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  1. T

    Is psycotherapy good or harmful ?

    hi,i am tusar. i have been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder since 2011. in 2011 and 2012 i went to doctors but could not eat medicine for unbearable side effects. from 2013 i have eating medicine advised by a psychiatrist. but there is no improve of my anxiety. but why? i read a lot...
  2. cpuusage

    Therapy wars: the revenge of Freud

    Cheap and effective, CBT became the dominant form of therapy, consigning Freud to psychology’s dingy basement. But new studies have cast doubt on its supremacy – and shown dramatic results for psychoanalysis. Is it time to get back on the couch? Therapy wars: the revenge of Freud | Oliver...
  3. F

    Psychoanalysis and Schizophrenia?

    I've just finished reading Christopher Bollas' newest book When the Sun Bursts, about his work providing psychoanalysis to people going through psychosis. I realised I feel very mixed about it, and I suspect this tells me about my ambivalence about psychoanalysis more generally. Psychoanalysis...
  4. F

    Does psychoanalysis have a role in modern mental health care?

    Psychoanalysis has been widely criticised and largely obscured from the mainstream treatment of mental illness. Why do these three psychoanalysists believe that their practice still plays an important role in healing diseases of the mind? Lynne Malcom reports. Does psychoanalysis have a role in...
  5. cpuusage

    Freud's Schreber between Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis: On Subjective Disposition to Psychosis - Author's notes

    Freud's Schreber between Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis: On Subjective Disposition to Psychosis - Author's notes http://karnacology.com/home/2010/12/17/freuds-schreber-between-psychiatry-and-psychoanalysis-on-sub.html This book is not another general exploration of Freud’s 1911 Schreber text or...
  6. Kerome

    Psychoanalysis no longer part of the insured basic package

    In the Netherlands too they are looking at cutting costs in mental health care. One of the casualties is psychoanalysis, which is now on the list of treatments specifically excluded from cover in the legally guaranteed basic care package that you get from insurance, alongside things like Reiki...
  7. D

    i know ive posted this before but i am very confused.

    ok i CANNOT have CBT therapy i have been told where i live i cant but i have been offered psychoanalysis by my cpn this man keeps phoning me i am very confused because in my schizophrenia forum they say that psychoanalysis is dangerous for schizophrenics in which case why6 have i been offered it...
  8. G

    Mental health news this week

    (I post 2 loads of stuff each week - a list of mental health news items is put on the News forum and a list of mental health TV shows is put on the Events forum) Last week's TV list was late because I was at an all-night party in north London last Saturday/Sunday, but not all play though - I...
  9. jax


    Today I had my first appointment with the psychologist. She is really lovely. She spent the hour taking my history. She said she'd finish it off in 2 weeks when I see her again. She said that the NHS won't allow for anymore than two visits a month or less. I asked her what type of therapy...
  10. R

    Psychoanalysis HELP!

    Hi All, If You know anything about Psychoanalysis treatment and what they do.... If you have seen one or know of anyone who has seen one... Can you please PM me and send me a message about what you know! PLEASE!!!!:) Hope to hear from someone:)
  11. R

    Advice RE: Psychoanalysis

    Hi All, I have been referred to a Psychoanalysis by my Psychiatrist and Psychologist because they say they cannot help me and I need to see one of them. I see him in 2 weeks. Does anyone have experience of seeing one? Or know of anyone who as seen one? Or in general does anyone know what...