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  1. DoctorInternet2

    Schizophrenia and noisy neighbours

    I suffer from various mental health problems including delusions and depression, and I have a very noisy female neighbour next to me who doesn't work and likes to be in all the time. I want to move, but it's very difficult for me to motivate myself. She was suppose to be in temporary...
  2. L

    Do you judge your voices?

    Classically, they judge us. I get sick of the classics, I like to set my own beat. I try to judge them as much as possible. Once they quieten down with external noises. I start to attack their feelings. They whip into shape pretty quick at this point. I often like to ask them, if they're...
  3. aimeeg77


    hi I cant quieten the voices they suddenly gotten so much louder and aggressive but shouting and demands I don't know why it suddenly does this but does anyone know what may help?

    Mental Peace.

    Does anyone have any techniques in how to quieten the mind? To become serene and free of intrusive thoughts? Would welcome some suggestions.
  5. S

    Eating helps quieten my voices :)

    It seems to be that simple for me atm. Eating helps quieten my voices :). How about yourself?