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  1. B

    Thought Broadcasting/Trump/Targeted Individual/Pzombies/Psychics/Theories

    Hey guys. I've been thought broadcasting for about 3 years, give or take a couple months. I just want it to stop. It's very clear that my thoughts are being transmitted and/or that my mind is being read by anyone who just happens to be psychic. And psychics are real, so let's start from that...
  2. D

    Demons used for psychics

    Sooo I think this is part of my hearing things psychics trained also astral projection bodies using chords my pineal gland has an attachment
  3. W

    Psychic Mind Intrusion is the real theory of Voices Origins

    Hi All, I have been observing and interacting with the many Voiced that infect me. I am using the following observations to arrive at this conclusion that most of us suffering from the Voices who are able to function quite normally other wise are a case of our enemies doing some sort of a...
  4. F

    “Psychics” Help Psychiatrist Understand the Voices of Psychosis

    People with psychosis are tormented by internal voices. In an effort to explain why a Yale team enlisted help from an unusual source: psychics and others who hear voices but are not diagnosed with a mental illness. They found that the voices experienced by this group are similar in many ways to...
  5. P

    You'd stop messing with people's minds if you knew what was good for you.

    You'd stop messing with people's minds if you knew what was good for you. Just a warning, an admonition of you will. For the ones who do this type of stuff. Stay the fuck out of other people's heads. These guys over here, they'll bring you back to life and give it all back to you you know...
  6. P

    Why are psychics always dickheads?

    Anyone want to explain this for me? Why are they always fucking dickheads? Is it a requisite or something to being a psychic? Do you have to be an asshole first to become psychic? Why?