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  1. F

    'Psychotic symptoms' vs 'psychotic disorder'

    When, I wonder, does one cross over to the other? I have a diagnosis that’s not included as a ‘psychotic disorder’ although psychosis can occur within it. It is however regarded as a “schizophrenia spectrum personality disorder” In correspondence/notes about my mental health are comments like...

    Black Mirror (TV show)

    I have just watched season 2, ending with the episode 'White Christmas'. The torturous psychological realities remind me of psychotic delusions. It is actually slightly triggering, as it reminds of the terror of psychosis. Wonder if anyone else had this reaction. Black Mirror - Wikipedia
  3. D

    What's the difference?

    Between schizophrenia and psychotic depression in terms of symptoms? I was diagnosed more recently with borderline schizophrenia by my doctor, but i think he may be wrong because i suffered severe depression before onset of pyschosis, so i think i may have psychotic depression!
  4. Prairie Sky

    Silent voices?

    Today my psychiatrist told me something a little confusing. He said that only audible voices are psychotic, but voices "inside your head" are your own thoughts. Aren't voices inside your head an example of thought insertion?

    Weird pyshotic episode resolved without meds.

    Good afternoon everyone..newbie to this forum but so glad I found it. I suffered a severe (and we are REALLY talking about severe)psychotic break back in the spring. It was the first time ever and I have never had another episode. Without warning I was first hearing voices in my pillow when I...
  6. K

    Scary nightime experiences

    I need help. I keep going to a very dark phsycological state when I try to sleep. I’ll get ready for bed and turn the lights out, then when it’s quiet and dark these issues come up. I can hear a static, like tinnitus in my ears but it sounds like it’s inside my head. Then maybe the voices...
  7. N

    What will I do in OT?

    I've got an occupational therapy appointment and I'm just curious/anxious about what it will be like. I've been off work for about half a year with depression and anxiety with psychotic features (auditory hallucinations) IBS and a lot of physical pain throughout my body. What can/will they do...
  8. J

    My psychotic episode

    Hello. I'm new. I'm from Belfast. I suffered a psychotic episode 2 weeks ago due to lack of sleep, depression from drinking every weekend ( 1 night quite heavily) and being under stress from job. Hopefully I'll get talking to people on here dhow experienced the same condition. Mine lasted 72...
  9. B

    I have a question also hello everyone

    I have a question I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and was wondering if its a psychotic disorder and if it is a psychotic disorder am I psychotic or its just a phrase
  10. P

    Coffee question!

    Does coffee interacts with psychotic meds? Is coffee stimulant to psychosis?
  11. E

    Brief psychotic disorder?

    Hi all, My husband was diagnosed with brief psychotic episode on August 3rd. He was started on risperdal, was doing ok and then the dose was reduced. After that he started to be hyper -religious and wants to stop taking medication. His personality is different, he has left home and has pushed...
  12. S

    All the medication did for me was...

    Keep me stable and help with the psychotic symptoms. So as long as I am still ill, I am going to keep taking the antipsychotic medication.
  13. C

    You can't be sort of psychotic right? (like self aware but unable to control it)

    You can't be sort of psychotic right? (like self aware but unable to control it) My understanding is that psychotic means you are out of your mind so you don't know that you are hearing or seeing things or believing crazy things and such right? Sometimes I go through something that seems...
  14. L

    Advice please!

    I have my psychiatrist today and I am thinking of bringing up my diagnosis. The doctor says I have schizophrenia, but I have not had psychotic symptoms for 2 years. The symptoms started when I had come off 200mg to 0mg of Seroquel. I think it is withdrawal psychosis. I had never been psychotic...
  15. N

    Have you ever been in denial about your illness?

    I starting to think I do actually have Schizoaffective disorder. It's hard coming to terms with it because I've been in denial for 7 years thinking I've faked everything pulling the wool over multiple psychiatrists eyes. I have been sectioned over 11 times and every time I have come out of...
  16. S

    Some questions for you

    Hi. I was hoping that those of you that have been dx'ed with psychotic depression at one point or another) could share a few answers with me (if possible). Here they are: At what age were you dx'ed with psychotic depression? Did the psychosis start at the exact time as the depressive state...
  17. J

    Fear of becoming psychotic and/or getting schizophrenia

    Hi, this is my first time posting on here. I hope you guys can help me out. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and have a sibling who suffers from schizophrenia. I can't help but have this obsessive fear about becoming psychotic and/or getting schizophrenia. It's gotten to the point where I...
  18. cpuusage

    Breaking Through the Wall of Schizophrenia

    i know the general attitudes that a lot of people & the system has to alternative ways of understanding & approaching psychosis, But thought that this was an interesting little article, looking at the role trauma plays within psychotic disorders & how people can potentially find a deeper healing...
  19. cpuusage

    Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be On to Something

    An interesting article exploring the phenomena with voice hearing & links between psychotic & psychic experiences. The ways some “healthy voice hearers” cope might be able to help people with psychotic disorders. How Psychics Cope With Hearing Voices Could Help People With Psychotic Disorders...
  20. Kerome

    Have you ever started writing your own holy book?

    It seems to be a recurrent theme, I've come across several people who have started writing a holy book while psychotic. In the podcast I've been listening to there was a guy, and I've come across one previously who said his mission was to modernise religion and write a new holy book...