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  1. T

    I have numerous fear; the ones I want to overcome is puppies and the police.

    Hello all, I have a lot of fears; death is one of them. I want to explain how I feared puppies though. I remember around a kid, I would laugh and play with the puppies, but I would run away from them and become scared because they would catch up with me and chew on my socks. We got our dog 5 1/4...
  2. Lincoln1990

    I hate myself

    If it wasn't for my puppies I would kill myself. I'm numb
  3. Abloop

    Group Therapy

    I think I'm weird for doing some of the things I do. I can talk about my issues with complete strangers (granted, we all suffer from some form of depression - so we know what most of us are going through) on line, yet I can't even discuss my feelings and issues with my Boyfriend or parents or...