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  1. J

    Depressive Psychosis

    Hey all, My name is J, I'm new to the forum. I'm looking to hear of some other people's experiences with psychosis as a result of severe depression. If any of you have stories and experiences to share, please comment. I've been experiencing depressive psychosis for a little while now and I'm...
  2. L

    My personal experience with psychosis

    Ive struggled with psychosis for about 4 years now. I have delusional disorder. My case, is that I believe I belong to a higher level, almost like something or someone else is calling out to me. For some reason, these callings and messages happen through coincidences. So if I say something at...
  3. J

    uncommon negative symptoms

    Hi everybody, I’m suffering from some uncommon negative symptoms that are really troubling me and I would like to know if anybody experienced it and can advice: For the past 8 years, I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. A year ago I had my second psychotic episode. Today I’m taking...
  4. L

    What is Psychotic Depression?

  5. G

    General paranoia and anxiety, leading to psychotic depression

    Hello all, my diagnosis is psychotic depression. Basically, I have a habit of overthinking situations, which turns into irrational paranoia, which leads to hallucinations and delusions. I would love to hear about how you all deal with overthinking, whether it's what works out from experience, or...
  6. E

    Was it a psychotic episode or just a lot of imagination?

    Hello, I am writing here because I am concerned, desperate. In march this year my mother took me for 1 day to the hospital because I was at work and was very anxious and also laughed for almost no reason. I know imagine it was maybe a manic episode.I was very euphoric. I had some interaction...
  7. K

    Psychotic depression and sports

    Hello, I am new on the forum. I have a question - does anyone have the following experience with antipsychotics: 1.) Coffee has no effect - it does not give you "energy" (even if you drink 20 at a time) 2.) The desire for physical activity completely disappeared (I was regularly active before...
  8. K

    Psychotic Depression been sectioned

    Firstly hi again. My husband was diagnosed four years ago with psychotic depression. Last week he was sectioned again, he's down in Stevenage at some private hospital (we live in derby). He says the place is like a prison (yes he's done time). My question is is there any support out there for...
  9. B

    losing my marriage to Depression

    Hi everyone, I've tried to post once but I don't know where that's gone so I'll try again. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with psychotic depression after 2yrs of struggling and nearly sectioned due to constant suicide threat. I hear 3 voices telling me to kill myself constantly. My wife has...
  10. Reinette

    Feeling like I’m on the edge of another mental breakdown

    Quick history...I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 17/18 and I’m 21 now. I ended up under a paediatric intensive team sort of thing because I had a psychotic break and started thinking people were going to kill me or poison me and I was completely delusional and was checking all my food for...
  11. F

    I constantly question whether I've been psychotic

    I read posts by people here and think I’ve never been as ill as that . For sure there’s been some funny thoughts like entertaining the possibility of having female sexual parts and thinking if I try hard enough I can have female orgasms, sensing presence in my flat though there is no way anyone...
  12. S

    Psychotic and Driving Myself Crazy(er)

    Recently I've had a flood of memories over things that I've done in the past. Mainly regarding people I've hurt both physically and emotionally. I want to reconnect with those people and apologize. The catch? I don't know if those things actually happened or not. I don't even know if I've...
  13. F

    Over medicated treatment, med questions and solutions?

    Hi, So I feel like I'm over medicated right now. I can't even work because the medications take away my mania which actually helps me work and workout. I hear a voice in my head and a very heavy feeling saying "GO HOME!" when I'm at work, the only thing I can do is say "No!" but yesterday it...
  14. M

    Greeting - looking for signs of life.

    Greetings, I'm looking for some reflection on my mental state, in an attempt to find a way back to a more functional state. I will be posting a more detailed introductory to my situation in the psychotic depression area.
  15. Y


    I will not tell you my name or whatever. I don't know who you are. But by writing this I want to reach two things: first, has anyone ever experienced something similar and advice how I should manage it since I don't think it's very serious and I also don't think it's a psychotic illness. But it...
  16. A

    Non psychotic voice hearing.

    So I've recently had a visit from the early intervention psychosis team. The result of their assessment is that I'm not suffering from psychosis, but rather my voice hearing is a result of my chronic illness (fibromyalgia) and existing anxiety problems. As a result they're passing me back to...
  17. O

    Anybody else worried about being institutionalized?

    Hello I have been hospitalized before because of psychosis and I do think that I was psychotic at the time because I did say and believe some pretty weird things and if it were to happen again in the future I would be fine with temporary hospitalization. How ever the way they treated me the...
  18. V

    new to Forum

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I am writing to ask questions and discuss mental issues regarding my mother and my daughter. I was wondering if anyone can give me any information about a 65 year old woman who suddenly has a psychotic break due to stress and possibly alcohol addiction which she then...
  19. B

    Anyone currently healthy?

    hi,so i am interested is anyone here who was diagnosed with psychosis now without delusions and hallucinations and without negative symptoms? I am now on meds (Haldol pills,Haldol injections and Clozapine pills) and I am FINALLY better,without psychotic symptoms.it took a while for it to happen...
  20. B

    Bipolar with mania VS Brief Psychotic Disorder

    Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar with mania. I have had two episodes of psychotic breaks, one in 2013 and one on 12/24/2017. I have been trying to better understand bipolar with mania by researching through credible resources (mostly the DSM), and I truly feel that Brief...