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  1. Rosepoet

    Radio four saved my life

    I was so alone and them i turned on to radio four for the company when i had p n d after last baby it was Like a friend and followed me around the house keeping me up to date with news and stories and womens hour now i am low again i listen on my mobile when i am panicing outside the house and...
  2. shaky

    Radio Programme on Schizophrenia drugs

    Hi folks, Tonight's episode of 'All in the Mind' on BBC Radio 4 (9pm) is described thus:- Claudia Hammond hears about surprising side effects of drugs used to treat schizophrenia. If you miss it tonight you can listen to it on the BBC iplayer during the next 7 days.
  3. P

    Embracing the dark voices within, BBC News 3rd September 2009

    Peter Bullimore and Rufus May from the England Hearing Voices network on hearing voices, voice dialogue and the origins of voices. Article includes video feed and radio interview. Go here Paul
  4. S

    Questions on radio voices and writing style.

    So, I have another question and I hope I really don't get annoying with these but a lot of this is still new territory for me and to be honest out of all the sites I've scanned, seeking any bit of enlightenment I could, this is the only one where I feel I can trust the info presented and can...
  5. T

    Psychosis and music

    I always remember that when I was in Psychosis - song in the charts made a big impression on me - when I got out of hospital I use to buy the Cds I was in a nightclub, and i thought I was changing the music with my thoughts I hardly listen to music now - I listen to radio 4 Also some of the...
  6. nickh

    Radio piece

    For those in the West Midlands there is apparently a phone-in on Radio WM tomorrow (Tuesday 4th March) morning at 10 am on the 'drugs don't work' story. I am personally psyching myself up to try and call in ;) , but of course it depends who they put through. I do think its important for people...