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  1. I

    Help for a loved one who self harms

    Someone I really love goes through fazes of self harm. I am worried about them. I'm afraid they will wind up getting infected or going too deep and dying. I've talked about this to them before. They always promise they will stop but never do. That person suffers severe mental illnesses too. What...
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    i haven't been pulling my weight on here lately x

    im a terrible guide i promise to try harder x love Lu x
  3. K

    Leaving suicidal boyfriend

    I’m in a toxic relationship and see no way out of it without destroying my partner. He is severely depressed and sees no meaning in life. He sees that I’m not happy which just makes him even more sad. Many of his previous girlfriends and close friends has left him unexpectedly and he is...
  4. H

    A promise i made

    So in short, I met a friend online and she's so amazing , we have so much in common , and we both self harm, she brought up the idea (that i hate so much now ) that we both dont cut , like a promise we make to one another, and i find it so fucking hard to hold, especially with the problems im...
  5. cpuusage

    Nisargadatta Maharaj "I Am That" Quotes

    Nisargadatta Maharaj "I Am That" Quotes (Re: Neville's "Promise") - YouTube
  6. F

    What is the promise of nicotinergic compounds in schizophrenia treatment?

    What is the promise of nicotinergic compounds in schizophrenia treatment? An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie http://sci-hub.cc/10.4155/fmc-2016-0154
  7. Tired Daisy


    What do people think about transgenders/crossdressers and guys like me, just wondering because the feeling I get is like its ok to be gay or lesbian but when it comes to being transgender its a whole different story lol :) I'm not angry I promise :)
  8. E


    I can write a rocking blog post and share it across boards. I can intellectually realize a thing that others strive for. I can shut down materialism with a few words. I can push you to the envelope and make you lick it. I am the anti-christopher hitchens but I love the slave. But really his...
  9. J

    Need help.

    Hi my name is johnny not my real name by the way, so i don't know where to begin or how to word it. I guess i could go through a lot of problems and we'll be here for a day, i'll keep it short as possible. I'm not one to ask for help so i'm finding this pretty hard. It's been 6 years and i...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    I apologise

    i have 6 active threads in the depression forum at the moment ,i don't mean to be such a nuisance but i have so much going on ,sorry im taking up so much space on the forum i promise to try and help others more when i have not got so much going on xx
  11. K

    How GAD affects me

    Hi i'm Kitty May and I'm new to this forum. Hello everyone :) I have recently been diagnosed with GAD after 25 years of not knowing what the heck is wrong with me. Just thinking what a total weirdo I was because I couldn't go to a friends birthday party because i was panicking or be able to...
  12. amathus

    Coping with Suicidal Thoughts: The first steps...

    Step #1: Promise not to do anything right now Even though you’re in a lot of pain right now, give yourself some distance between thoughts and action. Make a promise to yourself: "I will wait 24 hours and won't do anything drastic during that time." Or, wait a week. Thoughts and actions are two...
  13. L

    Completely down

    My husband works away mon-friday so used to being on my own but my son came home Thursday and went back yesterday and I am really missing him. It has not come at a good time because although trying not to show it my head is really struggling. My neighbour keeps my weekly tablets so can't take...
  14. C

    Quick update...

    Evening all Just a quick update.. Well I feel a damn site better than I did this morning! Still feel a bit weak...All the throwing up has worn me out Nothing a good sleep won't fix! I'll still keep my appointment tomorrow though. But I promise u this, the drinkings gonna stop. I could've went...
  15. A

    Im so afraid he's going to leave me:(

    Hello group...I have BPD( borderline personality disorder....still trying to understand this disease...Most symptoms I suffer are fears of abandonment and my boyfriend, I've been with for over a year now can't hardly take it anymore..But yet,he continues to stay with me cause he thinks I'll...
  16. M

    Out of hospital!

    Thank you all so much for your support. I'm leaving tonight for Las Vegas for dual diagnosis treatment. I hope they let me bring my laptop! I miss you you all so much! I'll be back, I promise, this is is just something I have to do for myself. Love and recovery to all big hig hugs too.
  17. C

    Go all the way

    It's better just 2 go 2 the end.... Example - you need to walk somewhere. You get half way & panic. Now what? You're frozen on the spot. What do u do? I been there many times. Either carry on or go back to where u start? Equally difficult. If u go back u feel you've failed somehow. Carry on &...
  18. pepecat

    Request for potential participants for a documentary on BPD.

    Please note this has been approved by the mods. Dear All, My name is Maximiliano Braun (you can call me Max) and I am a reportage photographer and film maker. I am producing a documentary and photographic reportage on BPD with the aim to help audiences understand it better and help with the...
  19. Lincoln1990

    I want to die

    Yep, done. If I were home I couldn't promise I wouldn't hurt myself. I'm done.
  20. T

    Help and support for teen SH'er

    My daughters friend (13yrs) self harms, her mum is aware and made her promise not to do it any more. A recent traumatic event has had her sh again, and she can't tell her mum as this other thing is upsetting enough and I said to just deal with one thing at a time. Are there confidential support...