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  1. Sparklypurplepaws

    my head is spinning

    I've finally worked out what's been going on with my head - it's been doing weird things lately which I'll explain later. But I've realised that they are putting particles in my water supply, I don't normally drink tap water but I have for the last few days and that's what it is - I'm not...
  2. B

    Happiness vd Hypomania

    Ok so I have BPD, ajustment disorder, depression, anxiety and panic attacks and now my psychiatrist is talking about me possibly having hypomania - whats the difference between feeling happy and having hypomania? I'm struggling to understand it, i've googled it but it just sounds like happiness...
  3. R

    taking steps but still miserable

    ive had depression forever. this winter i spent like 2 months in bed. i also have pretty bad anxiety and borderline personality disorder. i took a CBT class for the 2nd time and am using the skills and putting my life back together but i still feel miserable like, every minute. and most of the...
  4. loulabelle

    now i remember....

    ...... why i dislike chriatmas the arguments and petty arswholeness from family members and the first one of the day was over me putting purfume on i think i may just take time out asleep please
  5. tricky32

    In a weird mood for the last week

    Not really been on here in the last few days, not really sure why....:doh2: The wife is still in hospital and the closer it gets, the more likely it feels like she won't be out for Christmas. They are now looking at taking her off the antidepressants and putting her on mood stablisers instead...
  6. S

    hi im new

    Hi i thought id introduce myself im 23 from the UK and I've had a combination of anorexia and bulmia for the past 14 years. I am currently at a healthy ish bmi in an outpatient unit that i attend for an hour a week but recently i have dropped a large amount of weight and they are considering...
  7. jezcoleman

    just been to my psych

    Well, im back from my psychiatrist and she's putting me on citralopram aswell as lithium
  8. T

    proud of my forum friends

    Despite going through my own rubbish and the daily battle, I am lifted today by hearing from people on here with whom I regularly pm. People making difficult decisions, having the tricky conversations, etc but all in the name of putting their own needs first and doing the right thing for them...
  9. lupinerainbow

    The End

    Thats it. Completely. Its over. No more self harming, ever. After having stitches in my right leg and over 70 staples in my left leg i'm done. I can't keep putting everyone through it, wasting hospital resources, ambulances and putting my family's lives at risk. I have been selfish and haven't...
  10. H

    cant sleep at night!

    having real trouble sleeping! my anxiety gets really bad at night,my mind races with all sorts of thoughts and i start to panic that sommethin bad will happen its impossible to get to sleep.i have been on a few different sleeping pills in the past the dr is now putting me on zopiclone does...
  11. L

    sorry jelly bean

    Pushing away,hurting peoples feelings,being hateful angry spitfull...I hate myself I hate the bad in me.I've hurt a good friend she is always there for me but I'm not there for her :( I need putting down:cry2:
  12. J

    looking at my pills

    4am this morning I woke to find myself wishing I was not here. I found myself looking at my pills next to my bed thinking is there enough there to kill me. I really dont know why I felt like this at 4am this morning. I know I have been on a low for a few days but not enough to want to die. Maybe...
  13. F

    On the Couch in a brain scanner!: Putting the neuro back into Freud

    Putting the ego, id and subjective Self back into the brain sciences, and vice versa. That's the ambitious quest of Neuro-psychoanalysis. Natasha Mitchell joins neuroscientist and psychoanalyst, Dr Maggie Zellner, in a very psychoanalytic sort of city, the Big Apple...
  14. D

    Housing Help? (England)

    Hello Everyone Well to start this off anyways Im dan and im currently 20 and suffer from agoraphobia, social anxiety, insomnia and a shitload of other things. Ive been living with my mom since i was a kid so i have no experience of living on my own. Ive been on ESA for a fair few months now...
  15. xTKsaucex

    Anyone felt that when applying for jobs they've been discriminated against

    Anyone felt that when applying for jobs they've been discriminated against Reason why I ask is that I NEED a summer job before Uni and all my applications have yet to be replied. I've put down I have type II Bi Polar but beginning to wonder if its putting off people. I know by law this isn't...
  16. L

    Have I actually got OCD???

    Ok - I know for a fact I suffer from Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Depression, but I have spoke to my GP about Forms of OCD I could have and she said it could be possible. I tend to need to have my breakfast before 11:30am I tend to need to have my lunch at 13:30pm I don't like being...
  17. pentagram

    I thought about putting something on here but nothing came to mind

    I thought about putting something on here but nothing came to mind so I'll leave it at that.
  18. mrlaurel

    how's your day been?

    mines be OK upset a friend but he'll get over it :evil: Hilda's Nan passed away yesteday she was an poorly old lady but Hilda's very upset... Life just keeps taking its tole :( 6.7 on the odenometer would have been the mighty 7 had it not been for me putting me foot in it :unsure: us blokes...
  19. bobshocker

    putting a break on that feel good factor

    at times i think everyone is a 'good guy' etc, and i get quite affectionate. Obviously this isn't the case and logic tells me that this is some kind of over amplication, which i am now consciously aware of. How do you balance this sort of thing. And don't say meds.
  20. amathus

    Cuts are putting therapy in danger. Guardian Article....

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/mar/09/its-good-to-talk qf.