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  1. R

    Did my psychologist properly inform me about lithium? Advice

    Hello, I was recently placed on lithium by my psychologist. She told me about how great lithium was, that it got a bad rap, and how it was better compared to *insert a bi-polar medication you've never heard of*. When I asked her about side effects the first time she listed positive side effects...
  2. J

    My wife is worried about me...

    Lately I have been feeling a bit more out-of-whack than usual, I do not take medication anymore (Zoloft) and have been off of them for nearly a year and I was on Zoloft for nearly a year including the tapering off. I'm not very good at hiding how I feel so my wife definitely noticed that I have...
  3. C

    Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

    Hi :) So a bit of background info I have generalised anxiety disorder and specific phobia diagnoses and my GP thinks I may have some OCD and disrupted eating issues as well. Firstly I have seen 3 psychologists that are paid and I have seen a therapist at a free service run by the...
  4. Azelka

    I have bpd, but I suspect to have bipolar II as well

    Can a psychologist PM me?
  5. M

    Its a free for all

    Mental health services and my family even the job centre have psychosis. There’s no point opening my mouth. They have psychosis. My whole life doesn’t exist. They have psychosis. Psychosis from the day I was born. If I walk into a psychiatrist or a psychologist it’s a free for all on my...
  6. LexLoofer

    Chat/Text Therapist?

    Good morning, my name is Lex, and I have anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. I've been working with a psychiatrist over the phone for the last several months to find the right medications for me, and I finally feel like I'm in a place where I would be open to talking to a psychologist...
  7. S

    Not well

    I'm not well, I think sh has made me not only breathless but tired and dizzy and I find it too difficult to stop. I feel I'm fighting a loosing battle. I had an assessment by a clinical psychologist, but don't feel it went well :( I need the help but don't think they will offer anything
  8. G

    Referral for Psychologist

    We have a nephew in the Hollywood, Florida area. We are looking for a psychologist, preferably male, who specializes in anxiety disorders. We think he has "big O" OCD with intrusive thoughts, but we're not certain of the diagnosis. He is willing to travel up to an hour each way for the right...
  9. DanL15000

    I'm adding a Psychologist back to the list of helpers

    Just a little nervous about this. I've requested a Psychologist for therapy sessions. The reason is that my last Psychiatrist, a new one from last Autumn when I moved to my new location, unexpectedly left the area. This left me with nothing for the last four months but a gaping hole in my...
  10. N

    Does my friend has depression?

    Hello everyone. I have a question to make regarding depression. I have never suffered from depression, only anxiety so it is very hard for me to understand what is someone is going through. So, let's take the things from the beginning. I have a boyfriend for the last 1 year. He was always fine...
  11. Artmuzz

    Mandatory Reconsideration Notice for PIP unsuccessful

    I just received a letter from PIP about my Mandatory Recosideration Notice and again I am unsuccessful I granted permission for PIP to look at my medical records and it looks like my GP and psychologist have been telling lies about me too. According to the letter, they received information...
  12. I

    What kind of help should i seek?

    Hello. I suffer from depression, agoraphobia and obsessions. Should I visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I have never searched for help before.
  13. Poopy Doll

    30 years later, bipolar

    Well, the bipolar has tripped me up, again. It's incompatible with my leg problem. I had a stomach ache and thought I could drive the car to the pharmacy/drugstore. I can't drive the car because sitting up straight makes my leg hurt severely. I know this but I was in the mood to drive the car at...
  14. F

    My psychologist "didn't think she could help me any further"

    This was her response when my mother spoke with her over the phone telling her that I'd like to stop. I have a lot of anxiety so I needed her to make the call (I'm 19, and I would wish I could do ordinary things like that myself). My mother had already spoken to me a couple of times back about...
  15. M

    Just needing to vent

    Hi I have some mental health issues at present and can’t seem to get the help I need. I’ve been to the CMHA crisis centre and they helped me with getting counseling from my EAP ( employee assistance program) I was on short term until they said I had to get a medical assessment with either a...
  16. K

    BPD Confusion

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I'm suspecting a mild case of BPD and would like you to shed some light on it. So far my appointments with psychotherapists have been disappointing. I'm getting mixed non committal responses which is making me feel more conflicted and at war with...
  17. N

    Need help

    Hi im new here. I've had depression most of my life. The past couple of weeks ive been having suicidal thoughts everyday. I dont care about myself. I struggle to get help because of this and my lack of motivation. Im stuck in a cycle which is my comfort zone now. I need to see a psychologist but...
  18. T


    Well this is my first time posting anything on this forum and I'm very confused about a lot of things going on in my life. A year ago I had severe voice hearing and hallucinations going on for some month, I couldn't sleep because of them, I couldn't be in darkness at all at that time. At that...
  19. S

    Acceptance commitment therapy

    Hi there. Ive revently been diagnosed with dysthymia with a occasional severe depressive episodes. For the last few years I've defintely felt that im usually depressed with brief periods of being content. The last few months have been a real struggle, with extreme feelings of hopelessness and...
  20. A

    positives and negatives of concerns being recorded in notes

    Hello, I hate my psychiatrist and I try not to tell her much of what is going on cause she is a judgemental arsehole. I was getting psychosis CBT from a psychologist for a while but after the team fucked me over and sectioned me I stopped seeing her. I didn't find CBT at all helpful but I do...