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  1. J

    Terrible State

    I'm in Bed mostly and feeling totally wretched. I'm Alone far too much. Feel like Overdosing but scared of what happens at Hospital. Wouldn't like to pass away alone. The suffering is terrible and my coping ability is waning rapidly. No Motivation or pleasure at all. Not a Life Worth living.
  2. L

    Rapidly progressing dementia

    My dad's been ill with dementia near 2 years now and he's rapidly gone downhill. Mam died 2 years ago and it's like he just gave up. He has major trouble communicating which ends in him becoming fairly aggressive. Today he's been extremely confused agitated and angry. Would this be worth a trip...
  3. V

    Does this sound like Bipolar or no?

    ok, so, I've been depressed and anxious all my life, literally since the day I was born, but lately I've been feeling everything a lot more than usual. I have gone through phases like this before, when I've also thought maybe I could be bipolar. I've been blaming my derealization/dissociation...
  4. bluemoon2

    Being unable to eat... should I worry?

    I have anxiety and was wondering if anyone has experienced a simular problem. I have been feeling a bit stressed lately, but no more or less than what I am used to so I have no idea if this is medical or mental... But since last Tuesday I haven't been able to eat. I am absolutely starving right...
  5. R

    Maybe misdiagnosed?

    I was diagnosed with cyclothymia about 4 months ago but while looking into it further I feel my mood are way more extreme. Although they cycle faster than typical bi polar definitions, my lows are so crippling and bad e.g planning on killing myself, self harm. Some lied are this bad some lows...
  6. C

    Barly in control (possible trig)

    Just a slight Warning for you guys and gals this may turn into a messy post :L Basically for the past 2 months funnily enough since 2014 started my mental health has declined RAPIDLY again, Ive not been to this stage since probably 12-18 years of age im now 20. Ever since ive been very young...
  7. G

    Help! I'm freaking out so badly please answer this!

    sometimes I get these 'hot needle' sensations on my skin & it feels hot can I catch fire from this, I'm so scared..I usually get it on my head and legs. I read in the news that its possible for your cells to heat up so rapidly your body may catch fire (Spontaneous Human Combustion) and i have...
  8. cindy5

    Can't eat

    I have been like this for months now..no urge to eat..dont care to..not even fluids bc im nauseous most of the time. my metabolism has gone to sleep as I dont lose weight that fast. no one takes me seriously bc im overweight n dont lose it rapidly..im wondering if this is ED or not. I just have...
  9. F

    New Antidepressant Acts Very Rapidly and Is Long Lasting

    New antidepressant acts very rapidly and is long lasting
  10. S

    By rapidly stopping Paroxetine, can it cause Psychosis?

    Going back in time and figuring things out. Rapidly stopping Paroxetine, can cause Psychosis? True or False.
  11. Imperfect-Angel

    Can anyone tell me...?

    Hi Eveyone! I'm only currently seeing my GP for my depression & anxiety... Do I have to go through him & wait for a referral to see a mental health nurse? It's been a few years since I was under one, now I'm rapidly going down that slippy slop once again..... :cry:
  12. H


    Hi, I have just found this forum on google. I have been diagnosed with bipolar, not sure which kind. My pdoc prefers to refer to it as bipolar affective mood disorder and tells me not to get too hung up on what kind. My moods rapidly cycle and I am still looking for stability. I am hoping to...