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  1. simonr1978

    I'm worried about psychosis...

    For a bit of background, I've never been diagnosed with mental health problems formally although I've been told variously by my GP that I probably have depression and by other professionals that I probably need counselling and in the case of one individual (Who to be fair was in the final stages...
  2. S

    hello new to this..anxiety issues

    hello. i have had to be signed off for work for second time in a month due to excessive stress and panic. i work.in care and although am looking for career in training i feel i cannot move on until i have mastered my reactions and emotional responses to situations.
  3. BorderlineDownunder

    Sex/Love Addict

    I'm closing down my thread on Sexual Vulnerability because Ive just discovered I'm likely a Sex/Love Addict although this doesn't exist in the DSM it seems like it exists in Real Life I got talking to a male friend who told me he has the dx, and the emotional fall out he described was SO...
  4. BorderlineDownunder

    What I Hate Most About BPD

    ...is the lack of control. I've equated it to being in a washing machine. Up down sideways over and over. Quitting Zoloft has stabilized me hugely but I've still got BPD and always will have. Accepting this has been hard. Accepting my own reactions and emotions are Untrustworthy too, even...
  5. S

    Post therapy reactions

    Feeling discombobulated. Nerve endings firing. My head is mashed. Session intense, hope will feel useful once I recover but am crushed with present reactions to past, guilt of talking, admitting, shame. The physical fallout of emotional response is astonishing. Exhausted.
  6. C

    Smelling bad

    Hi I have this issue I've been dealing with for about seventeen years. I stay in most of those years due to such extreme negative reactions. I asked family if I smell and they said I don't . That doesn't make any sense to me as people always sniff loudly when they are near me and it happens all...
  7. R

    When you go to the psych do you try to steer it towards a course of medicines that you have researched

    When you go to the psych do you try to steer it towards a course of medicines that you have researched I can't take ssri's so I steer my doctor towards amytripline which I had some of in the past . Now I am asking for an increase from 25mg to 50 -75 mg by phone as the 25 is not putting me to...
  8. Nikita

    Telling people I'm depressed.

    What I can't stand about telling people I am depressed is that they don't understand and I have to deal with their stupid reactions and suggestions of how to make it better. Have you done this? Tried this, is it cos you aren't going to bed the right time, is it cos you aren't having regular...
  9. S

    Community Treatment Order

    I signed a community treatment order and was deemed incapable to consent to treatment. This means if I miss an injection the police may come to get me on a form 49. Are there any loopholes to get past this? I do not want to take medication anymore as I have gained weight and had alergic...
  10. T

    Hi pals, please help me out, I need some examples of irrational anger responses.

    Hi pals, please help me out, I need some examples of irrational anger responses. As the title suggests I'd like to hear other peoples BPD 'irrational response' stories. What happened to make you so angry, sad, or irritable? Did other people with you think you were being 'silly' or 'over...
  11. G


    Hi guys just in relation to the images Iv been having they have been getting way worse since I got off the fone wih my daughter , this is just about reactions ye guys get of parents , partners etc..... I told my parents what was going on I taught I cud confide in them , I asked them a question...
  12. Purple Chaos


    Hi all, I just wondered if anyone here has been prescribed Procyclidine before. If so, did you experience any side-effects or adverse reactions while taking it? Also, has anyone been on both Procyclidine and Quetiapine together? Any reactions at all?
  13. P

    Lamictal problems

    Hello, i have come to ask if anyone has any advice regarding lamictal. My dose was increased 2 weeks ago and i am beautfully stable, however, i have had some problems. First thing was itching all over, which went after a few days, second was muscle aches, which also went after a few days, then...
  14. F

    Social anxiety,awareness and psychosis

    I have always been socially anxious but ironically I think this has become more pronounced since I have become more aware of my possible effect on others. It could be that I was too psychotic in my thinking(although I don't think so at the time) to be as aware of others reactions as I am now...
  15. B

    Identity Crisis

    Meh, I'm having a bit of a identity crisis. I understand myself, but my loss of understanding of others s making me feel disconnected from my identity. I guess in recent months, I have learned a lot about people. This seems to be stemming from my own personal characteristics. I'm blunt and...
  16. F

    Medication and me

    After being on psychiatric drugs for 39 of the last 40 years i don't dismiss that i could be psychologically conditioned to taking them. This is spite of believing that their therapeutic effects are over hyped. It probably hasn't helped that therapy of whatever kind has been very thin on the...
  17. D

    Cognitive dissonance

    That is one phenomenon guaranteed to mess with your head. In case there are some people who might not have come across the term, Wikipedia describes it as: "The discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously." It is almost...
  18. amathus

    'Reaction to Disclosure'.

    What negative or positive reactions have you experienced in the 'real world', when you have chosen to disclose that you have mental health difficulties? :sorry: :cool: For me,on the negative side... a comment from my brother...the classic response: 'pull yourself together, we've all got...
  19. B

    Preoccupied with death

    Lately, I've been so preoccupied with the idea of death, and what it would be like if i died. what my friends would think and how they would act. so much so that i had a friend pretend i was dead on facebook to channel their reactions. I dont want to commit suicide. I want to die. Is this normal...
  20. S

    venlaflaxin question!

    Can anybody help me please Have been put on venlaflaxin 2 weeks ago started on 37.5g and then got put up to 75g on monday last wk, my problem is this, my mood has got worse i feel angry and agitated all the time i have had chest pains for 3 days now as in tightness and discomfort ended up in...