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  1. M

    I really just want to die

    I am so unhappy with the person I am. I'm early 20's and I hate myself to the extent I want to give up. And if I knew a simple way that would end my life properly I would do it. I have OD around 5 times but it has not worked properly. I can honestly say if I could I would kill myself. I have had...
  2. cpuusage

    Is it possible?

    To find a therapist who deeply listens, validates the experiences of the individual, allows them to speak freely & openly, & is with them fully in their pain, fear & suffering. Of do they all just project all their crap onto the client, not listen to anything properly, & use whatever stupid...
  3. Z

    Mind block and no emotion what so ever

    For the past 3 months I have been feeling like my brain has completely shut down. I smoked weed for the last year, but quit 3 months ago. I feel a numbness in my head almost like the receptors in my head Arnt communicating with eachother. I really don't know what this is. But I feel like nothing...
  4. B

    Can't calm down

    Hi everyone, I'm really worked up, very anxious. I just feel terrible, my hearts racing, I can't breathe properly. I'm really jumpy. I just can't calm down.
  5. Angels_Fire


    I do apologise for my earlier thread. There's alot of random things going on in my life and on here but I must say that there is no one being mean to me etc... no one needn't get involved with what it is. It's just me I guess :( I would like to thank everyone for helping me the past 2 days...
  6. F

    Declutter my brain

    I wonder whether if i could declutter my brain and focus my mind properly i could make things happen with my thoughts.
  7. P

    trying to get my head sorted

    so my best friend (1) goes out with another one of my friends (2) and they have been going out for 2 years. anyways (2) cheated on (1) and i cant believe she would hurt my best friend like that.. even though (2) hasnt done anything to me i still feel so fucking angry! ... like i feel i cant...
  8. N

    Getting stressed out with these ESA interviews

    Had my first in nov and now another next week, I am pissed off not only is the app at 9.20 when there is no chance i'll be out of bed at that time due to medication effects. I'll be half to nearly dead after taking the one the night before and the new daily one knocking me out. How the hell am I...
  9. S


    Hello all, I want to get a hovercraft so I can float about knocking over pedestrians. Also it's about time for the zap app, some folks need a little electricity to talk to me properly on the phone. I think it should be illegal for anyone to do anything I don't like.
  10. Hayyyleyyy


    I have urrges, yet again. I know Ill end up giving in, my family have come to accept that I am harming again, its pathetic, i cant even do it properly. need to go to the doctors but they wont do anything
  11. S

    Depression and copping with things

    Ok, i don't know where to start but, i have suffered with depression for years now, i am going though a grieving process at the moment. and its so hard. I am also experiencing some health issues, and right now i feel so low and not be able to function properly where i just wanna stay in bed and...
  12. L

    that feeling

    so where shall i begin? i believe no introductions or niceties are required so we can skip all the bullshit and really cut to the chase it's been on of those weeks...you know? (no excuse me one of those fucking decades) absolutely nothing is sinking in, the days pass by my window without a...
  13. P

    i should of seen my new counselor today.

    but i didn't. woke up and didnt want to talk..so i didnt go. its like i know i need help but im annoyed at myself for not being independent like i should be. ive not spoke properly to a counselor in months and its like im withdrawn again and i now cant open up about things.
  14. J

    Feeling so sad

    I hate being me. I can't carry on like this time and time again feeling awful. Aghhhhh. I can't even put my feelings down in words or talk properly to anyone :0(
  15. T

    Side effect of stopping Venlafaxine??

    Hi, I stopped taking my meds 3wks ago, and since then I have had an upset tummy. I read it could be a side effect, but surely it wouldn't go on so long? I also (supposedly) started eating 'properly' at the same time. I quit counting calories, but tbh I've been so 'up' I haven't really eaten...
  16. R

    Screwed up.....

    Hi, Thought I'd say 'hi' to the forums. Completely new and just joined today. The site does sounds like a valuable resource for individuals coping with a form of depression. Anyway I just wanted to write about my situation and any advice would be excellent. I've had depression for a number of...
  17. sahasrara

    can't get out of this dip :(

    I can't get out of this dip normally after self harm or a major argument etc th pressure releses an my mood improves even if its jus for few hours but this time it still going on I feel like im at rock bottom :( its been continus for over a week now :( I've dropped as far down as I can go :( I'm...
  18. piglet


    I am freaking out a bit right now. I made me and OH some microwave meals before and something is up with our microwave. There was a strange burning plastic smell coming from it and the worst part is it didn't cook the food properly :scared: I'm terrified because although I know people eat raw...
  19. jezcoleman

    took a small overdose

    Last night i was feeling very low, so i decided to take a few extra tablets to see if i had the balls to do if it ever came to the point of doing it properly, the scary thing is, i did and i do.
  20. A

    Hellu...BPD here

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've struggled menatally most of my life, I'm 25, been on antidepressants for 6 years and only just been properly diagnosed. BPD, Social Phobia and Genetic Depression. Struggling at the moment so turned to the online world for help.