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  1. blacktulip

    Big Blunder by MH services, screwing my head up

    Stupid stupid people, i realised yesterday the for the past 10 to 12 weeks i have been on 2 different types of anti depressants. Hudds CMHT Psychiatrist has been putting me on the wrong ones and the hospital have been putting me on the right ones, so 4 stays in hospital, 2 weeks on one AD then 2...
  2. calypso


    sorry mistake putting on twice, please ignore
  3. Angels

    putting on weight, feeling helpless!!

    Ive had thyroid problems for almost a year now, and since i turned 16 its been dipping more underactive, ive been put on a higher dose of medication for it and ive been putting on weight and ive been eating so many things that i shouldnt too :scared: when i get stressed i just raid the cubard or...
  4. greebobeebo

    I have a new ouchie!

    I have been struggling lately. I have minor wounds on my right arm, which didn't achieve the result I needed. So went and got myself something better to use. My kids are unfortunately driving me nuts, as a result I self harmed last night, now I have a deeper than usual wound at the top of my...
  5. pentagram

    putting a name to it (anxiety)

    I keep shaking and feel like my head is nodding and I can't stop it for ages, I feel tearful and rotten. Is this anxiety or what?
  6. W

    im 27 next end of April, and I've no real experience with guys, its kinda depressing, cos ive put all

    im 27 next end of April, and I've no real experience with guys, its kinda depressing, cos ive put all my energies into college, and that failed to materialize sooner all the good ones are taken :( , so im 26, i need advice on getting into serious dating with someone into academic stuffs/and...
  7. M

    When you are on meds do you feel "better"/"normal"?

    When you are on meds do you feel "better"/"normal"? Hi guys. After starting Lithium and admitting to my family that yes, I have Bipolar disorder I was wondering if you could answer this question. For those of you that are on stable medication do you now feel "normal" or "better"? (I put them...
  8. bubbling under

    Just putting this here

    this has been given to me so I'm sharing. Hope it helps someone. http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/
  9. Angels

    Things cant get any better

    Im getting no where!! i feel like no one can or is helping me at the moment. they are just taking ages. there doing nothing but putting me on medication. my parents are talking about the hospital. i have the early intervention team coming out on monday!! >>> emotional overload <<< :cry:
  10. B


    Evening, My name is Baz, well it isn't but that's what i'm normally called by all non family members. I'm 25 and have a recent history of anxiety and panic disorders, which touch wood, have been good for a few months now. However, recently I have been finding myself getting more paranoid...
  11. C


    has anyone tried flouxetine i just wondered as the doc is thinking of putting me on it? Any advice woud be greatfull.
  12. K

    Never full

    Hi, i dont take any medications but through my depression i have gained over 5 stone in the last 3 years and it is still climbing :( I can not stop eating, god knows how many times i have said im gonna diet then try and give up and end up pigging out, im stuffing so much down to make me feel...
  13. 1

    I am Afraid too....

    Hi folks... I am Putting on weight and this adds on to my depression more...it doesnt seem that i am eating more... can anyone help me????:(:(
  14. R

    Voices are putting up a fight.

    They are not happy at all that I have a plan to try and deal with them. My CPN is referring me for some long term therapy as the short term didn't help. They hate the idea of me trying something actually anything to get rid of them. I am suffering now with just typing this. Over the past two...
  15. S

    Counselling newbie

    been for 1counselling session and not sure whether to continue or not. the person i saw sat and preened herself in the mirror that was behind me for practically the whole hour. she wrote down everything i said which i found very off putting. she wants me to look at the job section and choose...