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psychotic depression

  1. J

    Depressive Psychosis

    Hey all, My name is J, I'm new to the forum. I'm looking to hear of some other people's experiences with psychosis as a result of severe depression. If any of you have stories and experiences to share, please comment. I've been experiencing depressive psychosis for a little while now and I'm...
  2. T

    Do you believe you have hallucinations when they aren't there?

    So I was wondering if anyone else feels like I feel. When in a major depressive episode I have hallucinations (audio and visual) 24/7. When I am happy(er) I have hallucinations ranging from a few times a week to a few times a day. Sometimes these are full hallucinations other times pseudo. When...
  3. A

    complete emptiness following psychotic episode

    hello, In the Summer I suffered my first psychotic episode. It was very severe and I was hospitalised against my will for approximately 2 months. During my episode I had delusions of grandeur and I thought I was capable of the most ridiculous things. I viewed everything I was doing with the...
  4. T

    Feel like given up :(

    Last year my life changed from husband to carer, my wife was diagnosed as having Psychotic Depression and was hospitalised in April 2015 for 6 weeks (still not sure if that is the most accurate diagnosis, but it is the one the "professionals" are labeling it with at the moment. (Although she was...
  5. F

    How to Cope?

    Okay. This is my first post on here, so I'll try to not ramble too much. Long story short, I'm at my wits' end with trying to find a way to cope with my issues. Everything feels hopeless. I'll be on a medication, and I feel like I a get a month of feeling like I can deal with life. Then...
  6. AppleCrumbles

    Single psychotic episode. Will it come back?

    Hi, so I have a 10+ year history with depression. During my last bout of depression, I had a psychotic episode, which has never happened before (I'm in my late 20s). I'm pretty sure it was triggered by work and life stress. I had been working 70+ hours a week for months at that point, and had...
  7. J

    A Presence

    Hello there, I'm new posting here. But I've got this problem that no one seems to know what to do about. My parents and friends are scared and baffled. My psychiatrist just thinks it's stress related and doesn't have a solution for it. So my problem is I have this presence that's always with...
  8. subvertedeye

    Should I tell my CPN?

    Last night I heard lots of voices and glass smashing. I thought someone was breaking into the house so I went down and obviously nothing was there, everything was normal. Usually I don't mind hallucinations, but this was quite distressing. I just don't know whether to tell my CPN, who's...
  9. subvertedeye

    Will I ever get off anti-psychotics?

    I was diagnosed with psychotic depression two years ago and have been on Olanzipine, Depixol, Piportil and now aripiprazole. I have been sectioned lots of times and am currently on a CTO. I feel like I'm trapped in the system. My psychiatrist flatly refuses to take me off anti-psychotics, and...
  10. subvertedeye

    A former lurker

    Hi everyone, I was a former lurker, and found the forum pleasantly surprising in how often people post, the varied nationalities and the level of support given. I'm 25, from England near to London. I'm not working at the moment due to psychotic depression, OCD and anorexia, but I write and...
  11. subvertedeye

    Anti-psychotics and weight loss

    Hi everyone, I'm a former anorexic but in the last two years I've also been diagnosed with psychotic depression and put on anti-psychotics (Depixol, then Piportil, now aripiprazole). This has caused a weight gain, which is obviously very distressful to me as it puts me at the high end of a...
  12. Mentality

    How to get treat for Psychotic Depression

    It is psychotic depression or bipolar im pretty sure, I dont care really I just need help. How would I get diagnosed for something like this, would I go see a doctor and get it sorted? thanks :(