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  1. N


    Hiya, I decided to sign up to this just so I had somewhere to put all my thoughts. I've been dealing with some issues for the past few years (since around Year 10- I'm now an undergraduate, so roughly 4 years). I'll probably put up a more detailed post in an appropriate section later. I...
  2. valleygirl

    Christmas Blues

    Have you got the Christmas blues? I do, but I feel like I'm sinking further down, past just being blue. I haven't been sleeping very well the last few weeks, and I've just been pushing through work with caffeine, and then on Friday I slept 14 hours. I went for a walk by the river for a couple...
  3. T

    Update on myself...

    So, about an week ago i was believing in unreal stuff: i was cursed, i was being controlled, having existencial crisis and more... All these thoughts won't stop popping on my head but i try to regain my consciousness of reality and they seem to disappear for somd time. Now i'm trying to ignore...
  4. R


    Hi I was just wondering if anyone has formed a male female relationship after developing schizophrenia? I don't know if it would be possible for me as I think it would put people off and I'm so lonely.
  5. L

    Feeling numb

    Hi, I don't usually go looking for help but I was diagnosed with depression about 5 months ago but I've had it for around 10 years. My GP started me on fluxotine (or however you spell it) then put me on mirtazapine which I've been on for around 3 months recently upping the dose to 30mg. Ever...
  6. X

    alcohol abuse and Acamprosate

    Can I ask if anyone has tried this medication for alcohol abuse. I'm seeing a support worker for my issue with alcohol and the Dr put me on Acamprosate
  7. P

    how long does it take to hear back about my reconsideration on ESA

    hi everyone starting to get really worried i had my medical assessment beginning of august got a letter in the post within 2 weeks saying i had been placed in the WRAG group which is not doing my mental health any favours or financially as iv dropped £30 a week. anyway i asked them for a letter...
  8. H

    Objectivity in a Subjective Experience?

    Hi, was wondering how any of you gain a measure of objectivity when our personal experience is subjective? I wrote things down and found that to be good, because when my thoughts were on paper I could see the situation a little better. It didn't look good for family and friends reading it, but...
  9. M

    Never felt so alone

    Recently got out of a 8 year relationship and I have never felt so alone, I have no friends and no one to talk to after or during work so I just spend all my time in my head that doesent stop talking and I am really starting to give up. The relationship was not great as I was constantly was...
  10. J

    Hi, anyone else spend most of their life crying?

    Just joined today, I have general anxiety disorder that comes and goes and i'm at a really low time at the moment, I know that it will feel a little better in a few weeks but at the moment the tears and panic attacks are relentless and I thought that being able to share might put things into...
  11. J

    Help please i know i have bpd

    Hi I am 31 father of three, recently I have lost my partner, I know I have bpd but the doctor keeps saying its depression and give me anti-depressants, my partner was amazing and an amazing mother to two beautiful boys, she has put up with me pushing her away, having no respect, doing things to...
  12. F

    My neighbour keeps leaning on my wall and looking into my window.

    My neighbour keeps leaning on my wall and looking into my window. He is so close his nose coukd touch the window. It scares me when I walk into my kitchen and he is there looking straight at me. Also he smokes and the smoke smell comes into my house. It has put me in a position, I need to...
  13. Zardos


    I'm not well guys... I've just spent the last three days binge watching 'Kitchen Nightmares' and I haven't eaten a thing.. (I'm about to)... I've been lost in a fantasy world... I haven't contacted my family and none of them have bothered checking on me.. I could be lying here dead... My...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    twat twat twat twat

    just sat for ages and wrote something here i poured my heart out and then thought better of it because i am a twat my head is so full of mush i don't know where to put myself i don't belong here honestly i don't belong anywhere
  15. P


    I have borderline personality disorder,also a long history of various abuse growing up as a child. As a result of this I'm rubbish with boundaries. My mother has dementia and lives alone. I had tried to put a care package in place but when it comes to letting people into house or even keeping...
  16. C

    I really can't go on

    I really can't go on. I have been verbally abused by medical professionals my stepmum. I feel I have been left defenceless to put my voice across.
  17. J

    Don’t know what to do.

    So late last year I was stuggerling with depression and anxiety, there had been a few deaths in the family, stress from college and my parents had separated (we had all left the family home) now I’m not good with change but I dealt with it the best way I could. I was then put on 20mg Fluoxetine...
  18. L

    Questioning psychiatric treatment

    Hi, I’m new to this forum Just a little background about myself. I was diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia in January 2011. The hospital had put me on olanzapine, Effexor and 45 milligrams of abilify daily. Years had gone by without any symptoms so I began to question my diagnosis. In...
  19. R

    Mental health support worker training recommendations

    Hi guys, i have recently started a job as a mental health support worker in the UK and am new to the roll. i have had a small amount of training but do not think this is enough. can anybody recommend training that i should be doing so that i can look in to it and put it to my boss?
  20. T

    New friends?

    I imagine this isn't allowed but.... I'm looking for friends, pen pal or just someone to talk to. I have bpd and I don't know anyone who suffers with the same. I know this may seem dumb. I'd just like someone to talk to. Feeling very alone but im too frightened to put myself out there and...