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  1. U

    What Are Dissociations?

    Hi, I am in college and am currently taking a class on anthropology of public health, and it's made me start to question whether I have PTSD. I was severely emotionally bullied from ages 9-18, and now that I'm 20 and have been able to distance myself from the people who were hurting me, I am...
  2. W

    New role, getting anxious

    Posting at lunch. Just started a new contract, the interview briefing was very wrong and the situation is very bad. There is a lot of pressure do deliver what the client wants and in the time that they think it should be done. They’ve dropped me in and left me with no support and they are...
  3. Lord Ainz

    As far as God goes, I am lost and confused...

    Hello... Maybe you read my other thread about feeling like a failure.. I want to discuss something that is also a big part of my chaos mentally. That is my overwhelming confusion about God... Now, I read the forum rules and I do not intend to bash religion or convert anyone one way or another...
  4. A

    Why is the world the way it is?

    Okay, so I came here partly to vent, and partly because I just want someone, anyone to understand where I'm coming from. I tried talking to my therapist, who usually understands me pretty well for the most part, but even she doesn't seem to fully get it. I just don't understand why, nor do I...
  5. P

    Need help on dealing with OCD

    Hello I'm new here and I have been diagnosed with OCD. My therapist has been unhelpful and while I am on medication I really need someone to talk too. I have unusual OCD thoughts that I don't even know if they are OCD or me slowly losing my mind. I was handling it alright for a while but now it...
  6. Q

    Is this normal?

    If you have ocd do you make up scenarios that are very shameful and think that you have done them throughout your day? Like for example if you remember that you have not done anything unethical but you are afraid of doing so, hence you start imagining scenarios of a bad situation and then...
  7. W

    Is there any way to stop voices?

    Has there ever been a proven way to stop hearing voices? I hear and see things that no one else can, and it's frightening. I get scared of pills easily and I can never stay on them longer than a couple days. This has been happening for the past two years, and I can't imagine going through life...
  8. RainbowHeartz

    sick of not being believed *trigger warning*

    just sick of it some people think it was classed as an affair others think i should not have let him in people think i could have prevented it people question me on what happened some people think i was willing i am sick of people not believing i was sexually assaulted, and worst of all some...
  9. Gajolene

    Socratic questioning, What to Ask Yourself to Get Out of a Negative Thinking Rut

    Socratic questioning, What to Ask Yourself to Get Out of a Negative Thinking Rut https://www.yahoo.com/health/what-to-ask-yourself-to-get-out-of-a-negative-126687212382.html “Socratic questioning involves the use of questions to help someone develop a new perspective,” the study’s co-author...
  10. H


    I was never taught how to control my emotions, they controlled me. Now at my late age I am questioning them. How and why do our emotions work within us? Paul
  11. chazxxx

    Over thinking things

    When does thinking about things turn into over thinking about things? Where does it become unhealthy? I always think of the various different ways something can turn out to prepare myself. But even after i've done or said anything ive rationalised to be a good thing overall or has the least...
  12. Lincoln1990

    I know I've worn out my welcome but i need support really bad

    I need support. I'm really struggling today. I got some bad news and it's just plummeted since then. I feel so stupid to even have tried. I can't say what it is though. I don't want to work at Walmart. I have a high school diploma and most of my 2 year degree. I don't need to work at Walmart...
  13. D

    I sat on the edge of crazy ville questioning the existance of knowledge

    I sat on the edge of crazy ville questioning the existance of knowledge I just sat on the edge of crazy ville. I've been contemplating and questioning the existence of knowledge and considering the main views on knowledge I have heard of late. My friend believes we know nothing, a Buddhist...
  14. G

    Lexapro Dosage increase?

    Hey Everybody! I'm a 21 year old student and I've been suffering with GAD for most of my life. It's gotten pretty bad these past few years to the point where I've entered a cycle where at times I've been unable to read/focus on my textbook readings. I have good days where I can read on and on...
  15. H

    The "what do you need?" question

    Hi all, I was asked this a while ago by a so-called 'psychotherapist' upon meeting with him. Is this a standard question? I thought someone in my local 'complex needs' service would have the competency to work it out himself? After all, if I had all the answers I probably wouldn't need therapy...
  16. A

    Art Therapy

    Has anyone here experienced art therapy? If so, what sort of things did they do? I've been going to an art therapy group, but I'm now questioning how helpful its been. I just wondered what other people's experiences were like.
  17. L

    Suffering for some one eals mistake :(

    Hi guy I'm 22 and I have been with my boyfriend for over 13 months now but before him I was with another las who constantly cheated on me I would wake up with phone calls off girls telling me he would walk away from me to answer his phone and one time even his ex girlfriend showed up and also...
  18. T


    So I guess I've put on a whopping 5lbs (ish), and admittedly it's 'that' time of the month, but I feel like a HIPPOPOTOMAS. I don't like it. I am big and squishy, I'm spreading, fat and full and uncomfortable. I HATE it. I don't want to feel like this. It makes me want to PUKE. I keep...
  19. T

    Question threw me for a loop

    Hello everyone, I am seeing a new therapist for approximately 9 months now, when out of nowhere she asks me the question, "Do I fantasize about her"? I am a male and I am trying to figure out, why this question was asked. She kept questioning me, and I was at a lost for words. Is that...
  20. oneday

    Top 100 songs about spirituality/religion etc

    I've found myself increasingly listening to songs concerning spirituality, religion, questions about the divine, about meaning and purpose etc. For me, a lot of these are questioning, seeking, sometimes cynical and despairing, but I also I love some songs of simple spiritual praise - and lots...