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  1. R

    Does it help to know someone is there for you?

    I'm asking what feel like some dumb questions right now, but I'm hoping the only stupid question is the one you don't ask... When you're depressed, does it help to know someone is there for you, even if they're not present? I feel like I'm treading a fine line between letting my depressed...
  2. H

    Feeling hopeless

    I can not stop wanting to die I keep pushing it and pushing it out of my head but it's getting harder to not think of it.
  3. M

    Think it's coming again

    My gad is up again and I think it is sending me into a depression I really don't want to go there and am pushing myself to do things and go out but I can see the Curtin shutting around me.
  4. X

    Hey I’m new to this, and need some advice....

    I have recently learnt that I have been suffering with bad depression and anxiety for a couple of years now or more I have taken a better understanding to it, I’m trying hard to get out the house but I feel to nervy and paranoid, I feel like I’m pushing everyone away because of it! My boyfriend...
  5. F

    Partner pushing me away

    Hi my partner has depression which he has medication for but I believe he needs other support via counselling exercise and diet but he won’t try. He is now in bed for two days at a time, flipping out over silly things and now says he doesn’t love me and it’s my fault he has depression. I snapped...
  6. T

    PTSD, GAD, MDD= Borderline Personality Disorder

    It's living through emotional hell ( turmoil ), each and every day. The mind continues to overthink, overtime. The doubts start rising, the paranoia begins. It's like one moment you are happy and in a split second, your mood completely changes. You feel unworthy, unloved and if others hurt...
  7. N

    Need advice

    Been with my other half for 3 years, got 2 babies. I am constantly paranoid that he will realise he can do better, and leave. I left an extremely violent relationship about 10 years ago, then married to a controlling ​man. My partner is the polar opposite of both of these guys. We never argue...
  8. P

    Just Need to talk

    I wouldnt say i have any sort of mental illness or anything like that i just needed to find a safe place to get things of my chest. Since the age of 13(im now 30) ive had bouts of what may or may not be depression. During theses times i have had episodes of self harm. Im going through one of...
  9. M

    Bad month

    Things have taken a turn for the worst lately :( I self harmed myself for the first time last week. I've started pushing away everyone. I don't go outside anymore. I can't stop thinking about alcohol.
  10. H

    Does anybody deal with hoarding?

    Hoarding runs in my family and it is particularly bad in my mother. My father is a cowardly enabler that has never done nothing to help her. He always ignored the problem and made passive-aggressive comments to her constantly. The hoarding has utterly destroyed their home. Mice and rats have...
  11. Arise

    Good book

    Most people have read the books by M. Scott Peck. I look to him as a father figure and someone who can teach me about life. I have not had that calm and patient parenting and although my mum and dad both love me, they have not prepared me for life very well so as i approach middle age, i am...
  12. B

    Over 30 years with Bulumia.Anyone else like me?

    would not reccomend anyone suffer from Bulimia for this long. Some people give their eating disorder a name like... ED for Eating Disorder. My entire life is filled with memories where I chose to be with Ed instead of going to my college graduation or spend time socially with other people. I...
  13. R

    I don't know what to do with my feelings. Please help.

    OK, I don't know if I'm depressed but I just need to talk about my feelings to someone. So I chose this forum. I am 22 years old and I just had the most terrible year of my life. I lost three grand parents in the last 8 months. And I am crying every two days, and I have terrible mood swings. I...
  14. B

    If life's done anything for me in the last few years, it's teach me a lot

    If life's done anything for me in the last few years, it's teach me a lot Lately I've been thankful for my depression, my anxiety and my gender dysphoria. If I'd not hit low points like self harm, alcohol abuse, hitting the herb and pushing everyone out of my life till I felt so worthless...
  15. Fourth

    Hello world

    Hello! I'd like to say thanks in advance, for creating such a website with the goal of furthering mental health and well-being of others. Never in my life have I thought of participating in a forum of this topic, despite all my difficulties in life. After exhausting nearly all my options, I...
  16. R

    I really struggle in relationships

    So I have bpd and I think this is the most painful area of my life. I have no friends. I tend to get reaaaally clingy in relationships. basically I just seem to be in this vicious cycle where I meet a nice guy, hes protective over me (which I seem to need) and we're loved up for a while. then I...
  17. M


    I'm not sure whether resentment is the correct word to use but lately I've been finding myself being so resentful towards people I care about. Today for instance one of my best friends passed her driving test. I know I should be happy for her as she was over the moon, but instead I found myself...
  18. J

    why can't I get through this?

    I've suffered from depression since I was 12/13 years old I'm now 21 when I was younger I selfharmed everyday and had about 5/6 faild suicide attempts this affected my education and then my dad died and everything seemed to escalte I have been in and out of therapy since my mum caught me...
  19. Purr38

    Horizontal or vertical

    I am not sure what recovery means to me now but it seems the most fitting place for me to begin to write on this forum. I have managed to lessen my more "chemical" problems but am left with others. Most significantly: confidence, isolation, anger with others who have let me down, lack of...
  20. A

    Friend Pushing Me Away?

    Hello all, I am new here. I came here to try and understand why a friend might be pushing me away. We have been pretty close for the last 8 months. He told me at the beginning that he was on medication for ADHD, Anxiety, and pain. We have done so much together. Some of these things we would...