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  1. Oceankeeping

    New job

    Recently moved and own a property in different province. Property currently under water (it’s worth less than what I paid and the mortgage). I am considering surrendering the property back to the bank? It needs work and has City of St. John’s places work orders on it. I can’t rent it due to...
  2. L

    Hi I'm new here

    Hi everyone I'm new tonight and life has been rather emotionally challenging for a long time . Im a single parent , two of my kids are doing great at university and school, my son has decided in his teenage wisdom to live with his alcoholic abusive father despite my unsuccessful...
  3. D


    Just want to say a quick hello and introduction. Been badly from depression and anxiety for over a year. Think I've always had it but unable to control it, if that makes sense. I don't leave my property and only find it easier to talk to people via email. So that's probably why I've joined I...
  4. S

    I give up, I accept treatment even though I don't like it

    Well yeah I give up. I think medication is the only way for someone like me. I've attacked people, I've smashed all the windows on a neighbors house and I threw a piece of concrete at my uncle's car cracking the windscreen. If my illness effected me in a different way where I wasn't attacking...
  5. E

    My mum & her husband

    My mum's husband is mean & selfish & my mum enables his behaviour. To give you background: in 1994 my mum married him, I was 21 at the time & had been living with my mum (just the two of us) in a house which she had a mortgage on - so owned but not outright, she sold the house & moved in to his...
  6. L

    Why is it so hard finding a rental property with severely incontinent cat.

    Why is it so hard finding a rental property with severely incontinent cat. I've had my Charlie since being a kitten nearly 17 years now, he's a wonderful cat but he's becoming quite senile and is double incontinent dribbling and pooping everywhere he walks, He stays in the kitchen because I...
  7. R

    Getting housing on mental health grounds

    I'm sorry if this subject is already been discussed here but I am currently a private rented tenant but I am having issues with my housemate and I would like to find my own property however I could not afford a one bedroom flat myself. What I'm asking is, is it possible to get a flat through...
  8. porkpie

    Can a person be discharged from MH unit if homeless?

    If a person was homeless prier to being admitted would that person go back to the streets when discharged or found a homeless hostel, would they stay in hospital until a council property was available, they have a duty of care don't they so does that mean they'll not kick that person out back on...
  9. M

    Study, 2013: Childhood bullying 'damages adult life'

    BBC News - Childhood bullying 'damages adult life' "We cannot continue to dismiss bullying as a harmless, almost inevitable, part of growing up. We need to change this mindset and acknowledge this as a serious problem” Dieter Wolke University of Warwick Bullying in childhood "throws a long...
  10. M

    My 2014.

    I have to admit that this is the first time I have ever posted anything about myself on the getting my life back sub forum. Usually this part of the forum doesn't even cross my mind, especially this year when I never thought that there would even be a twinkle of light at the end of the long...
  11. A

    I wrote a manuscript which was taken from me telepathically in an outrageous act of thievery.

    I wrote a manuscript which was taken from me telepathically in an outrageous act of thievery. I believe people can take things from you telepathically, important things. People are out there trained in the art of telepathic wisdom stealing intellectual property from peoples minds. I have...
  12. G

    New here

    Hi, I spend a lot of time on internet forums but realised that given the problems I have, it's probably best I be somewhere that I can be more honest about my circumstances. I was a psychiatric outpatient for about ten years but was recently discharged so I could access services only available...
  13. I

    Getting arrested for damaging hospital property?

    Did the hospital you were in have a policy that if you damaged property you would get arrested?
  14. Zanily

    *Trigger warning* please HELP. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I need advice QUICK

    *Trigger warning* please HELP. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I need advice QUICK Hi everyone I'm frightened and I'm in a real state. I don't know what to do and I need some help My neighbours are generally noisy and I always try my best to ignore them. Up until now, the only time I've...
  15. I

    shortlisted anf veiw property 2nd position no reply???

    I have bidded for a property on Birmingham home choice and been shortlisted in position number two after viewing the property I never got a phone call and haven't been told who has got the property and the bar on the Birmingham City council bidding list hasn't been lifted and I cannot bid does...
  16. A

    Need help

    I am having a property in the state where i am working but my family live in another state.So if i did than to whom to my report and they can hire own state solicitor or the solicitor in that state where the actual property is?
  17. N

    nothing to live for

    Well i finally got my dream yesterday only for it to be snatched away. Got a council flat could finally get awsy from my abusive paranoid husband. Only to be told i cant have a council property if i own a property. I cant claim housing benefit cos my name appears in the deeds. He wont leave...
  18. P

    Being made Homeless, worried about the cost of moving

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I suffer from GAD which has recently developed into a crisis since finding out my family has been made homeless and only have a few weeks to find a new property. I beleive I have done everything I can to increase our chances of finding a new property via the...
  19. M

    housing - had to put here to get a reply

    I might get told off for putting this here, but Im currently in council emergency property and have been offered a new build property, now I could still go for an old build one, and Im totally confused what to do. New build ground floor in good location but its going with housing association or...
  20. C

    Violent Neighbour

    I live in a ground floor studio flat owned by the council and nearly a month ago the upstairs tennant(directly above my flat) chased my husband with a knive. We called the police who arrested the neighbour and sectioned him. I have been to the council where my housing officer did a risk...