming this once and for...
  11. mrlaurel

    being punished

    does god hate me? am I really evil? I feel that I am/must be a bad person for all these things to happen to me, why am I so evil? can't do this much longer my head is really fucked I'm ready to run away. :help: ffs I am an adult not a child grow up stan! :cry2:
  12. shaky

    Girding my loins

    But I've been thinking about SHing for a couple of weeks, and now I REALLY want to do it. I've been planning it and now I'm ready. I want to feel like a man and not a mouse.
  13. P


    ffs wish i never fucking came back home, stupid alcoholic drunk bitch, i fucking hate it, 3 months without SI and after 1 minute of her im ready to self harm.
  14. loulabelle

    will i ever be ready

    i hurd a christmas song today 'all i want for christmas is you' and the one that sez 'i agve you my heart and the very next day you gave it away' they upset me i stareted thinking about my ex... i was left woundering if i will ever be ready for a relationship again.. im not sure i can go...
  15. P


    Hi I'm not new cause I been here before but it looks new to me so I don't completely understand it. But just want to say I'm back and ready to get and give support thats all I can do right now as a member
  16. K

    Got ready. Felt good. Then I couldn't find anything that fitted.

    [FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="3"] Hey everyone, I started off today feeling really good and motivated. I ate my dinner, no snacking. Then get ready and pampered myself. The only thing I had left to do was to find clothes. It seems like I have tried on my whole wardrope! Nothing seeems to fit me...
  17. T

    lets get chris grayling happy

    come on now lets be positive for Chris :rofl:Grayling, updated C.Vs, transferable skills at the ready people, are we upbeat and job shiny ready? good. Sarky tecno:evil:
  18. Fluffymum

    Best mood stabiliser

    List your best one and why. I'm trying to work out which to ask for on Wednesday, I'd like one with the least side long term side effects (obviously when first starting anything it's going to be difficult) but that works well for bipolar type 2 as I'm ready to quit all this :mad::thumbsup: I'll...
  19. M

    worry worry worry

    I have my occupational health appointment tomorrow followed by a meeting with HR. I'm absolutely terrified. Have no idea how to approach them, how to explain things. Not even sure if I'm ready to go back. I feel like I'm ready to start doing things, so figure that includes work. I just...
  20. J

    just ready to quit

    after a pretty good week friday was the start of a collapse . feeling so so down do not no why . just ready to slash wrists or something . that,s that just feeling xxxx