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  1. G

    Health Anxiety Spiraling out of Control

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this site but unfortunately not my first on an anxiety forum. I'm a 24 year old healthy male (in the military, no tobacco and rarely drink alcohol). This has been a painstaking struggle for a long time and it's always reassuring to be in a community. So...
  2. S

    Someone please help

    Someone help..anxiety rash taking over I have been struggling with anxiety for a good portion of my life. It all started with an unusual fear of being kidnapped, as it almost happened a few different times. Anyway, I have had many different symptoms as i grew up, including panic attacks...
  3. B

    Lactimal Rash

    I'm worrying because I got a rash from lactimal and had to stop taking it. I went to the doctor and it's not the fatal one but I am allergic to it. I'm worried because I think it's what made me feel better and now I'm going off it and my psychiatrist isn't giving me anything else for a while.
  4. Grape

    lamotrigine itch

    Is it ok that I'm so itchy? Been on it a week a I'm itching everywhere. No rash though. Seeing the doc soon but don't want to bother him if it's normal.
  5. loulabelle

    carbamazapine skin rash

    Has anyone suffered from skin rash and mouth ulcers. Ever since a dose increase ive developed a nasty rash and sore mouth and ulcers. Gp has taken bloods and given antihistamines the rash is getting worse !! Back to gp
  6. M

    Coming Off Lamotrigine

    This is the only drug I've been left taking. I realised this morning that I'd forgotten to take it for days so decided not restart it, I've wanted to come off this for ages now anyway. I'm a bit worried about a couple of potential withdrawal symptoms I've read about. One is a possibly life...
  7. Jelly

    Half a life

    i know that we are blessed with the joyful state and the introspective gift of depression, but let's be honest, living with mood swings is hell most of the time and very very hard to stay alive when it has been going on for a number of years. I find that with each depression i can tolerate the...
  8. Fairy Lucretia


    is what I feel like im really run down im pale I feel sick ive got a rash im tired ive got a sore throat I feel like crap
  9. R

    Quit taking my medications for my bipolar/intermittent explosive disorder..getting mild suicidal ideations?

    Quit taking my medications for my bipolar/intermittent explosive disorder..getting mild suicidal ideations? My daily regime was: 150 WellButrin XL 100mg Lamotrigine(Generic Lamictal) (Mood Stabilizer) 300mg seroquel nightly (for sleep, and to control anger outbursts and impulse control) and...
  10. N

    Anxiety over physical health condition - help!

    Hi I don't drop in here much, but I'm really anxious about something. Wonder if anyone can help? For once I have something to be anxious about (rather than just worrying over nothing), but I really want to stop the anxiety getting out of control. I don't really have health anxiety until I hear...
  11. Modelaeroman

    Information needed !!

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help, I'm starting to get some grief from one of my managers with regards to my bi-polar. He seems to think that the medication I take should have cured me and was very surprised to hear I had a bad depression last week and took a few days off. The thing is he...
  12. daffy


    Just wonderered if anyone else had ever had a localised rash with their meds. A couple of years ago i saw the GP about a rash on my arm. The doc thought it could be excema and gave me cortisone cream and said go back in 2 weeks if not better and she would refer me to a dermatologist. Well i...