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  1. Scrooge McDuck

    Schizophrenia, delusional beliefs

    Hi, I'm new here. I have been hearing voices since 2012. The voices alternate and sometimes I see faces that go with the voices. The faces are in cartoon form. I believe that my memory isn't as good as it used to be. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I stayed in a psych ward for 6 months...
  2. R

    Here's why: Humans forgot to replace "demon" with not humans in the bible.

    Here's why: Humans forgot to replace "demon" with not humans in the bible. The short answer is they are the animals, bugs, and other life forms can or want to hear you. Or the ones you can hear around you. Even house pets. They are animals/bugs. And are screwing with your head because it is...
  3. D

    My voices know more than I do...

    Hi, I have been hearing voices for years. I haven't heard anyone experience it in the same exact way as me. Most people talk about their voices as talking "to them" or talking "about them now". My voices are other people talking about me but from other rooms or locations. Sometimes I can tell...
  4. 4

    has taking medication dulled your psychic abilities?

    I’ve only just been diagnosed with schizophrenia 8 months or so ago. Before I had my first manic episode I genuinely believed I was psychic. I knew where things were before looking for them, and I believed I could control the energy of people around me. I started reading up about it and read...
  5. Kerome

    Psychic Self Defense on OshoNews

    I have been getting more interested in psychic self defence recently as I have been going through a rough patch trying to lower my meds, and I came across this interesting article on psychic self defense on OshoNews... Is Psychic Protection Really Needed? | Osho News Which I thought puts the...
  6. NWiddi

    A guide to Duality

    This is what I've learned from my experience of hearing voices for the past year and a half, the only evidence I have is anecdotal which I'd be happy to share if contacted. The Human Equation (1+1=2) The Human equation is in my opinion two minds sharing one body, the Hindu faith calls this...
  7. A

    I'm so scared, people are telling me that I'm hearing voices...

    About 3 weeks now I'm hearing voices.... I thought it was my neighbours (that's what they tell me) and I am so scared... I am worried that my neighbour is a mind reader or psychic attacker. She gives me a running commentary on what I'm doing, argues back with me, and what's scary the most is...
  8. O

    The 17 Stages of Psychic Development

    The 17 Stages of Psychic Development - Psychic 101
  9. O

    Clairaudience hearing voices.

    Hearing voices is real, and almost everybody hear them on a daily basic, but most doesn't realize it. There was a doctor once that did an experiment to see if people can hear a faint ringing sound in a sound proof room the result was amazing, but I can't find it to prove it to y'all it's on...
  10. S

    Schizophrenia A Perfectly Natural Reaction???

    I read that delusions are when the brain can't make sense of reality/cope with reality. The brain reacts by predicting whats happening or going to happen. Maybe the brain goes to such an extreme so that reality isn't as shocking when experienced as a more serious experience is being...
  11. Funnyday

    Psychic ability

    I was psychic for a while when in the height of my psychotic episode when I was first mentally ill. I made several predictions which came true. I use to just say things randomly. I had no control over it at all. It was almost as if my brain had tuned into another frequency and could do these...
  12. cpuusage

    The Link Between Psychic Ability, Schizophrenia and Psychosis

    The Link Between Psychic Ability, Schizophrenia and Psychosis | The Weiler Psi "It is impossible to do research into psychic ability and psychics without coming across stories of psychosis. And lurking in the background is a connection to schizophrenia, which is far more common in the families...
  13. W

    Psychic Mind Intrusion is the real theory of Voices Origins

    Hi All, I have been observing and interacting with the many Voiced that infect me. I am using the following observations to arrive at this conclusion that most of us suffering from the Voices who are able to function quite normally other wise are a case of our enemies doing some sort of a...
  14. E

    Psychics help psychiatrists understand the voices of psychosis

    Article From Yale News (9/27/16: "People with psychosis are tormented by internal voices. In an effort to explain why a Yale team enlisted help from an unusual source: psychics and others who hear voices but are not diagnosed with a mental illness...." For more read the entire article at this...
  15. E

    The Prevelance and Danger of Mis-Diagnosis

    Beginning in 1997 I had a series of strong non-ordinary experiences for which I had no context for. Some of these experiences involved non-ordinary states of consciousness. Which I would now describe as paranormal or psychic in manifestation. These experiences would peek in 2002 when I turned...
  16. J


    I'm aparently bipolar. I want to take my meds but I am afraid they will get in the way of my psychic ability. Crazy right? I dunno. They take it all away. What can I do with that? I'm afraid my doctor will figure out I'm not taking them. He's very empathic even though he doesn't believe. Like...
  17. P

    Teenage white zombie fan.

    There i was, loving my white zombie. And then the psychic war began. What's it for exactly? I don't know, it's just there. Into a psychic war he says as i ride along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFqBTSvBPAU War is for apes, because they are dumb and they don't know how to do anything.
  18. P

    You'd stop messing with people's minds if you knew what was good for you.

    You'd stop messing with people's minds if you knew what was good for you. Just a warning, an admonition of you will. For the ones who do this type of stuff. Stay the fuck out of other people's heads. These guys over here, they'll bring you back to life and give it all back to you you know...
  19. P

    Why are psychics always dickheads?

    Anyone want to explain this for me? Why are they always fucking dickheads? Is it a requisite or something to being a psychic? Do you have to be an asshole first to become psychic? Why?