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  1. DanL15000

    I'm adding a Psychologist back to the list of helpers

    Just a little nervous about this. I've requested a Psychologist for therapy sessions. The reason is that my last Psychiatrist, a new one from last Autumn when I moved to my new location, unexpectedly left the area. This left me with nothing for the last four months but a gaping hole in my...
  2. I

    Volunteering and benefits

    Would volunteering make me lose my S.S.I.? I go to a mental health group where part of my recovery is volunteering at least 2 days per week. My psychiatrist has access to my group records since she works for the same company. But my lawyer said to not tell my psychiatrist about my daily...
  3. M

    What to say to a GP?

    I’m planning on seeing my GP to ask for a referral for a psychiatrist as I’m afraid I may have BPD. I don’t want my GP to know why I’m wanting to see a psychiatrist as I want as few people to know as possible, is it possible to just ask for a referral to a psychiatrist without a reason? Or do I...
  4. T

    Seeing a psychiatrist on Monday

    I’m scared of out my mind. I’m so depressed and anxious I feel like I can barely function anymore. I hope seeing a psychiatrist will help. My primary care physician recommended her to me. My doctor started me on a medication and some things improved and somethings got way worse. I hope this...
  5. Poopy Doll

    Psychiatrist Is Back after being fired

    My psychiatrist is back !!! I feel like Snoopy doing his dog dance !!! :dance: I cried in the parking lot when he got fired three months ago. He's the only psychiatrist I've ever really liked. The clinic received a million dollar grant to treat drug addicts with a new medication. They wanted...
  6. I

    Do You Trust Your Psychiatrist?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place. But do any of you trust your psychiatrist? I don't trust mine. I'm always terrified they'll say something about me to get me kicked off my benefits. Or I'm afraid they'll lock me in a mental institution against my will. I'm afraid they judge me and...
  7. I

    Please Pray For Me

    Hello all you spiritual people. I was wondering if any on you would please pray that things work out between my new psychiatrist and I? I am terrified about seeing her. I have had terrible experiences with my last two psychiatrists. I just can't trust them. They made me worse. This will be my...
  8. R

    How can I find out who I was in a past life?

    I have researched and found out that I need to try astral projection and that I need an astral temple. I'm still very confused. I heard that astral projection is dangerous, especially when you're on drugs. Well, I'm on psychiatric medication. All I want to do is find out about my past...
  9. J

    Needing positive thoughts

    About 7 months ago there was a wildfire and at the exact same time that I was evacuated from my house I got denied a promotion that I desperately needed. I don't actually remember when I started self harming, but it was bad, all around my feet. I started counseling and saw a psychiatrist and...
  10. embleton

    The stick and carrot approach to psychiatric

    The stick and carrot approach to psychiatric intensive care units (PICU) and psychiatric care in the United Kingdom. Is a PICU, usually a short stay hospital. An establishment that will and does apply a stick and carrot approach to care acceptable in a setting these days, using only drugs? When...
  11. S

    New here..

    I would really welcome any advice and support that anyone can offer. My 15 year old son has been in hospital for 2 weeks now. He has attempted suicide 3 times. He has a rocky relationship with his psychiatrist so we will be getting a new one shortly. Present psychiatrist tried to get him...
  12. A

    Wanting but not getting any help

    feel so rejected I survived a suicide attempt couple weeks ago and I've started to hear voices when I'm feeling super anxious (I also have an bipolar disorder) I feel like I need a professional to talk to but my psychiatrist has cancelled our two appointments and the metal healt institution In...
  13. C

    anyone used psychiatry-uk ???

    i have had a really bad experience with the mental health services for 8 years now, i have been let down time and time again and see myself getting no further with them despite of my constant effort to try and get help.. I recently finally got referred to the community mental health team for an...
  14. I

    What kind of help should i seek?

    Hello. I suffer from depression, agoraphobia and obsessions. Should I visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I have never searched for help before.
  15. M


    Has anyone ever had yeast infection like symptoms while diagnosed with schizophrenia? I do. My primary care doctor said it was a psychiatric problem. It goes away sometimes when I'm at the store but it's just all really difficult. When I isolate myself it returns.
  16. I

    Is this common

    Is anyone else's psychiatrist making them see a therapist? Mine is and it is s annoying. I told him I don't want to see a therapist because it never helped me. I saw many therapists. Even this really nice therapist. I saw her for over a year. But it just doesn't work for me. But my psychiatrist...
  17. D

    Psychiatry has ruined my life

    Am I the only one who feels like his life has been ruined by psychiatry? Nothing is working for me. I feel like I'm disabled and paralyzed. I'm not doing anything, life is just passing by.. I'm giving up my powers and just don't know what to do anymore. Are there other people like me who didn't...
  18. D

    Hypochondria ?

    hello I had two MRIs in Feb and both were good no changes they order a second one because they thought they saw something but got the results it was a fake image ,doctor said it could of be a moment so today i told my uncle the results and after that i begin to feel nausa again. it seems like...
  19. S

    Talking with my psychiatrist...

    Hey everyone. I'm sorry if this is possible against the rules -- my question isn't "should I get checked?" -- I know the answer is yes. I'm more asking for advice on how exactly I should approach this because my situation is a bit messed up. ...I've got an issue I'd really appreciate any...
  20. speckles

    What's the point?

    Well I was restrained to a physical hospital for rehydration this week. I got restrained for many hours they pulled down my pants under restraint of ten staff and took blood out of my groin. I was injured. They tried 15 times to get a line in. They laughed and shouted at me and then refused to...