1. T

    Do the meds make you dumber?

    I feel like I'm getting progressively dumber and dumber. :scratch:
  2. L

    just make it stop :(

    Ouch it hurts!!! Stupid head hurts and no one understands!!! These lies of me being stupid and ugly and I can't do anything. And I'll always struggle are overwhelming. Getting progressively worse.
  3. naominash

    Do psychotic Episodes makes your condition progressively worse?

    My Psychiatrist explained that he was taught that each psychotic episode makes a condition progressively worse. He says they are toxic to the brain. Wondering if anyone has a second opinion.
  4. H

    I feel like they never take me seriously

    I spent 10 years doing crazy stuff and denying everything and when I finally go to GP/CBT they don't seem to take any of it seriously. Sometimes I like that, I like to slip through the net but then when I have the occasional moment of clarity, I realise that even though I need help, I'm not...
  5. porkpie

    Psychiatrist is telepathically altering the pigmentations of my photos.

    Psychiatrist is telepathically altering the pigmentations of my photos. I'm concerned my psychiatrist is telepathically altering the pigmentations of my photos in photo albums, I keep them in a dark albums away from light and I have noticed they are getting progressively darker, he his trying...
  6. U

    Random Panic Attack

    2 or 3 weeks ago I was just about to sleep, when I had a "bad feeling". I then spent several hours getting progressively more and more panicked and by 4 or 5 am I was convinced that I would get killed in my sleep and I had a huge panic attack. I even had an occasional thought that maybe my...