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  1. J

    So now what?

    So I'm getting worse. I have been self harming everyday since my attempted suicide. Seriously they didn't even pump my stomach. I can't even do that properly. I don't know what to do any more. I don't know who to turn too. I just want to end it now.
  2. J


    Someone said something to me today about the way I am feeling. They said that depression was a state of mind, that it was up to me to put my mind into a different state, that I could beat this if I just adjust my thinking. What do you think? If this is right then I am a complete wimpy failure. I...
  3. A

    Can't sleep properly

    I haven't been sleeping properly for the last couple of weeks. I do all that sleep hygiene stuff, go to bed and get out of bed at the same time every day, my room is comfortable. I've tried drinking hot milk, or taking Nytol. I write in my journal everyday to try to empty my mind of worries...
  4. iffybob

    Poorly == Quiet

    Ok so I have PDs and normaly there is a lot of noise in my head. I dont have meds as they dont work. This week I am ill, I have a cold/flu for summut. What I have noticed is when I get sick like this the noise in my head is a lot quieter, has any one else noticed this about themselves. Does...
  5. D

    Anxiety State

    Recently I got a letter from the DWP, regarding voluntary work I had tried, started in june 2008 with a charity right across from my house. The DWP took a year to reply & are now quizing me about what I've done etc. This has caused me terrible stress & panic. I have n't slept properly & I've...
  6. S


    I've been going to an anxiety group once a week for the past 4 or 5 weeks.I was referred there by a psychiatrist who came round my house a few months ago. It's been quite interesting and has helped reduce the frequency of my panic attacks,but not entirely. I have my panic attacks at night,when...
  7. A

    Can you concentrate?

    I try to read these threads or something else and half way through I can't read it .... it is very difficult for me to concentrate. Not been able to concentrate properly since being ill. Any ideas on how you can make yourself concentrate better? xX Angel Feather Xx