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  1. T

    Hi All... it's been a while... And I'm back not doing too good

    Hi all, How are you all? Sorry this might be a little bit of a long one... So here's the thing. I had to keep a diary for my ex counselling a while back, and at that time I thought I had lost it or something because it disappeared. I know now that I was wrong, and actually it was stolen by a...
  2. T

    Hi pals, please help me out, I need some examples of irrational anger responses.

    Hi pals, please help me out, I need some examples of irrational anger responses. As the title suggests I'd like to hear other peoples BPD 'irrational response' stories. What happened to make you so angry, sad, or irritable? Did other people with you think you were being 'silly' or 'over...
  3. Lily_Blake26

    Raising An Adult Child

    Hello there, my name is Lily, and I came across this site while seeking some answers for one of my children. To make a VERY long story somewhat short: I am a young mother with three kids. Two of them are biologically mine, the third began as a dear friend, whom I now take care of like my child...
  4. P

    I don't want to admit I am bipolar etc, so I don't take my meds/ I am crazy without them. **May Trigger**

    I don't want to admit I am bipolar etc, so I don't take my meds/ I am crazy without them. **May Trigger** I don't want to be biploar, and have PTSD. I don't want to be sick. I fucking hate how this illness makes me feel, and I HATE the I am on 6 different meds. one of them I take 4x a day... I...
  5. S

    Anybody help pls advice x

    I have schitzophrenia but I dnt hear voices I hear two sentences but I end up staring and it won't stop !!, It's annoying as I Cnt go out far with the kids incase it happens!!, I have to go to bed I Cnt function properly has anybody got any ideas what's wrong with me pls?. Xx
  6. pepecat

    Research into cardiac & nervous system research on Escitalopram, Venlafaxine & Quetiapine.

    Research into cardiac & nervous system research on Escitalopram, Venlafaxine & Quetiapine. Please note this has been approved by the moderators Research into cardiac & nervous system research on Escitalopram, Venlafaxine & Quetiapine. European Medicines Agency Calls for Suspending Generic...
  7. T

    Getting reassessed

    I've got questions I want to go over with a doctor, get reassessed, or should say get assessed properly. But I need to trust that I'm talking to someone with a brain, that will consider things properly with no preconceived ideas, that will listen and be honest. I'm really not bothered about a...
  8. J

    Man trying/threatening to kill me in my dreams *may trigger*

    I had a dream a few nights ago where a strange looking man who appeared to be in his 30s tied me down in what looked like a basement or a cellar and then drank my blood through a tube, while he was doing this he was commenting on how 'nice and pale' I was going. He said that like he was amused...
  9. W

    Getting worse again

    Hi all, I'm back :-/ So I've been on Sertraline about 2 months now; on the whole it's working. Still not sleeping with it, still got night sweats. Been back at work about 3 weeks now and that's been going well for me. But the last few days I've felt myself on a downward spiral again. My brain's...
  10. M

    Need some advice about a very depressed family member

    Hi, Im not sure if this is the right place for my post but anyway... I have a close family member who I believe is suffering from what I would recognise (through internet searches only) as either Bi-Polar or severe depression. Common themes are that they dont enjoy anything, ever, even if it is...
  11. M

    Is it too late?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last post, I've been very depressed & confused for a while now. Certainly more so for the last two months. I thought that when I attended my appointment with my GP earlier this month, that things would be different for me or at least change for the...
  12. M

    Learning Difficulties (Could It be Anxiety or Depression)

    Hi All! I just wondered if anyone here could help me with this problem. I am currently studying and finding that for some reason, I don't take in all that I'm being taught, even though I'm listening to the tutor and wanting to. It's making me stupid. Everybody else is fine and it's like...
  13. Zentangle


    I was diagnosed with emotional unstable borderline personality disorder. But recently I've been very paranoid. Do I need to be re assesed or just leave it. I never ever thought I was i was diagnosed properly. I'm so confused has anyone else got this issue x
  14. M

    being human. where can i learn?

    My two year old is the only person who sees how often i cry. It breaks my heart that her little heart carries the burden of my unrelenting sadness. I wish i knew how to be human. Im not doing it right when everyone else around me is. Did i miss the memo? Or forget to buy the users manual...
  15. V

    worst day in ages dont know why

    Down as hell, everything is black, regretting my past, scared of the future i see no light at the end of this tunnel, my heart hurts ive never felt like this before, its hard to take adwice especially my own, energy is so low for the first time in ages i couldnt even train which is my main...
  16. M

    Where do I go for help now?

    Hi, this is my first post here... I have been suffering from anxiety for 2 years. I have tried every kind of therapy, changed my diet, quit caffeine and alcohol, meditation, yoga, taking up knitting etc. Things have not got better. I quit my job 2 months ago and have not left my house since...
  17. S


    Hii, so my nickname is stella (my name its much more difficult to pronounce) and i have diagnosed anxiety that it's turning into a depression. During my childhood i was bullied and I didn't had many friends, and now I have much problems to mantain them, I have problems trying to distinguish what...
  18. K

    Laxative abuser - EDOS

    I'm a stress head who often takes the easy way out of situations. As young as I am I've not been eating properly on and off since year 4, but the stress from year 12 made me go in another direction. Turning to laxatives for comfort has now wrecked my life and years later i'm still hooked. I've...
  19. Eve23

    Advice please

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I wonder if you could help me. I haven't been officially diagnosed with an ED but I think that I have an unhealthy relationship with food/ body image. The problem is that I can't eat, I'm not hungry ever and I forget to eat - I have to really force myself but...
  20. J

    don't know how to talk

    Sometimes i worry that i don't know how to talk to people properly. On this forum i don't know how to give kind caring words and i usually just type stuff about politics and stupid banter. It's like i can't take anything seriously.