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  1. simonr1978

    Hi all!

    I'm Simon from Kent in the UK, had some issues in the last year or so which included an overdose and putting myself into hospital for a few days, so I thought I'd join and see what was happening here.
  2. T

    SO stressed

    so tired. Cat crying for i don't know what. Makes me feel guilty. I don't have enough for her, energy. I am tired. I am scared i need to get work asap. People putting pressure on me.
  3. Funnyday

    Whats wrong with me

    I keep putting off calling my landlord so that they can send a repairman out. I keep putting it off. I don't know if its the thought that they are spying on me when they come round and reporting back with the news that my flat is a tip. I use to be very house proud. Since being diagnosed that...
  4. B

    Just want some support.

    Not sure where to start really. I've had depression for many years. Last night I self harmed. My 15 year old son knows what I did and I've had to talk to him about it. I feel such a terrible mother for putting him through this. It was totally my fault as I had alcohol and I know I just can't...
  5. S

    BPD and weight obsession

    Hi I've spent the majority of my life significantly overweight. Fat child, fat teenage into a fat adult. I first lost weight successfully about 20 years ago on weightwatchers, kept if off for about a year then piled it back on, plus some. Lost it all again only to repeat the gain process again...
  6. M

    Has anyone experienced somatic delusions?

    Has anyone experienced somatic delusions? I struggled with believing that magic was real and magicians were putting dog wee inside me so I was weeing out dog wee, pop corn inside my stomach which changed my wee to smell like pop corn, putting baby animals inside my abdomen, butting a baby...
  7. D

    Self harm healing

    Hi everyone, I self harmed on Monday. Now though, I have these disgusting marks which are quite painful. The one on my leg has got a gauze on it which I'm changing daily but it looks as though it's oozing. I've been putting germolene on both the wounds but not sure what else I can do to speed...
  8. F


    Hi my name is Fran and I am new to this forum and really nervous. I have wanted to join this forum for ages and kept putting it off so here I am 😯
  9. Iamsoconfused

    Is it you, or is it me?

    Is it a BPD thing, to feel wronged and slighted by pretty much everyone? I'm just wondering if I am going to feel this way about everyone, as sometimes I think it's just the people I am with, that totally suck. I know BPD's are hypersensitive, but how are you supposed to know when it's you, or...
  10. BorderlineDownunder

    Putting Myself First

    So part of my healing my life was getting back in touch with family; only to be approached by some of that family and asked to be Official Carer. Now Ive sort of discovered that the Caring is basically, do my dishes for me so I can lie around and be a street walking junkie and in my opinion if...
  11. SoftRain

    Need a laugh?

    What??? Lol. A BPD in the middle of an episode putting on makeup. This girl is a riot. Sher-i-na's Au Naturel Make-Up Tutorial - YouTube
  12. I

    please help im feeling so down

    Hi it really hurts the fact that I've lost the so called friends.i used to be really really close with one of them always going round there house always seeing at least four times a week always sleeping round there,then we went on a day trip to London and a holiday to Lanzarote and it was awful...
  13. G

    Anything better than this

    Anyone else feel like physical pain is better than their life. I have now succumbed to self harming cause our feels better than my life. Nothing what I do helps. Medication, taking it out no one gets it. No one cares.
  14. M

    New to this

    Hi i am new to this board and not really sure what im even looking to gain from it tbh. My dr told me 4 months ago that i have an eating disorder when i went to her to just talk about low mood how i feel about things and coping mechanisms. She has referred me to for an assessment whcih i dont...
  15. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Theos Report: Religion Is Good For Your Mental Health?

    I caught sight of a leader comment in The Guardian yesterday, and it made reference to a think tank I had never heard of before, Theos. Apparently, Theos has produced a report exploring the link between religion, wellbeing, and good mental health. One of the claims is that religion can be...
  16. S


    Hey, I'm new. Made a post but forgot to introduce myself. I'm uncomfortable putting more up here so.. just wanted to say hello.
  17. B

    I feel like i have wasted my youth

    I am 21 and for the last 5 years I have been depressed. This has result in me putting my life on hold. I haven't done anything with my life. I work at my dad company , which is a dead end job that i hate. I have never been in a relationship. I am not going to any college or school. The reason...
  18. P

    Been a little while

    I will be honest. I finished my therapy course and have tried to put it all out of my mind which worked in the short term... I had been active in another forum about completely different things. I voiced an opinion and started an all out war basically because they didn't like my opinion. To be...
  19. calypso

    Terrible day and Pdoc appt tomorrow

    I've been SO low today, really bad. Its like a compulsion to self harm, its almost over powering. I've resisted, but only by working very hard on it all day. The 'man' is still there despite the new meds which I am taking. He is a bit more mumbled, but gets through and throws memories at me...
  20. F

    Putting schizophrenia to bed

    Putting schizophrenia to bed Monday, Mar. 21, 2016, 10:00 AM by Marilyn Holt Sleep abnormalities are commonly reported in schizophrenia patients, and growing evidence suggests that correcting these abnormalities may lead to improvements in other schizophrenia symptoms. While some currently...