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  1. S

    Help with hygiene

    hello i don't if this is the right place to post. i have a hygiene problem, i am a young adult i haven't washed in close to 9 years and I don't no what to do about it and i haven't come across this issue in the forum yet, so i wanted to know if anyone has any advice or there own experiences. i...
  2. R

    I'm not sure what's going on with me

    Hello everyone, At first I want to apologize about my english, it's not my native language, but I hope that you will understand my question. So.. My new psychiatrist told me that I have "some kind of personality disorder". Actually, in the mental hospital where I was admitted for a short...
  3. D

    which is better Valium or Xanax?

    i been on klonopin for a few years now and it no longer works last time i talked to my pdoc he just increase to 1mg but didn't help i was on 0.5mg two times a day as needed so basically i been on 1mg i did take it twice before. now i still get anxiety. i need something that will act quickly but...
  4. October

    Sinking lower.

    I recently came out of a break-up and it's triggered my depression to come back. I'm not eating, I have to take pills to sleep and I just sit in my bedroom all day with the curtains closed. My mood is awfully low, I've dealt with depression before but never been this bad - I can't find any...
  5. A

    I don't understand.

    In January this year, I had a review at work. My boss mentioned that she had noticed over a couple of months how I had been up one minute and down the next. I considered this and told her it was just that we were very busy and I had just been working hard and occationally had time to chat and...
  6. S

    friend suffering from anxiety, please please tell me what to do

    I apologize in advance for long text. My best friend whom i've also dated in the past suffers from anxiety disorder but now he is truly convinced that he is magically CURED, refuses to take his medications, and the problem is that I have developed serious romantic emotions for him again. I have...
  7. H

    House assistants

    Hi everyone. Just a disclaimer I don't know if this is in the right forum space so apologies if it is. Anyway, my mental health nurse said it could be likely that I'll get a house assistant to aid me with my anxiety, but I'm not sure why I would need one as I live with my mother and sister...
  8. Poopy Doll

    Letting Go of stuff

    All the pictures I drew for my mom, all the cards and postcards I sent her, the copy of my book I gave her, all this stuff was thrown out by my son whose intention was to quickly sell her house so she wouldn't be inclined to want to go back to it. He took her away to take care of her. He did it...
  9. C

    I am grateful for my physical fitness

    I noticed that when I walk, I automatically walk quickly, and I walk quickly even when there is a steep incline. I exercise every day, and do strength training every other day. I am grateful that I am able to exercise and be in good physical shape. I am on olanzapine 10 mg. My overall level of...
  10. O

    Quickly going back down hill.

    Hi all. Have not been on for a while as I have been battling with some demons. Started off fairly well but over the past six weeks my mood started going up to the point where the moment I received any income I would blow it with out even thinking of the consequences then having major anxiety...
  11. N

    Anxiety and Stress levels combined

    Hi all, These past few weeks, have quickly built up to be very easily stressful, and very anxious in the short term for me. I am now finally, relieved, that the apart from equipment failure, the MRI was done, they were delayed, way before we turned up, and what with the agonsiing stress for...
  12. C

    Prejudice & mental health

    Ok people. So. How many of you have been told by friends or family to 'pull yourself together' or 'man up' is another! Or u try telling someone your probs & they quickly change subject? Sure that's loads of us! Sadly the prejudice still exists people!
  13. T

    Anti Depressants

    So after a fair few visits to the hospital/doctors I finally decided to go on anti depressants. Yesterday was my first one. Today I feel really spaced out, sick and all over weak, it's like my body can't function quickly anymore... All my friends who I've spoken to have been on it haven't felt...
  14. S

    The Distruction, consequences not considered/my story

    Hi All, Not sure if this is going to help either you or me, as this is my first time to a forum, and I know that everyones experiencs can be different from the next but here goes. As a child, I have always battled with my weight. I remember going through a stage where each birthday my weight...
  15. R

    i dont know

    so i dont know if thia is the right place to post this, i posted only one other thing on this site and it was great to just get it off my chest. last week something bad almost happened, i was feeling pretty shitty, i have on and off moments of downness have for most of my teenage life its been...
  16. Tired Daisy

    Social interaction going down hill

    I don't know if its just me experiencing this but knowing my luck and my loser ways is probably is. I've noticed it on this forum that less people now are responding and stuff like that but not just that social events and charity meet up groups for the mentally ill and those who have...
  17. shaky

    Too fragile to work?

    I popped into an agency to put them on my books I need some work - part time or temporary - as I'm running out of money But the stress of going in and asking was too much for me After that I went to the supermarket and I had tears welling up I came home quickly and burst into tears as I cycled...
  18. 6

    hallucination question - HELP

    Pdoc says one of the reasons he thinks I am on the bipolar spectrum is because my hallucinations don't line up with the psychosis related to unipolar depression. I was tried to google comparisons of the two and I can't seem to find the info I need. I have never been one to think quickly on my...
  19. R

    Where to go from here?

    I've had depression on and off for 5-6 years now and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. I'm still holding down a full time job and looking after my wife, but literally everything is so tough right now. I've gone through a number of actual counsellors and ITalk (a CTB thing) but...
  20. K

    is taking meds after some success with CBT good idea?

    i had bad experience with medication in the past which resulted in me developing panic attacks(they continued after i stopped taking meds) in addition to depression i have. few months after that my anxiety and depression got worse to the point that i was so desperate i was ready to try meds...