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  1. N

    Key worker?

    What are they supposed to do? I apparently have one, although she is useless, but what is her actual role? Like I don't talk to her apart from indirectly when I see my psychiatrist...What do I write on the ESA50?? I dunno. I feel like I can't think properly and I'm getting overwhelmed by...
  2. I

    really bad week😢

    Hi I'm having the worst week ever just been dentist first appointment to be told I will need 300 pounds of treatment and I couldn't do xray properly feel so ashamed 😢
  3. V

    Am I slipping into depression

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and feel like I’m not quite functioning properly at the moment, I have become very emotional at almost everything I see or here, I can’t sleep at night, I am apparently no longer eating properly (according to my staff) and on reflection eating doesn’t seem that...
  4. S

    My Colleague Using Guess Work:

    Bugs me. but also somewhat concerning........... running out of work because.... Working with a designer engineer that uses guess work throughout the design. This is potentially not going to end well. And there have already been numerous issues as a result. Bugs me that he lies about it too...
  5. V

    Can anxiety seriously be this bad?

    So I've had anxiety for about 6 years now. It really did suck but I was still able to function normally and do things and felt pretty sane. However, I recently got my first panic attack 7 months ago and I have not been the same since. I am seriously considering if it was just a panic attack or...
  6. D

    Anxiety hell

    Hello, I'm Rae, 29 and currently living in Scotland. I moved here in July with my two children to be with my partner. In November we will have been together for three years. I am struggling to settle in properly and it is causing me problems such as panicking when swallowing food and not being...
  7. R

    Stressed and not sure what to do

    Not sure what to do with myself. I've been under a lot of stress recently and feel like I cant cope with everything on my plate. I have an ongoing court case, buying a flat/moving into it, stressful job and a relative has recently passed away. Have spent the last month organising their funeral...
  8. D

    Please advise

    Hi everyone. I need serious help. I feel I could have a breakdown at any moment. I have severe depression, bad anxiety and have been dissociating full time for a while. Sorry if I have spoken about this on another thread but I can't remember if I have. Very confused. My therapist wants to...
  9. A

    Friend in panic

    My friend is agoraphobic, but also can't be left home alone for a long time, particularly overnight. The person she lives with has had to go away for a short while and she's not coping well. She keeps crying and can't eat or sleep properly. I don't know what to do? She seems really stressed out...
  10. B

    Forced Responsibilties Weighs Me Down

    Three or even four years ago my boss sent me home with a large dog who was suffering from stress and he knew I live in a quiet and peaceful home. That dog became best pals with my dog. You never see them more than a foot apart they are so close. However I have a lot of responsibility at home...
  11. blueMandM90

    Type 2 Diabetes and up/down moods

    Hi Everyone :) Been a long while since posting, it has been quite manic with appointments/tests. From all the recent tests it turns out I have got Type 2 diabetes. I feel like I have got half an answer to why especially in my adult life my moods have been very up/down. Have been given...
  12. A

    Ocd ocd ocd

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me out as I haven't got many people I can talk to. I have posted previously about OCD surrounding bodily fluids and as usual this is what I'm worrying about, sometimes it's easier to get things out of my head but sometimes it just festers and...
  13. M

    Not feeling myself

    Or functioning properly need urgent care
  14. C

    There's Something Seriously Wrong With Me

    I get the feeling that this post is going to be long, and I apologize in advance, however I'm going to try and explain what's been going on as best I can so I can get the best answer. I'm only 18 years old and I'm really confused myself with all the things that are going on and I'd really...
  15. M

    F**K Sake

    Cant eat or sleep properly. Its fucking up everything feel so close to the edge all the time
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    heart failure

    my gp has sent my aunty to hospital because her heart is not pumping blood properly she has heart failure i know it mummy died in part from heart failure i looked on the internet it says 60 per cent of the people who have heart failure die within one year im so scared she is going to die and...
  17. E


    I am really struggling right now. My SH addiction is beginning to takeover my every thought. I went through a horrible ordeal when i was really young and again when i was a teen and SH was the way i coped. but i have been destructing badly recently and i have tried to find new ways to get...
  18. I


    Hi, I am new to this forum and im looking for people who feel the same or can relate to me. I have suffered from depression for around 4 years but recently i have become so lost in myself i dont know what to do. I am constantly having horrible thoughts and it keeps me awake at night. I let it...
  19. E

    What is the point....?

    Nothing achieved this weekend (again...) just feel so exhausted, have slept a lot, but don't feel refreshed. Can't decide if the increase in AD's is helping or not, but then I don't know how bad I'd feel if I wasn't taking them... Knew they wouldn't be a magic cure-all but did think I'd feel...
  20. R

    I can't sleep properly!

    I fall asleep on the sofa in front of the TV, then always wake up around the same time. Between 3 and 3:15 am. It's not a good restful sleep. I'm still aware of things going on. Then when i go to bed i can't sleep. I used to be able to sleep easily. Now i'm downstairs again. Walking round...