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  1. M


    Hi I am new here. I am really struggling with my sleep at the moment and my depression is very bad. My CPN is changing my treatment plan and it sounds as if it will either be amitriptyline or Quitiapine I am going to be given. Has anyone been given this before and what’s your experience been...
  2. S

    Access to my records and pointless assesments

    Hi. Last week i had an assessment after being referred by my doctor. I had approached my doctor after a long absence from any treatment. I have previously had bed experiences with anti depressants and i explained that i will not be taking any, though i would like to restart a prescription for...
  3. D

    Good Alternative to Quitiapine ?

    Hi everyone, I have been taking 600mg of Quitiapine a day for a while now and in the spate of 3 months I have put on two stone in weight without actually eating any different than before, also its making me very Sleepy all the time. Can anyone tell me if their is an alternative Anti Sike...
  4. fazza

    Where did my emotions go.

    I am not sure if it is the medication that I take or the illness (schizophrenia) I have but I feel totally emotionless. I dont feel any emotions. I think i feel sad but I do not know why. I have a wonderfull supportive wife and she must be getting really peed off with me now. Normally I can cry...
  5. D

    Quitiapine Wipe out!

    Does anyone know how long Quitiapine adjustments take to get over, I have just increased from 300mg to 600mg and I feel super zombie. How long will the tired feeling last now that I am taking 300mg morning and 300mg at night?
  6. T

    Nervous going outside

    Hi Each day before I go outside I feel sick and nervous. It is only when I go out by myself mostly, I get a little nervous when I am with someone else but not as bad. I started new medication about 10 weeks ago (I think) but I thought I would feel calmer by now. In some ways I feel a bit...
  7. T

    Quitiapine(Seroquel) and memory loss

    Hi I have started taking quitiapine in the last couple of weeks (100mgs) a day.I also take 200mgs a day of sertraline.Since I have been on the quitiapine my short term memory is getting worse.I also get confused when reading or listening to words,not always though.I feel like some words aren't...
  8. sara2


    I was taking Quitiapine 600mg and I was asked to increase the dose. After long thought I have stopped it as the thought of having blood tests regularly give me serious problems on the toxicity of it. Not sure if I want an alternative and hope that my past doesn't recur, too scary for words.
  9. D

    Quitiapine - weight gain

    since i was around 18 i was diagnosed with depression and was given 100mg of sertraline a day ... a few years ago i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and was put straight onto 300mg of quitiapine as well as the sertraline. although the quitiapine has levelled out my moods -...
  10. J


    My pdoc put me on quitiapine about 8 weeks ago and i am on 150 mg at night. my question is does anyone get restless jumpy legs about 1 hour after taking their meds?