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  1. H

    Has anyone been given a MH diagnosis by a non medical trained Psychotherapist?

    Has anyone been given a MH diagnosis by a non medical trained Psychotherapist? Hello All I was given a diagnosis of BPD by a newly qualified 1 day per week Honorary Psychotherapist after an assessment lasting 50 minutes. I did not speak to or meet the Psychiatrists or Clinical...

    Would you work in mental health?

    Lets face it, at least we would be qualified to do it. Could be something to do.
  3. C


    morning peeps. so..every morn i wake up fearful & paranoid. then after couple of pints, hey presto i'm sound! as you know, i'm cynical, but do u think alcohol is entire cause of my probs? in fact, don't answer! i'm qualified psychologist for god sake. a case of doctor heal thyself! can't...
  4. T

    Medication Effectiveness

    One thing I've never quite understood about medications used to treat mental ailments is that they tend not to work very well for me. They might work for a couple hours, four days, even two weeks, but then everything goes back to the same as it ever was. Could it possibly be because of generic...
  5. H

    choosing therapist

    i am going private as it is my only option. i am very stressed over choosing a good therapist. i know what to look for but i think i will pick a crap one and it will be another waste of money. my parents have already spent like a grand on therapy for me with no results to speak of. i am not the...
  6. B

    Hi there

    Hi, My name is Lexie and I have always struggled with mental health issues. I've always had anxiety, depression and body dismorphia. However, last week I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I've struggled a lot with this diagnosis but have already come to accept that I do have...
  7. C

    anxiety solutions??

    Hi all! Was wondering if any of you have recommendations for meds that actually work?? I read people's experiences with their meds & 99% have problems (addiction etc) While my anxiety is mild, I'm interested to know your opinions on what works/doesn't for you. As a qualified psychologist, I...
  8. C


    Hartlepool and East Durham Hartlepool and East Durham Mind - InMind Phone: 01429 269 303 [email protected] Crown Buildings Tees Street Hartlepool TS24 8HB Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm InMind in Hartlepool is an AQ (Any Qualified Provider) offering a number of services...
  9. cpuusage

    The armchair Psychiatrist

    Why is it so appealing for so many people to be one? & what qualifies anyone Not qualified to give 'professional medical opinions' on diagnoses, medication, psychology & psychiatry? & the minutia on other peoples lives, especially on people they don't know over an internet forum. Just musing.
  10. cpuusage

    IDS's 'fit for work' projections in tatters

    Sickness benefits claimants were not 'faking it' Figures released today by the Department of Works & Pensions reveal that 93% of long term sick claimants have qualified for Employment & Support Allowance following stricter 'Work Capability Assessments'. 81% have qualified for intensive support...
  11. shaky

    DWP secret reviews into claimants# deaths

    DWP In summary, the DWP (despite previous denials) investigate the deaths of claimants that are associated with their claims - but they don't make them available to coroners. And they don't have medically qualified review - despite being told to by a commission.
  12. C

    alcohol & anxiety

    Hi! I'm drinking 3 litres of frosty jacks cider a day & wonder if this is exacerbating my anxiety & panic attacks? The question is, am I drinking to numb my anxiety or is the drinking that's causing the problem? I do feel better when not drinking so obviously the drink making me feel like...
  13. N

    To Train TO Teach Aerobics/And or Zumba Gold Classes/

    Hi all, The one aspect I couldn't get round to mentioning in my Mental Health Forum saying hello post, was that for years and years, I have wished to get trained up to become qualified to teach either Aerobics/Zumba Gold dance classes. Unfortunately, due to my other set of problems which i...
  14. J

    ESA Work Programme first appointment

    I have my first appointment on 4 December. The letter says I should bring a CV and they look forward to getting me a job.:confused: Bloody hell they really don't listen do they? If I could work I'd be on JSA and applying for jobs. Do they even know the difference between ESA and JSA? Do...
  15. L

    New user so be nice!

    Hi. Joined tonight and I have many, many issues. I am halfway through treatment after years of being a complete a*****e. I never had any real adult role-models or guidance and was left by my mother to be abused sexually and physically by my stepfather from the age of 13. Prior to that I had...
  16. F

    When will this hell be over?

    I don't think I'm destined to be in this world for much longer. Everything is always going wrong and I'm the one who always suffers the consequences of other people's mistakes. I am so sick of this. I was fired from my job because I took a week off (approved sick leave) after being sexually...
  17. Lillyone

    Can I ask for more help.

    Hi I having being see my councillor for 5 months once sometimes twice a month (he is a CPN nurse) I am getting nowhere I feel frustrated when I come out of the session For instance when I saw him previous to my last session I had been talking about volunteer work, he made a note and said he...
  18. mrlaurel

    The right therapist ?

    I saw my new therapist yesterday for the fourth time since late June, I'm not sure I am connecting with him.... we have talked and he seems to be understanding of what I am saying, its the help I am getting from him I feel is falling short. Its all reading he's printing off for me to do, also...
  19. C

    Starting an OU psychology degree in October

    I'm really pleased to be accepted on an Open University Degree course and be awarded Disability Student Allowance to aid in my studies. It is going to take 6 years to complete and hope to go further and do a Doctorate and be a Psychologist. I believe in Psychology not Psychiatry. Even though...
  20. my-PAT-staffy

    Hi Im new!

    Hi all Just dropped by to introduce myself. I suffer with Bi-polar and agrophobia. I have 3 wonderful staffies, one of which is a qualified P.A.T dog. The one who is qualified as a P.A.T dog, visits nursing homes and hospitals, but when she is not working, I have trained her to recognise...