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  1. Y

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Is there anyone here who had CBT and found that they didn't feel better until quite a long while after finishing CBT? I have had 6 sessions, and my therapist is adding on another 5. She said the problem is we have been jumping between my social anxiety and the depression. She wants to focus on...
  2. Poopy Doll

    GI Distress/Lithium

    I've been on lithium many years now and recently my GI tract has become problematic. I can't eat an apple for lunch and a salad for dinner without getting really sick. Then I don't sleep because I get sick in the middle of the night. Then I have to replace electrolytes. And I'm exhausted for two...
  3. P

    Suicidal thoughts/feelings

    I know what a horrendous reality suicide is for those left behind but putting that aside for a minute, I am nearly forty and the thoughts/feelings get worse with age. How bad can it get? I hate my life. I hate me. I hate the dismal world.
  4. Maidenhair

    Does medication work?

    I have anxiety during lows and am not on an anxiety medicine because I don't know how my spirals of worrysome thinking could be alleviated by a tablet but needs effort on my part to think. Am I putting myself through more?
  5. BPD Babe

    Scared of the future

    I suffer with depression, anxiety, BPD and SPD (Schizoid Personality Disorder). I have really been struggling lately and a couple of weeks ago I ended up in hospital after doing something silly. I muddle along as best I can from day-to-day, although some days I can barely function. I have...
  6. S

    Anger and violence

    I am currently being forced to take medication via a community treatment order. I am surrounded by councellors who constantly make claims that there is something medically wrong with me. My family does the same and claim I am paranoid. The doctor says my life completely goes wrong when I am off...
  7. P

    struggling with placement

    Well i am doing a teaching degree (first year of 3 years study) and these early mornings are killing me. I have to travel about 20 miles to get to placement and i have to get there for 8 so i am travelling at about 7.15 which means i am up at about 6.30. I am really struggling with it and the...
  8. H


    Hi, I'm new to the forum (obviously). I've had health issues in the past and have been through therapy, and I cope well now. But sometimes I find that I am putting on a face and getting on with my work and doing what's right for others, when I could do with someone being there for me. So...
  9. N

    quiatiapine 500mg

    I've been taking these for about a year now and still knock me out and put me to sleep but because I suffer from mutiple illnesses I have to take them... Need to know if this is normal for them to still be putting me to sleep after so long?
  10. C

    Has medication ruined me?

    Hi! I've been pretty much a guinea pig for medications over the past 7 years since my diagnosis. Being stableish for 3 years on Priadel 600mg a day, it's been the best medication out of the whole list but I don't know if it will have long term effects on my health. Before I transferred onto...
  11. AimeèJo2014

    wanna die

    Just need someone to care and understand my feelings, just wanna die and make everyone around me happier, I just can't do this anymore, my boyfriend and family will be better off if I wasn't around, no one understands that I don't wanna be here, no one gets that I'm tired of living and putting...
  12. J

    Possible help with depression/relationship issues???

    Hey everybody, this may be a topic people think will be a minuscule problem but I was hoping for advice from people who understand. Sorry if long but I'll try to keep it easy to read. I have had depression/anxiety for years. I've also been in a complete crap relationship years ago too. I'm now...
  13. Emlyn


    hi everyone, i hope everyone is feeling well [as well as you can be]. i am emlyn,i am transgender FtM. i am severely autistic amonsgt other issues and have severe pyschotic depression. i live in a specialist care home and get two to one support,im at the stage now where i am facing a section in...
  14. C

    Depressed Dad - New to site - New to forums

    Hi, I've never joined a forum before and this was the first site on google that came up. I thought that if nothing else, writing down my problems would maybe make me feel a little less alone than I do right now. Here's my story.... I am early thirty's and am married with 3 young boys. I have...
  15. Sparklypurplepaws

    Feeling things that aren't there?

    So, to add to my weird things that are happening to me: I can feel something on my head - something quite large, not a fly or spider maybe a big spider? I keep putting my hand on my head but there's nothing there. This alone is just annoying, but with everything else that's happening, I'm scared x
  16. K

    New bi-polar group/charity

    Have been on forum for what seems like a very long time now and know people's avatars? Does anyone actually want to meet up in the real life world? I do, is anyone up for to catch up for coffee, eats or just a catch up dependent on where people are, who if anyone is interested we could start an...
  17. SomersetScorpio

    Eczema, anyone?

    Does anybody else here suffer with eczema? I do, and I find the main trigger for me is stress. I don't know what the science behind it all is, maybe inflammation happens when you're upset or feeling anxious? Anyway, am looking to share tips for how to cope and prevent it. At the moment...
  18. voyager

    I'm so depressed, nothing is worth being here for

    I can hardly bring myself to write on here even. I just want to curl up and stay in my bed for months. Why do I have to keep on and on, putting up an act. It's work that makes it more difficult. Being a carer doesn't pay well, yet I was enjoying it a few months ago. I have that being...
  19. D

    Anyone interested in healing through meditation?

    If so, I've written a recent post about pebble meditation - I have my own pebbles in a little bag collecting dust, gonna get them out and start putting them in my coat or jeans pocket! A Pebble In My Pocket | Rising Above Trauma
  20. M

    best mate questions my tics

    Just wondering if anyone else with tourettes has this problem? So my main tics are, making a strange yelping, or hiccupping, or howling noise, sniffing, facial grimaces, sticking tongue out. Occasionally though i do get different tics in my arms and legs and swearing gestures. And on...