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  1. B

    Helping a family member

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I do not have schizophrenia, but my ex may have it. I know.... weird that I am reaching out on his behalf when we are no longer together. The fact that we have a 10 year old son, is why I am reaching out. So, it all started in March when he quit drinking cold turkey...
  2. letmein

    reaching out..............

    hi guys, I don't post much because of a few issues.... but i need to reach out. I don't think I'm safe. I have anew S idea and on a pro-S site it says it works very well.. need to get more "stock"
  3. vanish

    Feeling paranoid and para-suicidal

    Title says it all really. I feel like harming myself and being instucted by voices to die. Don't worry about me though as I won't, as if I survive I'll be made homeless again as I'll be kicked out of where I am living I think. I don't want to upset the applecart so to speak. Because I volunteer...
  4. dubblemonkey

    a bit about mania

    I take enough antipsychotics to make a big scary thing forget all about itself... like a monster that hides a lot. I suppose that's the idea? cos?... it's like to me a monster with some diabolical intellect is just waiting and hiding in amongst my daytime and night-time stuff. it's got...
  5. I

    Newbie needing support

    Morning all, Newbie here. I am in my early 40s and have suffered with depression since my mid 20s which was triggered by a relationship break up. I got through that period of deep depression eventually, and have had lower bouts on and off since. Fast forward to 2017, and it’s back with...
  6. NoWhereman72

    little slices of hell?

    so i have been trying to be more social and for the past year i have been doing pretty good. but now my birthday is coming up. i will be 45 and its been 27 years since i was with girl. and no it isn't any kind of frustration. but tonight i just realized the little freedom i have is just a taste...
  7. letmein

    no more point in being alive.

    I'm in a mess, massive debts, that I can't egt out of... depression that won't go away. shocking housing, no real friends. family that don't understand. day after day of isoloation. i'm reaching out but no one is there. its like i'm being dragged closer and closer to my black hole.:low:
  8. Lost_Darkness

    im not coping

    I have no one to talk to. I've tried reaching out to people but they aren't responding. I just want to drink and self harm. Why does no one care.
  9. T

    not getting any help

    My ptsd in particular has been bonkers lately. Ive been majorly depressed and making horrible choices. My whole state is on divert...no available beeds for behavioral health paitients and ive been sent home five times from the hosptial seeking treatment. Ive had two hours of sleep in the past...
  10. Shelter_Skelter

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi all. Nice and not so nice to be here :-) Having a particularly bad spell and thought this place might help. I also hope to help others when I can. I'm male, late 30's and have had depression/anxiety to varying degrees over the last 20 years or so. At the moment I'm struggling so reaching out...
  11. L

    New to online forums...have BPD and need support desperately

    I've had BPD as long as I can remember (once they determined the proper diagnosis), which included bouts with anorexia, self harm, etc. I have a co-morbidity or Major Depressive Disorder. I've been institutionalized (voluntarily) 12 times, and in 2012 I swore it would be my last. I've lost...
  12. bobshocker

    done lived too long

    Hang the fuck on . Whoa? Whats happening? I was born poor. My parents were just post war. Still on stamps. I was born in 1968. On a council estate. Still in the shit. Theres a girl in the 80's i wanna go back to. Ya know im 47 now . I still know more about how to make love to a woman than...
  13. R

    how to practice friendship?

    Hey all, I'm almost 30 and have no friends. I have colleagues, friendly acquaintances, and people on Facebook. I don't hang out with anyone. I'm at that awkward age where everyone is either still partying too hard (which I have no interest in) or they are busy with their families. I was never...
  14. M

    Feel myself becoming more iirtable / bitter / angry

    I've always loved people....... Speaking to people, being with people, making people laugh (or trying) and smile, putting other people first, being nice to people etc but recently I've found myself becoming more bitter towards people - how selfish and ignorant / arrogant people are, how cruel...
  15. L


    I have been ill for about 5 years after reaching the wrong age. After many tablets, courses etc I don't think I will ever find my old self again. Makes me so sad as I enjoyed life as the old me.
  16. K

    Mental equilibrium in society

    I hope you are all well and feeling good. I have reached a summit, an equilibrium and stability. Ones' mentality is currently feeling good and I wanted to share. These words are not meant to be poetic or chronological but personal experiences that I have felt or thought about. I hope you enjoy...
  17. Sparklypurplepaws

    fragile.....think I might break

    I've cocked up on something, something big. I was already feeling overwhelmed emotionally, now it's spilling over and I can't cope. I need to tell my friend the mistake I've made but I can't...... Instead I'm reaching for the pills
  18. S

    Reassurance goes a long long way in recovery

    I look back at so many times when I have been extremely unwell and the most important thing for myself during those periods is for others to say to me, you are an ok person and if not tomorrow's another day, then next week is another week, next month etc. Unfortunately, at these times like I...
  19. RainbowHeartz

    Reaching out

    My cousins hallucinations and voices are getting worse she keeps reaching out for imaginary things, I wish the voices and hallucinations would stop
  20. F

    feel like am totally losing it right now

    ok so am new here to this forum but no stranger to self harm I can't get it outta my head its like its taking on a life of its own taking over me I keep trying to put a lid on it but it won't be silenced keeps coming back and I fear that sooner or later its gonna be the death of me I don't want...