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  1. B

    Do I really have the right?

    Hi, I just joined this forum and I figured why not just jump right in? Well, I had a pretty bad last couple years mental health wise, but I've finally started feeling like I've got stable footing. The only problem is that I still have these unaddressed experiences and things that are giving me...
  2. P

    I am inhuman

    I can't help but wonder why I'm human. Why am I in a physical form? What was I created for? Why am I not a spirit floating through time and space? What happens when I die? Is life on Earth just a game? I feel like I lost all connection to humanity. I don't understand the point of existing and...
  3. S

    Just had pip face to face

    Hello everyone, hope your not all fed up with me posting, I’m actually finding it quite helpful to get it out of my system though. Had my PIP face to face this morning, there was two assessors there, although, I’m told one was only observing, but she did ask me a few questions when the actual...
  4. H

    Researching illness

    Hi there. I am trying to research this illness and trying to better understand it. My partner is having a very hard time with understanding his adult child's diagnosis of being bi polar. So I am here to read and try to understand things and to ask questions. I probably need to find a group here...
  5. T


    Hello All, Thank you for letting me join your forum, I am in the UK and I am almost 62 years of age, I would like to think I am not currently in need of any help but I would greatly appreciate some questions answering, partly for my own use but also because I am about to become...
  6. L

    I'm leaving :/

    No one really posts to my questions or concerns on here so I don't see a point in writing here anymore.
  7. M

    Having a loved one with schizophrenia.

    Hello everyone. I am a girl that has a loved one suffering with schizophrenia. I live in Europe, so i want to ask a couple of questions to you who are in my situation. And after that we can chat a little because my mental health is not on the top because of this and i need someone to talk to...
  8. shaky

    What's wrong with me - internet dating

    I've been using internet dating sites for years. What happens every time is... I message some, with a few lines about why I think we are compatible They message back. I message them with some info about my likes and dislikes and ask a question or two for them to respond to. They message back...
  9. Artmuzz

    PIP tribunal refused

    My PIP tribunal was today and I lost:low: I got there and froze with fear at the tribunal and started shaking and really thought I was going to have a panic attack. The judge and doctors just looked at me as if I acting the goat. I eventually sat down to them and they asked questions about my...
  10. I

    anyone else ask these questions?

    Ok so I guess I’m reaching out here, I need to know if these are the questions that run through anyone else’s head or if I’m alone. How aware are you if your place in the world? How much time a day do you spend thinking about it ? Is this a cave man thing wondering where I am in the human...
  11. F

    Hi, Hi.

    Hi, just a short introduction. I'm new to the forum, and decided to utilize this as therapy. Looking forward to making new connections and find out answers to some of the questions I have about my disorder, which is Schizoaffective Disorder (or is it?, since the doctors are not sure yet.).
  12. Pinkshrimp

    Do you become Speechless?

    How do I describe this? Am I the only one who looses the ability to talk? I don't mean I turn mute, I can still talk, but my brain just doesn't seem to want to.. I'm asked questions, and I hear, and I consider them- albeit slowly. But it's like I can't be bothered, or I don't think it's...
  13. shaky

    Asking Questions

    Autism - Asking Questions I find it hard asking questions of people in conversations because i) It seems impertinent. Asking questions is asking someone to reveal himself/herself and I worry that I am being too forward or that they will think I want to have sex with them. ii) I am giving them...
  14. T

    Self harm and relationships

    I have self harmed since I was about 9. My mom did it so I thought it was a normal way of dealing with my anger, lonliness, (etc). But of course I am now in my mid twenties & I'm trying to have a "normal" relationship. I have been chested on in every passed relationship & in this one I argue the...
  15. joe.ticker67


    Hi, I am Joe. I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and psychosis and tourettes syndrome. I am fully functioning in a job and live independently. I am looking for a friendly place where I can share my experiences to help me and if I can help others as well then all the better. I...
  16. K

    Paper based assessments

    My GF PIP Form was submitted a few weeks back. I believe the Form touched all of the points raised. Their was a brief support letter from her consultant, one from her GP with a list of medication. The girl has been sectioned three times within the past five years. That’s the outline A few days...
  17. L

    Questions for the cyclothymics?

    Hey guys, just a couple of questions regarding cyclothymia. Would love to hear personal experiences as I've probably read it to death. What are your hypomanic and depressed states for you personally? How often does it cycle? What made your doctors reach that diagnosis? There's more but I've...
  18. A

    Pure O or am I crazy?

    Although I've never been professionally diagnosed with OCD of any kind, for the past few years, I've dealt with odd symptoms where I have thoughts of hurting my pets, and sometimes, my loved ones (parents). I've done a fair amount of googling my symptoms and the common theme thus far is "Harm...
  19. M

    Deep questions, social anxiety and depression

    Social anxiety is daily life for me. It does not affect me much. What I am afraid of is losing my mental health because every time I am wake at this time (It is almost 12pm now)I start thinking about questions relating to only onr thing: Afterlife. Does my soul only get deleted after death...
  20. C

    Why Does Everything Have To Be So Complicated?

    Honestly don't know why people employ me, or how I've managed to last this long. I work in ecommerce, and I like to think i'm good at it. But there are certain areas (and this doesn't just apply to ecommerce, but applies to pretty much all things in life and general) that I just simply can't...