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  1. Urban Hermit

    Smoking ... Journey to stop... I'm quitting ! Xx

    I don't know if most people would consider smoking tobacco as a form of SH .. but for me I had stopped smoking for over 10 years and I think part of starting again was as a slow form of SH. But things have changed and I want to live a long life , and a healthy one ...so I've quit smoking ...
  2. J


    It saw psychosis, schizo-affective, bipolair and schizophrenia appear on paper. It is favored, it understands the intention, but it is not true. It is well-intended, blessed but needlessly painful that this is made up for not yet feeling emotions, observing thoughts and opening the mind. These...
  3. M

    Very psychologically different after quitting smoking

    Hi my name is matt, I quit smoking about nine months ago cold turkey. Very quickly i realized that I no longer had a way of managing stress. I read a lot of stuff obviously and everything said it would pass. I now have severe anger issues. I get frustrated and annoyed by the slightest...
  4. N

    Quitting Sugar / Sugar withdrawl

    Has anyone tried quitting sugar? I am currently trying to quit sugar because many people claim sugar can make anxiety worse. I am now on day 3 of quitting sugar, and my anxiety is really bad. :panic: Has anybody tried quitting sugar? Did you experience increased anxiety as a withdrawal...
  5. S

    Thinking about quitting my meds

    Well yeah, thinking about quitting my medication, i'm on injections, my next is due the beginning of November. I'm sick of being depressed, sexless, without feeling, at risk of diabeties, TD ect. I've been giving this some thought and I have the freedom to think what the hell I like. The...
  6. M

    quitting smoking

    Hi guys and gals, I am getting ready for an attempt to quit smoking later today. I've been a smoker for 15 years and have had a few succesful quits overs the years, the longest lasting 3 months. I am currently on a small dosage of Zyprexa. On high doses, my smoking doubles, as I don't get...
  7. Poopy Doll

    Tired From Medications

    I am exhausted from the medications which are doing a fine job of keeping me from being hypo manic but the trade off is I can't do much without exhaustion. I went for a walk in a cemetery yesterday and today I am worn out. I can't be ME. I can't love my little dog. I take buspar, navane and...
  8. O

    anxiety and computer science

    im thinking of quitting the computer science course. the course hasn't started, but i feel like quitting. i have tried to do some questions, and the inital questions were fine. however, they just keep getting harder and harder. the course looks very difficult. i really don't "speak maths" at...
  9. B

    any tips for separateion anxiety and depression?

    when ever i am with my partner i am so happy no matter how bad life gets i can handle it but when i go to work or the storeor aanything that causes us to be apart even for a few minutes (this includes him just walking to another room of the house) i get depressed and start havind pannic...
  10. C

    My descent

    Hi all. several years ago I would have said my feelings i have were normal, and just jitters or nerves, normal worries by most people. But now in my late twenties things are building up, and im uphappy with my work and social life. I feel everything is coming down around me and I think its time...
  11. M

    how do i get better?

    I hate the super changeable emotions and moods. i hate that i feel like everyone is picking on me. I hate that everything others say to me gets twisted in my mind and hurts me. I hate that this illness is so tied up in who i am. I start group thearpy this year in the hope of gaining some...
  12. G

    When you sit

    It's quiet. I'm sitting here on my own. There is lots to worry about and be upset about. I'm depressed but also unhappy and worried. Or are they the same thing? Regardless panic is always possible. Should I sit and think or have a bath and keep distracted and allow myself the time to deal with...
  13. L

    Won't be going to work again

    Hi everyone, long time no see. I'm sorry I'm back here to ask for something and not to give back after all the help given at my worst. So my apologies first. My mental health has deteriorated again and no longer can "control" the symptoms which is pretty hard knowing that I have to go back to...
  14. Gajolene

    Quitting Smoking

    Any tips to programs I can access for free, can't buy books, gum patches or e cigarettes? Am quitting now had not planned on it till the new year, alas I have to quit sooner. :scared::(:BLAH:
  15. E

    Quitting smoking? - Stoptober!

    Anyone else trying this? Or has any tips for a BPD-ish person quitting? I'm on day 2, although cracked and smoked one last night. In my head the (craving fuelled) excuse was that Oct 1st is the REAL start date... I just though it was better to start on a Monday due to smoking/socialising at...
  16. Lincoln1990

    Quitting therapy

    I'm done with therapy. I need a break. It's too much. I've got my dogs and I will be ok. I don't need to get into things right now. I need a break. My phone is a piece of crap and I don't have as much time to be on here. But I will do what I can.
  17. Lincoln1990

    I think I made a decision

    I'm going to never get up and dressed again. It takes way too much energy and I won't talk to Sue about what's going on. I tried but I couldn't. I'm a failure and will always be a failure. I'm quitting therapy and medications. I won't give up and go into hospital. I'm very depressed. I want to...
  18. M

    quitting multiple vices

    I plan on quitting smoking, no fapping, no sodas, no junk food, and cut my caffeine down all at the same time while starting an excercise routine. Is this a wise thing to do, or should I focus on one vice at a time?
  19. J

    Tips and Advice for Quitting Marijuana

    You may find the below-mentioned tips helpful to quit smoking using marijuana: 1) Always motivate yourself 2) Avoid the circumstances and conditions that elicit you to use marijuana Practice deep breathing techniques and do some breathing workouts as pranayama or kriya 3) Write down the...
  20. I

    Stopped taking medication, want to be manic again.

    Things aren't quite going right at the moment, relationship problems, being alone for christmas, CMHT abandoning me to name a few so I'm going into protest and I'm quitting taking my Aripiprazole, let the downward spiral into madness begin. How long before the effects become apparent, does this...