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  1. littlefighter

    Relapse after recovery

    hey guys, this ones my first post :clap: uhm so.. ive been struggling with bulimia most of the time in my life, its almost become a part of me. however, extreme behaviors came along a few years ago. Ive been recovering for half a year now, and , despite its difficulties, it feels good. Im not...
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Sigh. Depressed.

    I just wanna disappear. I should take my meds. I know they'll make me feel better but I wanna be me. Not a chemically induced pseudo me. I just feel like crying. Also if I take them ill sleep the rest of the day and miss going to see my brother. I really need to see him and thank him properly...
  3. Purr38

    Horizontal or vertical

    I am not sure what recovery means to me now but it seems the most fitting place for me to begin to write on this forum. I have managed to lessen my more "chemical" problems but am left with others. Most significantly: confidence, isolation, anger with others who have let me down, lack of...
  4. E

    I've just sent this email to my MP (who is a Conservative)

    As a constituent of yours I feel I must bring to your attention the suffering that I’m going through (and yes I mean that – I don’t use the word lightly & understand its meaning) due to your government’s policy towards people like me on benefits & who are unable to work due to illness. I had...
  5. S

    Maybe i never had a mental health problem in the first place?

    Im seeing the GP next week because I have alot of digestive health problems. I think maybe im not absorbing vitamins and minerals properly from my digestive tract. And this could potentially explain everything that has ever happened to me !
  6. ~minnie~

    muddled up

    i was diagnosed with depression when i first came into mental health services and then the years down the line i was disgnosed with schizoeffective and then rediagnosed schizophrenia then back to schizoeffective again what are the differences betweent these two diagnoses, i have tried looking...
  7. C

    I don't know what 'normal' looks like!

    I'm trying my best to get to grips and pull myself out of a rut that I've been in for far too long. But I've had mental health issues to varying degrees for most of my life (I'm 32 now, and things started around the age of 7/8), so I don't really know what being 'normal' is supposed to look and...
  8. T

    Afraid of taking new meds

    Hi I'm a mum of 4 , I suffer with depression , about 5 years ago my hubby got cancer I was very depressed ended up on lots of medication , counselling then a physiologist , I gained a lot of weight on the meds , after my hubby got better I came off all meds , started exercising lots lost lots of...
  9. U

    Why do I keep feeling it

    Hi. Never used a forum before but I thought I would give it a try. I'm a 26 year old woman with 2 children and currently living in a hostel and have been for nearly 6 months. Things have really been getting on top of me with my son's behaviour getting worse since being here and my daughter being...
  10. D

    How to go about getting a phychaitrist

    Hi I've seen a phycologist been refered to a support group .only 2 sessions left in between this .I've asked to see a phychaitrist and I'm been told I can't see one .they trying to refer me to something called r e c .but I need to see a phychaitrist to be diagnosed properly .because they are...
  11. G

    Social Anxiety - impending 21st birthday party

    Hi everyone. Where to start? I consider myself to be in a vicious circle and I can't stop it. I take major issue with the way I look - my skin, my disgusting thick hair, my dark circles under my eyes, my teeth, my smile... and so on. I was bullied quite a bit as a child and no matter what...
  12. Gajolene

    The Type of Veggie that Worsens Your Arthritis? (Plus a Vitamin to be careful with)

    The Type of Veggie that Worsens Your Arthritis? (Plus a Vitamin to be careful with) The worst foods for Arthritis - including some veggies and a vitamin Most of us think that all veggies are great for us. Unfortunately, there are certain types of veggies that can worsen or even cause certain...
  13. C

    Living with eubpd

    Welcome to the forum, Dedus. I hope someone will come along with some insight to your problems, What does eubpd stand for? I tried googling it but could find nothing.
  14. L

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi everyone, thanks for letting me join your forum. The purpose of me joining is that for some time now (years :-/) I have at times being feeling quite down but have felt unable to speak to anyone about it.....as a typical bloke I have allowed things to get to a point where I am not functioning...
  15. H

    Fresh Start

    So this is my fresh start on this forum. I have been on here before under a different account. I don't really want anything to do with that account from what I posted on it and even its name referenced my problems. Anyway I just wanted to say hello properly and introduce myself. I live in the...
  16. G

    I'm not ok

    I'm so tired of everything. I'm tired of the struggle, I'm tired of constantly blaming myself for everything even though I don't have a choice, I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself, I'm tired of being useless, I'm just tired of fighting it. It's been over a month since I last went outside, I...
  17. cpuusage

    Alice Bailey, White Magic & Esoteric psychology

    Have posted info on these areas before. A brief overview - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Treatise_on_White_Magic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Bailey (Esoteric Psychology) i have a number of Theosophical books, & have looked into the area a fair amount - Keep being drawn to it...
  18. A

    Hypomanic or just coping well?

    I've been off this forum for a good few months as I went into a sort of remission while pregnant with my little boy. He's 17 days old now and perfect if anybody wants to know :) I'm having a bit of a worry at the moment. He isn't a good sleeper right now and my husband and I take shifts during...
  19. N

    How do you get over the things that bother you?

    I can't do anything properly with the problems I have. No matter what I try to do its always there in my mind eating away. I try to forget and not let it bother me but it does. If I don't get rid of them then I will be designed to be a loser for the rest of my life as I wont achieve anything...
  20. Sparklypurplepaws

    duoxletine? cymbalta

    Any one tried it? My new pdoc said I should expect to start feeling better after a 10 days or so. I've been counting down those days, I'm on day 16 and I feel no better. I know these drugs can take weeks to properly take effect, but I'm begining to think it's not the wonder drug for me? I'm...