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  1. C

    Am I just having a high pride or my guardians has their faults too.

    I was raised by my grandmother throughout my child hood as a prince like I don't have work to do. I must admit my fault either, yes I don't know any work as a child because I was raised as a prince you know, a bit spoiled but not a spoiled brat. But now that I'm matured, I'd say that I came out...
  2. M

    How to make a strangers day?

    HI, Im a prettys easy going extrovert. and i was wondering, How can i make a strangers day? usually i talk abou the latest news. or tell them about good movies. and i just wanted to see what you guys od to make someones day? i really enjoy doing this as i find it quit fun putting a smile on...
  3. supergreysmoke

    Lower Back Pain

    On lithium that produces muscle weakness as a side effect. After several months of bending and stooping for my wife who has developed diabetes and needs help putting shoes on etc the backs gone. Any remedies?
  4. Agama

    Being silly

    So I was diagnosed with depression,I was on meds,then I stopped them..my mood is rocky ...being low making my life hard and the thoughts are hard to handle. Anyway...I have a question,is it normal that I get use to feel so low and pushing myself to do anything? I'm not sure shall I ask my...
  5. G

    help ? paranoid or not ?

    Hi, Around january my ex of 3 and half years cheated on me and I think its turn me over paranoid! I've always suffered from paranoia but this time round its bad. I recently got with this girl I knew for years and im really happy but at the start of the relationship it seems like now I think...
  6. Hayyyleyyy

    Fighting urges constantly

    How long does it go on for? The fighting of urges to hurt yourself? Im hurting so bad! I have gone 4 weeks with only 1 sh incident and no 'putting myself in dangerous positions' (trying to word it to go with forum rules) I haven't seen the police for 4 weeks and only spoken to them twice (I...
  7. L

    One of the shift coordinators at work

    In May I did some overtime and was meant to have been paid in June. I didn't and I asked one of my colleagues whether she had been paid her overtime and she said no the coordinator had emailed her and said it had been too early in the month to process it. I never got an email and I never got...
  8. Fuscia

    really sad tonight

    I feel so alone tonight. I worked this morning and it went well but as soon as i woke up i knew something was wrong. I think its these nytol i take when i dont want my sleepers, i wonder if theyy make me depressed. Ive been crying for about an hour about life generally and how hard everything...
  9. megirl

    losing the plot

    Where to start. well 3 weeks ago my mother-in-law came down from the north island for a break to get her on the track to getting well. She has had a lot going on and depressed, anxious and overwhelmed easily. She has no home at the moment as they sold their property and as it sold at a loss and...
  10. S

    Disappointed with what's in the mirror

    Sometimes I picture myself doing certain actions and I feel like I look like a normal person, but then I see the person who I really am in the mirror and I get really upset? I've had body image issues for the past four years now and I was wondering if anyone else feels this way? I'm really bad...
  11. W

    Worried About My Wife

    Hi All. Firstly, apologies for just signing up to this forum and posting this, I know it's a bit annoying, but I didn't know where else to turn. I hope i'm putting this in the right place. I'm here to see if there is anyone who can give me advice on how to deal with a partner who is struggling...
  12. A


    Had a look and couldn't find anything else for this posted so far (not sure if I'm looking in the wrong place?) Last 3 years or so been feeling more and more afraid of men - last year it got to the point where I had to carry a knife to feel safe just in case I saw men outside. Obviously this...
  13. A

    crying all the time

    Hi I'm new to this page so I'm not sure if this is the right part to post this on . first of all i want to say sorry to bother you. But For a substantial amount of time now I've done nothing but cry, I look at other people's lives and how happy they are and then i look at my life and I realised...
  14. voyager

    Why do I stay with my husband?

    I don't know why I stay with him. I suffer with anxiety and depression. It seemed to start just after I met him - work and going out with him seemed too much for me. It's like being married to a robot. I shouldn't really say this because he is still with me and I've had anxiety and...
  15. Weven


    I realy don't no what to do I feel so low right now I can't speak to anyone My mind is a major mix of emotion it won't calm down No matter what I try I feel so helpless I hait myself what this is doing to my life I'm trying so hard not to do anything silly but it's draining me fast When will...
  16. S

    New sorry..I had questions about myself and my daughter

    If you met me I would look totally normal, friendly, under my age (30), whatever. I've been diagnosed with BP1, OCD, Anxiety...I am unmedicated (thanks Obama) so just dealing with it, working, etc. I have a stable home environment with my daughter and boyfriend(he's a fucking godsend for putting...
  17. P

    Sick of putting effort in and getting nothing out

    I am sick of it, putting effort and and not feeling better for it. I have been given a conditional offer for uni and i should be pleased! but tbh all i feel is a huge void/ emptyness. I don't feel suicidal and I don't feel like harming myself yet I still feel really hurt inside. I just don't...
  18. A

    longing for control?

    wondering if anyone else here feels so lost in life, that they long for a bit of control? someone just to tell them where to go next? not like full on control, but someone who can tell you what should be next i'm probably the only one- but i'm putting it out their anyway
  19. P

    Interview with DWP-

    So, I have an interview with the DWP, next month. Very pissed off as no doubt they will make out i am fine when i am not and tbh the news is just putting so much stress onto me its driving me to self harm. It's a joke. I don't know what to do.
  20. C

    Houseing advise

    Right i dont know what my rights are but if anyone can shred some light i be grateful as you know my flatmate has caused me to have a nervous breakdown i have a letter which a & e gave me asking the council to consider but if i was living in a house where The flatmate was constantly...