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  1. S

    Fear of drs or lack of trust?

    I was diagnosed with anxiety disorders. And I have a major trigger with drs. They labeled it as a phobia, but I fear them because of bad experiences not because of illnesses or diagnosis. Ive had drs misdiagnosed me, refuse to change my medications when I had a bad reaction. I mean I tell them...
  2. V

    Weekend long dissociation with zero memory. ( please read)

    I've suffered from dissociation for about 7 years now. It was so bad I would be gone for 2-3 weeks at a time. Last time I was listed as missing person for 2 months. Well they got my medication under control simple depokote 500mgx2 and kolopin 1mgx3 seems to control the stress and anxiety that...
  3. L

    ESA Support benefits excepted?

    Does anyone here know if people in the support group are also going to lose an extra £30 a week? I am worried sick about this because that would be my petrol money a week and as I have physical mobility problems as well as PTSD/Anxiety/Agorphobia and depression this would be like losing 60...