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  1. Leytonuntidy

    Dark Fantasies

    Hey there sports fans! I hope you're all having a completely bearable day. When I was 14 I watched as my best friend was brutally murdered. At the time we were both involved in various petty illegal activities. Because of this, I felt unable to tell a single soul that I was there when it...
  2. Blindliness

    Dissociation? Need advice or someone to relate to

    Hello I'm Hailey I'm new here, I'm still not sure how to describe what I'm going through or if I do/don't have derealization...? I feel completely disconnected from myself, the world, and everyone around me, it feels like my brains been shut off? and I cant turn it back on It always looks like...
  3. sirenserenade


    I've been struggling to get help with depression/anxiety/agoraphobia/PTSD outside of CBT. I've been through three courses of CBT and it's just not for me. I over-analyse absolutely everything and I just can't adjust my thought patterns. I will admit that I've gained some benefit, but I can...
  4. PurpleDaffodils

    Dealing with the anniversary of a traumatic event?

    I was officially diagnosed with PTSD within the last year from an abusive relationship I was in almost two years ago now. I was in the relationship for 5 years which included manipulation, emotional, paychological, financial, sexual and threat of physical abuse. I started noticing my depression...
  5. M

    BPD or PTSD?

    I am 33 yo female mother of 3 and am scared to hell because last week psychiatrist who saw me gave me 7 diagnosis which led me to COMPLETE breakdown. I told him my 20 year old history of mental issues but I dont have most of them any more. As 5-6 yo kid I suffered emotional abuse - my dad which...
  6. S


    I'm sal and I'm 35, I was diagnosed with PTSD and GAD stemming from Childhood and Adolescence Trauma. My main purpose for joining is to find out how others deal with social situation when you tremble or shake or are just hyper vigilant in public. Its seem although that I'm always like this...
  7. C

    Scrubbing the dirt away

    Hi, I feel like i’m coming out of the filthy, muddy cavernous hole I have been in for the last 3 years and I want to share my experience in the hope that it can help someone who is suffering any mental trauma. A quick synopsis of my life: religious upbringing, working class background, went to...
  8. Fatal_Wisher

    Near death survivor

    Hello, I’m new to this type of thing and I was suggested to reach out to survivors like me(similar to me?). I’m a young adult. Had things going for me. I had my own house my own car...a career. Until August 23, 2016. It was a beautiful night as I was driving on an interstate. down, music...
  9. H

    Worried about friend - Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

    Hi everyone, I am worried about one of my close friends whose life has taken a sudden turn mental health wise and what to do. I have been friends with this guy, we will call Matt, for about 8 years, and we go to the same college. I knew a bit about his past (abusvie family) and that he...
  10. S

    Is this due to my mental illness?

    Hi, I hope I'm in the right place. I was diagnosed with PTSD around 4 years ago and have had really bad problems since with my mental health but over the past 1 year I have been getting different symptoms and my doctor says it's down to my mental health but I don't see how. Every other week I...
  11. F

    My PTSD-Suffering girlfriend has ended the relationship.

    Hi I am new to this forum, I found out about it after my PTSD-Suffering girlfriend ended our relationship a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I have been reading more about the condition to try and gain a better understanding of how it feels and what to do etc. We were together for 1year and...
  12. zaatarHoney

    cPTSD and coping with daily reality (dp-dr)

    Background info: I moved across the country and I had health insurance from my state, but no longer have it now because I moved to a state that doesn’t have expanded medicaid. I am currently not seeing a therapist. I am currently not taking any medication. When we move again soon, I’m applying...
  13. E

    Personality Switches without Names? (PTSD)

    Whenever someone does something that reminds of ways I’ve been treated in the past, I get “triggered” and this “other side of me” takes over. I would say this side is nothing like myself but, I barely know who “I” really am. I just have all these “sides” and while they don’t have names they...
  14. nomask

    Disabled person with multiple diagnoses here for mutual support!

    Hello. I've been looking for communities to feel safe around, and came across this one. I've had mental illness all my life and also developmental issues. Anxiety has always been a big problem for me. At a young age, I got diagnosed with OCD, GAD, MDD, and PTSD. Pdocs have always only really...
  15. Lostinthestatic

    My mother’s trauma is mine?

    TLDR; My mother was diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and ptsd, depression and I’m not sure what else. Sometimes her trauma feels like it was mine. Have you ever felt like this with a parent? I grew up witnessing my mom self-destruct. She was/is(?) addicted to...
  16. O

    Any feedback?

    Hello my name is ossie. I suffered from ptsd from sexually abuse when I was 5. When I got older i through out school i got bullied alot (6-16 y/o). Because of this I got extremely insecure and depressed. At some point even suicide came to mind (just thoughts). Im 20 now but im stronger than...
  17. Mountain violet

    CPTSD, depression/anxiety and dissociation.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. Hoping to connect with others who may have experience with CPTSD and the symptoms of. I’ve recently suffered lots of fresh trauma through an abusive relationship with a narcissist, which I am healing and recovering from daily. Feel like there is a...
  18. C

    I can't hold down a job

    Hi, so I'm new to this site. I don't really know where to put this thread so I just put it in the Depression category. I'm 20, I left school nearly 4 years ago and I've had quite a few jobs since then. I believe it was 2016 that I went to the doctors and was told I had "Low Mood/Depression and...