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  1. C

    Starting a family

    My boyfriend and I have decided that we want to start trying for a baby. However, I suffer from cyclothymia, aspergers and epilepsy. I feel strongly that I need to come off my bipolar medication. After talking to my doctor, he has sent a letter to the neurology department in my local hospital...
  2. S

    Pyschosis and my partner/ Quetiapine

    Good morning, Last night I had the worst type of conversation with my fiance about how his medication/mental illness is making him feel constantly angry at everyone and everything, he says he is constantly unhappy with everything even saying last night he wasnted to finish our relationship as...
  3. T

    Hearing voices. Medication Query

    Hi all. I have a current situation where I am hearing two distinct voices. I believe this started happening due to two very unexpected life situations. The voices relate to the situation which happened. I am currently going through face to face psychiatric help which is hopefully going to...
  4. N

    overprescribed quetiapine

    Hi guys So my regular psych has now left my clinic so I saw a locum who asked me to confirm my meds. So I told her 225mg venlafaxine 2000mg Depakote and 900mg of quetiapine. Anyway it turned out I should have been on 300mg quetiapine- 100mg x3 a day. My GP had somehow misread my prescription...
  5. Ivory_NK

    Horrible Antipsychotic Dilemma

    Basically I was coerced into taking quetiapine 800mg for 6 years, had to stop taking it because it made me worse, gave me feelings of impending doom. now i can't sleep. have tried every other antipsychotic in the book and all the side effects are unbearable or the drug just doesnt work i want...
  6. T

    My partner is not taking her quetiapine

    My partner was diagnosed with bipolar (along with BPD) a few years ago and has loads of different tablets to take daily. Yesterday whilst having a tidy up,I stumbled across a carrier bag full of unopened Quetiapine pill dating back to at least march 2017. Now I don't know how to approach her...
  7. J

    Quetiapine when to take for depression

    Hey guys I suffer from severe depression, anxiety and ocd. I am currently prescribed 45mg of mirtrazapine 100mg instant release quetiapine along with 50mg extended release quetiapine.. when is the best times to take each of the different types of quetiapine? I thought it made sense to take the...
  8. S

    Quetiapine withdrawal

    I have recently come out being hospitalized long story short I think I was wrongly diagnosed my doctor thinks I’m post traumatic stress but my psychiatrist is awful I’m sure she hates me she said I had bpd and doesn’t listen to me. Anyway she put me on quetiapine and I get chest pains and it...
  9. C

    Quetiapine low dose causing anger and self-harm?

    I've been taking quetiapine for around 3 weeks on a very low dose (50mg a night with 25mg in the morning), but since starting my energy levels have dropped off, i'm constantly hurting myself and getting very angry at the smallest things. I've only been diagnosed since November and am still...
  10. B


    Has anyone been given Quetiapine for clinical depression? Question is how long does it take to work? and does it help with anxiety as well? Thanks..
  11. Not_Crazy_Yet


    I have noticed a very severe photosensitivitylately. I recently had an increase of quetiapine as well as imipramine. The quetiapine is now up to 800mg and the imipramine is 50mg. I did some googling and found that both drugs can cause photosensitivity. The table also listed lamotrigine, and...
  12. P

    Venlafaxine and Quetiapine - now with added Mirtazipine

    Hello all. I suffer from GAD and OCD. I have been on 150mg of venlafaxine for years. About 4 years ago I had 150mg of quetiapine (not modified release) presecribed which has now gone up to 300mg daily. I have some 25s knocking about from previous dose alterations and am taking 375mg a day. In...
  13. Q

    Why am I taking 200mg quetiapine and 50mg sertraline daily?

    5 years ago I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and put on amisulpride. It was switched for risperidone, then aripiprazole and now I'm on quetiapine. At times I have been on sertraline too. My second psychiatrist took back my schizophrenia diagnosis (said he wasn't sure) and said I had...
  14. 6


    I had a great day with my family geocaching. It is bedtime and I have so much fear. Every sound, every move I am on edge. Tuesday I am going to a mental health support group for the first time and I am nervous perhaps that is what is playing on my mind and causing me to be skittish tonight...
  15. G

    Coming off quetiapine...

    Hi, I have BPD/EUPD. I was put on quetiapine 150mg a day for about a year n' a half now, in that time i have put on about 3-4 stone in weight n can't for the life of me shift any of it, even with a good diet and exercise, i am absolutely sick of it! I want to come off it cold turkey i cant't...
  16. C

    Quetiapine overeating for 6 years

    Hi I'm new here. I was diagnosed Bipolar ( type 2) 7 yrs ago and have been on Quetiapine xl for 6 yrs. Since starting quetiapine I have been overeating and gaining weight. 4 stone in total! I have always had insecurities about my weight even when i was slim, so its very very hard for me to be...
  17. Shana09

    Alcohol and Quetiapine

    Are you allowed to drink alcohol whilst on 200mg Quetiapine?
  18. B

    Huge Cocktail of Medication

    Hi, I have severe depression and severe anxiety and I also have a spinal disease. I am 20 years old and take 15 tablets a day. Anxiety & Depression 800mg Quetiapine M/R 375mg Venlafaxine M/R 50mg Trazadone 160mg Propranolol M/R 1250mg Metformin 5mg Diazepam as needed Spinal Disease 300mg...
  19. J

    Anybody feel like this?

    During the day I can say things that I'll regret at night but not during the day and feel like I don't care about anything during the day. Then when I take my night dosage I feel guilty about everything and be grateful for everything, sort of like a MDMA love buzz. Does anyone else feel like...
  20. J

    Did I have a panic attack?

    Hi, I hope someone can make sense of this and maybe give me some advice. I've always been scared of the future but last night I had what I can only describe as an attack, I felt like the future was coming to get me. I am on 300mg of venlalic and 75mg of quetiapine but last night I had to take...