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  1. Sunshine & Showers

    Whats the point of living when your already dead inside...

    Nobody cares, nobody can see whats going on deep down inside of me...But if you could, if you could feel for just one min what I'm feeling you would know and understand why I am so ready to go.
  2. O


    Hi, I'm kinda new, never introduced myself though when I technically joined. I'm a graduate on JSA trying to make something of theirself in capital city, and on here to find advice to help me be a better person for my partner who suffers severe depression. Thank you all ready to all those who...
  3. Tropical

    Breaking down

    I'm hoping to support others, and receive some virtual hugs! I need some support. I'm finding life tough going lately and keep breaking down into tears because of the pressure i am under. :cry: Life is so very challenging isn't it. I don't know where to begin. I'm lonely, but i have people in...
  4. L

    Advice re depressed partner please

    Hi, I am new to this forum but need advice please. My partner is a widower of several years but when we met he told me that he was ready for a relationship. He has had 2 other relationships and was ready to move on. His life was changed dramatically by his wife’s death but he is now a brilliant...
  5. loulabelle

    And it gets worse

    What falls through my letterbox today, an atos ESA questionaire. Great I cant even get through one question without having to read it and re read it and re read it ahhhh its awful just cant focus on it. My re assesment is happening two months early is this normal? Im so scared last time no...
  6. cpuusage

    Are You Ready for the New Paradigm?

    Are You Ready for the New Paradigm? | EnergyFanatics.com
  7. M

    I'm ready to explode....

    I'm just so on edge at the moment. Hubby commented that I hadn't drink the tea he made me and I was ready to explode. I'm just so angry at the moment. I'm struggling without the support of my pdoc at the minute and what should have been a nice family lunch out turned into me being asked by hubby...
  8. Angels_Fire


    I went to my CBT appointment today because I couldn't cancel it. I had loads of seizures and auras Wednesday and yesterday because I was so nervous. Anyway... I was ready to go in and refuse to let him trigger me but he asked how I was and I told him and he said "it was wrong of me to rush you...
  9. K

    Outpatient referral

    Hey everyone, hope you're all holding up ok! Just hoping for some advice... Have struggled with EDs since I was young and am still going through the motions. Now my doc wants to refer me for outpatient treatment. He says there's a waiting list but I was quite dismissive as I'm petrified and...
  10. The Cosmic Pimp

    Cloxpixol has "Destroyed" me!!

    Hi i'm mark, I've been diagnosed with "Bipolar" @ " schizoaffective disorder. I'm currently in a realy dark place due to a drug called clopixol.I had an episode is september where i fell into a delusional where i beleived i was a Jew, ready to be persecuted in a re-education camp, i thought the...
  11. jems89

    Please somebody help me please

    I've reached rock bottom, I cannot cope with this curse anymore, I am ready to die, I don't know what to do
  12. C

    Calm and ready

    to let all this go, just let it all drift away:) xxx
  13. J

    Esa first interviw

    Hi has anyone been for on of these i got a letter the week before christmas saying iv to go for one i just dont know what am going to do i dont feel ready for work and the meds am on i think would make it hard for me to commit to work am on 45mg of mirtazapine through the day which anyone on it...
  14. worrymuffin

    feeling unsupported....

    I'm trying to sort the house out ready for Xmas for my wife. (she loves Xmas, I loathe it.... But I like to make her happy) I've worked my ass off for her trying to get it ready, and I've asked her to help me.... She won't fix the Hoover, so it's taken me over 2 hours to Hoover the house using...
  15. C


    For what reason,s would you not be ready to see a psychologist? I wasn't over two years ago and still am not but don't understand why. :scratch:
  16. F

    Realising how much I worry.

    Hi. I'm realising how much I worry about things-probably unnecessarily a lot of the time. Recently been so depressed and trying to manage that and a complicated issue with friends, only now I'm more aware of the panic I get over things. For example: I'm getting ready to go away for a few...
  17. ABsea

    ready to snap

    For no reason, just in a hateful mood :) World better watch out
  18. mrlaurel

    F%$king low moods

    where do they come from? I hate it was OK this morning even went out paid soem bills, now I am ready to top myself.... I really do wish they would give you some warning! stan
  19. L

    Doctor Tomorrow

    So, I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow (at the urging of my therapist). She tells me I need to be honest with him about my eating. I'm afraid to do that because it may spiral into something I'm not ready for. As I told my therapist, I don't know if I'm ready to give up my ED since...
  20. RedRoseBeauty

    Ready to snap

    Okay so, my boyfriend is going out with his girl mate. Fine, fair enough. However, he is going the pics with her and he never goes anywhere with me. PURE FUMING. I know I've seen that guy like twice behind his back but still. It's reasons like this why I have done. I thought maybe things might...