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  1. H


    Hello to anyone and everyone on here, i will get straight to the point and give you a little background info on my situation : im 29 male, 7 months ago my life changed beyond recognition following a psychotic episode... the episode was characterized by delusions and paranoia, ultimately i was...
  2. R

    Getting better

    Does anyone find life in recovery really challenging? Making a new life away from mental illnesses really difficult? Want to give up and have little confidence in life as a recovered person being fulfilling?
  3. R

    Hi im new here! This is part of story

    Hello guys, let me just apologize for the bad english, its not my first language and im typing this on my tablet. So im in my late 20s, and im diagnosed with Schizofrenia and severe depression, i joined this forum to get in contact with people that i can relate, and share good words on our...
  4. T

    My fiance had his drink spiked & is now suffering psychosis! HELP!

    Hi everyone, I would love to get some advice from people who have perhaps experienced something similar. Back in August my fiance was drugged with MDMA (apparently) but someone in his soccer team who thought it would be funny - it wasn't! My fiance has never done drugs before and fell into a...
  5. B

    So angry may trigger

    Firstly, I'm really sorry I've not been on here for a few months, I should really have helped to support others but every time I glanced at this site, it triggered me into feeling bad. Secondly, I HATE the idiot woman who tried to give me CBT! I could literally hurt myself or someone else I'm...
  6. A

    Beginning of psycosis

    Just wondering if anyone who has had a psychotic episode remembers a unique event which raised the red flag before it got into full swing
  7. formerlymadjon


    hi, im angry all the time, everything annoys me, i loose something and im angry, im late up and im angry, i cant sleep and im angry i just want to get rid of this anger its like i have a kettle boiling in my head and i dont know why, i have no reason to be angry. my gf, sez its cos i had an...
  8. D

    Psycosis not in med report

    Anyone know why my doc has not put any reference to my psychosis on my medical report, its like they don't believe me?
  9. Valarie

    my worry for my child

    Im have bipolar with psycosis, i also have a five year old daughter and i get so worried and scared that i have passed it on to her. I will worry and worry about this until she makes it to 30 with no mental illness. That is a long time of worry, any advice?
  10. Valarie

    a question for those who hear voices

    Ive been bipolar for a little while, then i began to hear a radio playing in the background. Now my mental illness has always been a gradual change, but for the worse. Starting when i was 14 with depression, then 21 with bipolar2 and now 23 bipolar with psycosis. But the psycosis has only been...
  11. A

    real voices

    hi there... a breif history... i am 22 and am diagnosed with psycosis for about 3 years and i am on olanzapine. i have always heard voices but min dont seem to be hallucinations but rather "real" voices of people i know and i can interact with them. for example if i "hear" someone and say...