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  1. C

    Anxiety Is Off The Charts Right Now...

    Ok...I usually post in the OCD forum, but I also have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder so I guess this is where I can go too... First, if you don't know me, I am 47, I am female, I am the mother of 5 children, one that is grown up and in college and the others not that far behind...
  2. B

    Has anybody here been to a psych ward?

    Please talk to me if you have!!! :( i am begging you!!!! :(
  3. A


    I can't last much longer. I am on the verge of phoning 111, but not sure that will be too helpful as from experience if they take me to ED, I will be stuck there for hours and hours before I get to speak to psych liaison and I don't want that. I'm not sure how much I want help.
  4. A

    I feel so frustrated right now

    I feel incredibly frustrated right now. I think I am going to ask my psych doc about clozapine. Maybe that will help.
  5. I

    Psych, School Reports, Invasion privacy

    I've been seeing a psychologist in conjunction with my mum to try and sort out some issues in our relationship mainly stemming from her not believing me when I told her about my cousins physically assaulting me.(this started when I was six, I'm now late 30's) At my last appointment with the...
  6. 79Dave

    New here

    Hello all, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 39 years old and suffer from bipolar, MDD, GAD, and ADD. My biggest problem is my depression, I have been hospitalized for it many of times over the years. I do have a counselor and see my psych on a regular basis but I'm trying to find some...
  7. megirl

    wound up

    I have been under the care of the mental health services, here. I see my support worker fortnightly however because i have been doing well coping with stuff ...they have decided that i don't need to see him anymore i still can get hold of the crisis team and utilise my 'green card' which is 48...
  8. B

    What is the quickest possible way for Schizophrenia to be officially diagnosed in the UK?

    What is the quickest possible way for Schizophrenia to be officially diagnosed in the UK? Hello people Pretty sure all the symptoms are present, just never been discussed with anyone, and never been acknowledged due to almost complete isolation from society since 12. Been joining up the dots...
  9. B

    I just want to survive. Advice?

    I saw a general care doctor in hopes that she would refer me to a psych, write me a letter for an esa(she did for my sister), and get me started on medication. I paid $50 dollars to see a doctor who couldn't hear me. She mostly insisted I should be hospitalized, reluctantly prescribed me...
  10. C


    i said somethings to my care coordinator that i don't think i should have said. I don't know what she would have written in my notes after our meeting. I hope no details but how can you tell, maybe she is not as kind and nice as she seems and maybe she is reporting to the psych that wants to...
  11. Danniegirl1990

    Feel lost with meds

    I've been on priadel for 2 maybe 3 years which has helped the manic episode and was helping the depressive to an extent. I also have a dissociative disorder which gets out of hand when depressed. Voices and some hallucinations. I have been on all mood stabilisers and lithium is pretty much all...
  12. cpuusage

    Psych Rights

    Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
  13. T


    I don't know if I do have dissociation because I don't really know what it was. When psych put it on my report I thought is was completely wrong and she had misunderstood what I had said. I will find out more about it if I can.
  14. A

    Help please

    I've been in crisis over the weekend. I stopped taking my medication a few weeks ago because they weren't helping and I had a total of four hours sleep over four days so ended up going to a&e after spending an hour on a bridge. Psych gave me a low dose of diazepam and told me to go back if it...
  15. L

    Hello, undiagnosed and scared

    Hi all, Joined recently as i knew i wasn't feeling right and my destructive behaviour had led to a crash that meant I moved out of the house I own with my husband back to my parents for a bit. Amongst other things, i have cheated and in a compulsive liar in an attempt to protect anyone that...
  16. Jonwal

    Fed up with this

    Iam emotionally numb and shutdown there are good things in my life but I keep fucking up. I have violent thoughts and don't trust anyone. iam fed up with being shut down and feel angry at other people. I have psych appointment Tuesday
  17. daffy

    How much meds is too much

    ive not posted on here for a while cos I've had a good couple of years, but things have changed this last 10 months and I'm not doing very well (I'm dx schitzoaffective) ive been struggleling to cope with my partners cancer and his treatment. However my GP has been excellent seeing me every...
  18. cpuusage

    Benzo Awareness Day: Psych drugs cause harm (VIDEO)

  19. telekinesis

    Are the mentally ill not eligible for jury duty in America?

    Just wondering if anyone who has schizophrenia and been to a psych hospital had to do jury duty before?
  20. cpuusage

    Interesting article on the med debate

    To my friends and readers who still take psych drugs (and to everyone on and off meds too)