pure-o ocd

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    rOCD help - intrusive thoughts feel backwards and convincing

    Hello all... first time poster here. I have struggled with OCD thoughts for over 30 years and waves of depression for the last 20. I was officially diagnosed with OCD in February 2017 after having battled scrupulosity for years and after entering my first serious relationship at 37, which I...
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    OCD symptoms help

    Dear all, Hi. First-time poster. I am a long-time OCD sufferer, whose symptoms have, over time, included cleaning, checking, and intrusive violent/sexual thoughts. These symptoms have largely subsided since my early 20s. However, I still suffer from responsibility/religious OCD and...
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    Bisexual OCD or HOCD

    Hey everyone! I’m 28 and am in love and married to my amazing husband. I’ve struggled with OCD since I was about 12. I’ve been on medications since around then too and still am. I just recently figured out that I’m a certain kind of OCD, Pure O. I honestly didn’t even know that was a thing to be...