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    Got my driving license back today.

    They have given me a 1-year license. Before I was given 3-year license, but obviously something has changed. I don't have a car anyway, but I was considering one in the future. If they just revoked my license I believe I could qualify for a discretionary freedom pass which would be useful.
  2. W


    I'm most likely going to get a diagnosis of BPD in the next few weeks. I am scared, but I'm accepting it. I just hope I qualify for treatment.
  3. C


    Advice/help welcome! I am new but have an Appeal for My Dismissal on Mon 9 Jan. I have been dismissed for poor performance whilst off I am off sick with depression triggered by work related stress due to an accumulation of toxic office culture and boss is a bully and harassing/pressurising me...
  4. F

    Have been asked to attend a maintaining adherence programme(MAP)

    I think it's something they ask most people at the depot clinic as the assumption is on depot= bipolar/schizoaffective/schizophrenia diagnosis and the programme is aimed at those groups of patients. There will be an initial assessment but judging from what I read I don't think I'll qualify...
  5. D

    trying to claim pip whilst under care of cpn

    Been ill for a while now diagnosed with major depressive and anxiety disorder with a fancy name on the end. The medical providers psychiatrist and psychologist couldn't make progress with me so I was referred to another team because of the complexity. I tried to claim pip but they wont allow...
  6. V


    Hello I have been claiming DLA and now it is changing to P.I.P I am really scared ! Can you tell me if everyone has to go to the one to one assesment to qualify for the entitle ment ?
  7. D


    When you hit rock bottom, how do you get moving again? I'm not there yet but the more caught up I get in things that slow me down, like debt, red tape, falling through the cracks (not "this" enough, too much of "that" to qualify) the more difficult I find it to make progress. My job doesn't...
  8. starryeyed222

    help with prescription costs?

    Hi, i earn over the limit to be classed as low income and qualify to have my prescriptions completely paid for, however i am experiencing financial difficulties and have been told by national debtline that my income only just about is enough to live on and was wondering if anyone knows if i...
  9. I

    Bad news for the wrag

    I see that the Welfare Reform Act has been passed and those of us who have been on Contribution Related ESA for over a year will be cut off if we don't qualify for Income Related ESA. Apparently DWP will be phoning everyone who has been on it over a year or is nearing it to see if they want to...
  10. NicoretteGummed

    Making Lists.!!

    This'll make me sound a real Geek but when I get anxious or something I start making Lists. Usually about Politics,History,Sport,Music. List Of PMs,US Presidents,Elections,Doctor Who DVDs:blush: ... ,Popes,FA Cup Finals,UK No.1 Singles. Whatever really. I'm really obsessive about it...
  11. aphex2k

    Hi everyone

    My name's Mark. Tired of working in IT I decided to retrain and get into psychiatric nursing. I qualify in March next year. Just spent the day doing a case presentation on someone I've worked with on an Early Intervention placement and the presentation is tomorrow, so wish me luck! I'm 32, got...
  12. Q

    Wow...a local group!

    Very pleased to see a local forum here! I'm in Totnes....does that mean I qualify to be part of this community?? :)