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  1. M

    Citalopram and heart rate

    Hi all I’m new to this forum. I started citalopram 20mg two weeks ago and am still having side effects but am assured they will pass. However I wear a Fitbit all the time and have noticed a drop in my resting heart rate from around 51-53 to 46-47 my heart rate now goes as low as 40-42 at night...
  2. L

    Down and Out

    Everyday lately I wish I was dead. I'm with this girl who sleeps around yet loves someone else. I'm so desperate for company I give into her. Songs fill my head to help me not completely fall apart. I been just trying go day by day. Very soon I'll be dead at this rate. If someone could say...
  3. DoctorInternet2

    Some help about autism please.

    Hello, I have seen a psychiatrist recently, and she has confirmed my suspicions that I might be suffering from touches of autism. To be honest I never really completely knew what it was, people don't speak about it much..:confused:. Is there a possibility I could get a slightly higher rate of...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    coffee tomorrow

    my sister really wants to take me for a coffee tomorrow im scared i haven't been out other than to for a blood test and to walk maddie for 2 years also im worried it will affect my PIP i get standard rate for being able to make no journey im scared they will take that away from me if i go for...
  5. D

    Was i at risk of having a heart attack ?

    A few months ago i had a really bad panic attack,it was so bad i called for an ambulance because i thought i was gonna have a heart attack.When the ambulance arrived i was hooked up to a heart rate monitor and my heart rate was about 170-175 bpm,i think it was sinus tachycardia.This went on for...
  6. K

    Psychosis, PIP Assessment and Enhanced Mobility Rate

    Hi All, I am awaiting a face to face assessment with ATOS, for which I am going to request a home appointment if they don't allocate me one. I was on higher rate care and lower rate mobility for DLA. I suffered a severe psychotic episode in 2010, with several minor relapses since. I also...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    does anyone know xx

    if i am awarded standard rate pip would i be entitled to severe disability premium? (im in esa support group) or do i have to be on enhanced rate pip to qualify for sdp xx also benefit worry is making me severely suicidal it just isnt fair x
  8. J

    Just a quick bit of help for PIP appeal

    Hi all! Just need some quick help with my question. Thanks in advance for anyone who answers! I just wanted to ask a quick question about the personal independence payment benefit. I have been awarded a lower rate of PIP after a mandatory reconsideration and believe I am entitled to the higher...
  9. S

    Ask your Psychiatrist what their suicide rate is

    I was reading someones post on another forum and they said you should be asking your psychiatrist these types of questions.
  10. J

    help with pip for eupd

    Can anyone help me with finding out if I can claim what rate of pip for eupd please
  11. V

    never ever

    At this rate I'm gonna be in hospital for the rest of my frickin life
  12. L

    dla tribunal appeal any help welcome

    hi everyone any advice welcome i was receiving middle rate care and low rate mobility for over 15 years and lost it at the end of last year for depression panic attacks and agoraphobia things have never gotten any better and i am more medication now more than ever so i dont understand why . i...
  13. E

    Struggling to cope with life

    Life surrounds me but there is nowhere to escape, I don't even know why I am in this way as I have a lot of great opportunities ahead, if I could just be organised and ordered and felt a zest for life... if only. Lately all I find myself doing is escaping into virtual internet worlds for more...
  14. K

    Benefit help

    Hi , can any one give me some advice please , i currently work full time whilst caring for my wife , i have a fulltime wage bit all my wife claims is low rate mobility and middle rate care of D.L.A . Is there any other benefits we can claim as we are really struggling. Also my wife has been...
  15. F

    Britain's male suicide rate is a national tragedy

    Britain's male suicide rate is a national tragedy Our failure over 30 years to even dent the number of men who kill themselves is a scandal that has cost thousands of lives In 1981, 2,466 women in the UK took their own lives. Three decades later, thanks to improvements in psychiatric and...
  16. F

    Inspectors to rate mental health services

    Inspectors to rate mental health services | Society | theguardian.com
  17. C

    anyone from doncaster

    anyone from doncaster and used mental health services , just wanted to know if you rate the help :rolleyes:
  18. K

    Bag of nerves

    Im so glad i have found this forum, reading others experiences help. Im sat here waiting on the JC calling me after having been told by my CPN that NO way can i attend a face to face interview. I've just recently been put on ESA and in the WRAG a month or so a go.I do remember CPN saying appeal...
  19. cpuusage

    Altered Heart Rate Dynamics Associated With Antipsychotic-Induced Restlessness

    Altered Heart Rate Dynamics Associated With Antipsychotic-Induced Restlessness Altered Heart Rate Dynamics Associated With Antipsychotic-Induced Restlessness | Mad In America August 9, 2013 Research from South Korea finds an association between antipsychotic-induced reduction in heart-rate...
  20. FelineVintage

    ESA, PIP and housing benefit

    I am new to sickness benefits and have never had to even think about it before but at the moment I am signed off from work and it's looking like it may become long term so I want to start arming myself with information. I'm on SSP, which I think will run out some time in November if I don't go...