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  1. JoeCurr

    Only 10% Worse.

    I'm not a psychopath, there's no such thing. You might argue, in your experience, have encountered some pretty messed up people. I'm not a psychopath, I'm just mostly fearless. I have the courage to look at an MS-13 thug, at their forehead tattoo that says "Rape. Murder. Conquer." and say, "cute...
  2. F

    people judge me just because i have schizophrenia

    Hi im 19 years old and last year i was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Im feeling really sad right now because everytime i tell people i have schizophrenia they dont want to talk to me anymore. they think im a dangerous psychopath that will hurt them. i have never hurt anyone and i have never been...
  3. C

    PTSD from an abusive relationship with a psychopath

    Does anyone else have PTSD or PTSD symptoms after an abusive relationship with a psychopath or narcissist? I left an abusive relationship last year with a man who I suddenly, with sickening horror, realised was most likely a psychopath. I realised it when he threatened to hurt me with a raised...
  4. S

    My psychopath ex has made a fake Instagram profile and is stalking me. Why?

    My psychopath ex has made a fake Instagram profile and is stalking me. Why? It’s been almost 2 months of NO CONTACT with my psychopath ex who ghosted me. He literally had all the traits of a psychopath. Anyway after he ghosted me, I didn’t react neither did I block him. He unfriended and...
  5. S

    Is he playing mind games?

    My boyfriend of 5 months ghosted me, unfriended and unfollowed me on social media. He has a lot of psychopathic traits. He is charming, pathological liar, lacks empathy, he did the whole love bombing, gaslighting, triangulation etc. Anyway, after unfollowing me, he came back one day to check my...
  6. S

    Why is he haunting me now?

    He didn’t break up with me upfront. Yes, he ghosted me after dating for 5 months. While we were dating, he made so many promises, he saw a future with me etc. In fact, everything I went through seems like he was manipulating me all along. I’ve been reading a lot about psychopaths nowadays, and...
  7. S

    Last relationship was with sick individual

    Hi, this is my first post and I need support from people who understand my situation. I had a relationship with someone early last year. It was long distance, casual but at the same time intense. He was intense, charismatic and presented himself as one who had integrity/good character and valued...
  8. A

    Help with diagnosis.

    Im new to this forum so, Hi. The reason i joined is because i recently discovered that i probably am a psychopath. Don't get me wrong, I don´t care that much and i don't really want to change much either, but i would like to hear it from someone else because it would feel good to have a word...
  9. B

    Spychopaths and High Functionality

    Dear reader, I am what you would consider (I consider myself a person) a high functioning psychopath, now I don't really care about this. The things is I do get why people are wary of psychopaths; I am highly manipulative, I lie all the time to get what I want and so many of my lies I believe...
  10. cpuusage

    8 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath

  11. S

    Little insight into me, one of my episodes

    My post from another forum: I've had that on 1 episode of 5 and when I relapse the memories stick with me. I wasn't so much a super solider but had been selected to take mind altering drugs. The drugs effected people depending on their personality, you turned into what would be described as an...
  12. T

    I've seen it

    The positive mutual regard tht humans can have about each other I saw it today It's is possible.... It does happen.... Don't let the odd psychopath mess with your reality Well there's always ONE isn't there.:mrgreen:
  13. M

    Psychopath with morals

    Ok so im a guy with strong psychopathic tendencies, anger issues but also anxiety that leads me to attempt to understand feelings and attempt sympathy even though I just cant manage it. How is my existence possible because as a psychopath I shouldnt hold myself so strongly with morals or so ive...
  14. A

    Revised - is my husband a psychopath? Please help

    Hi, im new here and I really hope that someone can help me. I am totally alone and have no family. I hope someone takes the time to read this. I think my husband might be a psychopath!? I met and married my husband 2012. I came from Germany to America for work. I never really had family or...
  15. N

    OCD or should I get myself sectioned?

    I have dirty hands. Post written on dirty phone with dirty hands and also sent with dirty hands. When I say dirty I mean very dirty. Worst germs imaginable and meat. Also my brain is dirty mentally. No hate, harm or offense was meant by any of this. I usually have to send this to everyone but I...
  16. M

    Divorcing Husband with Antisocial personality disorder - how to respond when people say WHAT HAPPENED??

    Divorcing Husband with Antisocial personality disorder - how to respond when people say WHAT HAPPENED?? Ok well I met this man who seemed to be the man of my dreams. We married quickly and the day we said "I Do" his "mask" slipped off and I was living in a total nightmare. Going to counseling I...
  17. K

    Is my friend a psychopath?

    I have a friend who, is a very confident guy. He laughs, parties (though sometimes I see him alone, and tells me he doesn't mind it). Recently, he broke up with his girlfriends due to an Ex boyfriend of hers coming back and ruining her life. Causing her to reject everyone and exile herself...
  18. apple

    Test Your Psychopathic Traits - Channel 4 Test

    Psychopath Night test and game- Channel 4
  19. M

    A life without pleasure

    I am having something far worse than depression in which I feel completely numb all the time 24/7 and can't experience any degree of pleasure whatsoever no matter what I do or how I think. This is something that remains there all the time everyday and is not getting better and I'm not even sure...
  20. D

    What is wrong with me? **TRIGGER**

    Am I a borderline psychopath? I'm having some serious issues right now. I'm scared I might become some crazy psychopath in the future. I'm 18 and I sometimes I have some very disturbing fantasies where I would torture and kill random people. Sometimes I catch myself thinking this and be like...